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Henry and his Wives Name A Production.

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1 Henry and his Wives Name A Production

2 The Wives of Henry VIII End

3 The Wives of Henry VIII Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour
End The Wives of Henry VIII A good woman Manipulating Loved her Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour My nurse Sorry didn’t mean to upset you The cheat Catherine Howard Anne of Cleves Catherine Parr

4 1 Catherine of Aragon End
Catherine of Aragon, Princess of Spain Last child of Ferdinand of Aragon, King of Spain & Isabella, queen of Castile. Born 15 December 1485 at Alcala de Henares, Madrid. Married to Arthur, Prince of Wales, on 14 November 1501 at St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Widowed 2 April 1502 at Ludlow Castle, Shropshire Married to Henry VIII, king of England, on 11 June 1509 at Grey Friars Church, Greenwich. Six Children Daughter, born 31 January Henry (1), duke of Cornwall, born 1 January Henry (2), duke of Cornwall, born November Son, born December Mary I, queen of England, born 18 February Daughter, born 10 November 1518 Marriage annulled Died 7 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle Buried at Peterborough Cathedral

5 Catherine of Aragon Born in Spain
End Catherine of Aragon Born in Spain Had been married to Henry’s brother Arthur who died Married Henry in 1509 She had six children but only one survived – a daughter, Mary Henry divorced Catherine as he had fallen in love with her lady in waiting

6 2 End Ann Boleyn Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke born about 1501/2 or 1507 at Blickling Hall, Norfolk. Titled Marquess of Pembroke on 1 September Married to Henry VIII, king of England, on 25 January 1533 at Westminster Abbey, London. Three Children Elizabeth I, Queen of England, born 7 September Henry, Duke of Cornwall, born Son, born 29 January 1536. Marriage annulled Executed 19 May 1536 at Tower Green, Tower of London. Buried at the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London.

7 Anne Boleyn Born in England
End Born in England Had two children but only one survived, a daughter, Elizabeth Anne was arrested for being unfaithful to Henry She was beheaded

8 3 Jane Seymour End Born: 1509 Died: Oct. 24, 1537
A daughter of the Warden, Jane, married Henry VIII and bore Edward, the future King of England. Local folklore has it that the wedding took place in the ancient barn although more reliable sources place the event in London. Born: 1509 Died: Oct. 24, 1537 Queen of England, third wife of King Henry VIII. Daughter of Sir John Seymour and Margaret Wentworth. She was quiet and meek, the opposite of her predecessor, Anne Boleyn, whom she served as a lady-in-waiting. She married Henry on 30 May 1536, about two weeks after the execution of Anne Boleyn. Jane gave the King his longed-for son and heir, Edward, in October of 1537. She attended her son's christening, but died a week later. Jane was placed in Henry's tomb at St. George's, and was the only one of his wives to be buried with him. Jane was never given a coronation. Wulfhall, Savernake Forest, Wiltshire "Here a phoenix lieth, whose death To another phoenix gave breath: It is to be lamented much, The world at once ne'er knew two such."

9 Jane Seymour Born in England
End Jane Seymour Born in England Jane was betrothed to Henry within 24 hrs of Anne’s death She had one child, a son, Edward Jane died two weeks after giving birth

10 4 Ann of Cleves Cleves End Germany
Born: 22 Sep 1515, The Schwanenburg castle(Swan Castle), Düsseldorf, Cleves, Died: 16/7 July 1557, Chelsea Old Palace. Buried: Westminster Abbey, London, England. The fourth wife of Henry VIII was a German noblewoman and sister to the Duke of Cleves. Her father, John, had been the third Duke of Cleves and the title was passed to Anne's brother when her father passed away. Little is known of her before Henry's courtiers sought to establish a foreign bride for him after the death of Jane Seymour. France had formed an alliance with the Holy Roman Empire and were threatening to attack England. Henry wanted the support of another Protestant state and so he turned towards the German state of Cleves. Cleves had two princesses; Amelia and Anne. Anne remained in England, where she was treated with great respect and honour.  Henry called her his 'sister' and she was given lots of money and lands in their divorce settlement.  She came to court regularly and enjoyed the life of an independent, wealthy woman.  She also became quite fond of English beer.  I think we can agree that she was probably the happiest of the six wives. Hans Holbein was sent to do portraits of both Anne and her sister Amelia, and Henry was to pick his future wife from the two. At his minister Cromwell's urging. Henry chose Anne To Henry's dismay and anger, she had no idea who he was and ignored him. Henry's feelings were hurt and he told his courtiers that she was ugly, calling her a "Flander's mare" (horse) and that he didn't like her in the least.

