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The legend The legendaboutTarnobrzeg.. The emblem of Tarnobrzeg The flag of Tarnobrzeg.

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1 The legend The legendaboutTarnobrzeg.

2 The emblem of Tarnobrzeg The flag of Tarnobrzeg

3 The Legend of the Quarryman

4 At a time when Wislan's tribe lived on our land, on the Rocky Mount, there was a fortified castle whose owner was called the Quarryman. Only a few farmers lived near the Vistula, most of the people living there were fishers. A greater part of the harvest people had to give to lord, Quarryman. Fishermen had to start looking for different ways to catch more fish. One day John, the fishermans son, found an otter in his basket. It could not get out so he helped it and since then, out of gratitude for Johns family, the otter caught them fish. Another time John, with the help from his girlfriend, grabbed the bird, which also caught fish for them. OTTER PELICAN

5 At that time there was a habit that before a wedding, the bride had to marry the Lord of the manor for one day. The Quarryman treated girls very badly. People who opposed his behaviour were taken into a special dungeon on Machow Mount, which was carved in a yellow, stinking rock. The air there was like poison and it caused death of people staying there. The Quarryman was known for his atrocities against people working for him. People hated him more and more.

6 One-day marriagies took place on the island of the Vistula, where the fisherman had to take his beloved.John loved Bożysława, but he was afraid that the Quarryman would take her to himself, so they got married in secret. When the Triglav priests told the Quarryman about it, he threw the young man to the dungeon.John would be dead in a sulfur pit, if the otter and bird didn't help him. The animals were bringing fish to their master together with messages from people allied against the power of the Quarryman. Machow's reservoir in Tarnobrzeg

7 Despite the food, the animals delivered John pieces of rope. When John made a long line, a bird took it to friends waiting nearby. They tied the rope to a tree and pulled John out of the dungeon. John and his friends plotted against the cruel lord. They simulated a wedding. John as bridegroom took Bożysława to the island of the Vistula, where the Guarryman had already been waiting. John killed him, got dressed in his armour and went to the Rocky Mountain. The crew, consisted of German bollards, took John for their master and let him go through the gate of the castle. John, pretending anger, locked the guards in prison and set his friends free... Dzikow's castle in Tarnobrzeg An old school in Tarnobrzeg

8 After conquering the castle John was announced the commander. The fishermen started catching fish using trained otters and birds. In a nearby castle of Sandomierz lived the relatives of the killed Quarryman. They decided to take revenge on fishermen from the Rocky Mountain and the war began. Soldiers from Sandomierz decided to conquer their enemies with hunger. Fortunately, otters and birds continued to bring food to their masters. Unfortunately, many animals died during the siege. When the famine looked into the eyes of the fishermen, they built small boats and, under cover of a burning castle, crossed the Vistula River and ran away to the forest. The castle on the Rocky Mountain did not leave a trace. Only a yellow dungeon on Machow Mountain survived to modern times and was the beginning of a sulphur mine. The church in Tarnobrzeg

9 The oldest church in Tarnobrzeg. The parish exists since 1185.

10 Now the museum is in the castle of Dzikow. The granary in Dzikow.

11 THE END! AutHor: Jakub SledZ The end! ==============================================================================

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