11 Anne of Cleves Born in Germany
End Anne of Cleves Born in Germany Henry had a painting of her but when he met her he thought she was ugly They married but did not live together They had no children Henry divorced her

12 5 End Catherine Howard The daughter of the 2d duke of Norfolk's youngest son, Edmund, and his wife, Jocasta (Joyce) Culpeper. Raised at Lambeth Palace Catherine Howard was a cousin of Henry VIII's ill-fated second queen, Anne Boleyn Her birth date is unknown, but her father was the younger brother of the duke of Norfolk.   Though personally impoverished, Catherine had a powerful family name . She became Lady-in-waiting to Henry's fourth queen, Anne of Cleves. Henry was besotted with her, calling her his 'Rose without a Thorn' . Married Henry V111 on 28th Jul 1540 at Oatlands Palace/ Hampton Court Palace After just seventeen months of marriage to the king, she was arrested for adultery. She was executed on 13 February 1542, only twenty years old

13 Catherine Howard Born in England She was the lady in waiting for Anne
End Catherine Howard Born in England She was the lady in waiting for Anne She was very attractive There were no children Henry heard rumours she was being unfaithful She was beheaded

14 6 End Catherine Parr Born: ABT 1508/12/20, probably Blackfriars, London, England Died: 5 Sep 1548, Sudeley Castle Buried: St Mary's Church, Sudeley Castle Stained glass window of Katherine Parr in the window of St.Mary’s Church

15 Catherine Parr Born in England She had been married twice before
End Catherine Parr Born in England She had been married twice before They had no children Henry married her to look after him in his old age She outlived him as Henry died in 1547

16 What happened to these two wives?
End What happened to these two wives? Anne Boleyn Catherine Howard

17 These wives had Henry’s Children
End These wives had Henry’s Children Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour

18 These Wives did not have Henry’s Children
End These Wives did not have Henry’s Children Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr

19 Elizabeth Blount Gone to Jericho End
Elizabeth was very bright, and so good at singing and dancing that she partnered the King in the "mummery" which was part of the Christmas celebrations of 1514, while the Queen was still recovering from the loss of a new baby yet again. Elizabeth "wan the King's harte", and her father was promoted to "Esquire of the Body", which meant personal attendance on the King in his bedroom. On Sunday 3rd October 1518, Elizabeth Blount took part in the magnificent display organised by Cardinal Wolsey as part of the celebrations of the treaty with France and the betrothal of their only surviving child, two year old Princess Mary with the seven month old Dauphin of France, François. The Queen was pregnant for the seventh time, and as she had lost yet another baby the year before was taking things quietly. She was not at the masked entertainment where Elizabeth Blount sang a song she had written herself and asked William Cornish Master of the King's Chapel, to set it to music for her to sing to the King. This was a very clever move for Elizabeth, who clearly wanted more than a diamond necklace, or a husband, by making the King's actions public. It did not take much skill to notice the hidden agenda, and no doubt this was all reported back to the Queen by ladies who did not fail to notice that Bessie Blount was also plumper and blooming. The Queen was so upset she went into premature labour, and her tiny boy died after a few days. She never fully recovered her health. Cardinal Wolsey arranged for Elizabeth to live in Jericho Priory, Blackmore, Essex. The King visited her so often, and his baby son, it become a standing joke with courtiers that the King had "gone to Jericho".

20 End Natural son of Henry VIII by the Elizabeth Blount, daughter of Sir John Blount, of the family of the Lords Mountjoy. He was the only bastard that Henry VIII acknowledged. When Henry became the father of a royal bastard, he was delighted; his ability to father male progeny was no longer in doubt. Fitzroy was brought up with Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey at Windsor, who was to become Richmond's closest friend and brother-in-law, as he was to marry his sister Mary Howard. Henry had a particular fondness for this child, and created him Knight of the Garter at the age of six, on 24 Apr He was then advanced to Earl of Nottingham, and the same day, Jun 16th of 1525, made Duke of Richmond (a title associated with Henry VII before he came to the throne), then a month later Admiral of England, Ireland and Normandy. He was also made Lieutenant of Ireland and given other titles and an income which made him the richest person in the kingdom after the King. Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, died of consumption at St. James Palace, soon after Anne Boleyn's execution and just as an act was going through Parliament to enable the King to nominate him as the heir to the throne.

21 End ! Interesting note: once, in an effort to work out the complicated Tudor succession while Henry & Catherine were still married, some suggested Fitzroy marry his half-sister, Princess Mary Tudor.  Oddly enough, the plan was endorsed by the pope!

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