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Week 35: May 15, 2013 Main Menu 5 Simple Steps to Play! – click here! GAME 1GAME 2.

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1 Week 35: May 15, 2013 Main Menu 5 Simple Steps to Play! – click here! GAME 1GAME 2

2 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS Main Menu GAME 1

3 National Affairs: 10 Points A task force in Newtown, CT has decided that the district should tear down WHAT elementary school and rebuild it on the same site? Click again for answer: Sandy Hook Back to Menu

4 National Affairs: 20 Points Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was finally buried in WHAT state after numerous cemeteries in various states refused to allow his interment? a) New York b) Texas c) Virginia Click again for answer: c) Virginia Back to Menu

5 National Affairs: 40 Points Workers placed the crowning glory on the One World Trade Center building last week, a spire that brings the total height of the new structure to HOW MANY FEET tall? Click again for answer: 1776 feet Back to Menu

6 National Affairs: 80 Points A Philadelphia abortion doctor could be facing the death penalty following his conviction this week on WHAT charges? Click again for answer: Killing three babies that were delivered alive Back to Menu

7 National Affairs: Bonus One World Trade Center is being built to be the strongest building in the world with construction standards making it HOW MANY times stronger than other skyscrapers? a) 3 times b) 7 times c) 11 times Click again for answer: b) 7 times stronger Back to Menu

8 Business: 10 Points A new study shows that WHICH category of students has a harder time getting financial aid from colleges -- POORER students or WEALTHIER students? Click again for answer: Poorer students Back to Menu

9 Business: 20 Points As meat prices hit an all-time high, WHAT McDonald's hamburger is being dropped from the menu because the company says it loses money on each burger at the current price they are charging? a) Big Mac b) Angus Burger c) Daily Double Click again for answer: b) Angus Burger Back to Menu

10 Business: 40 Points WHAT important crop in Florida has been hit by an incurable bacterial disease that has gotten worse every month since Christmas, with billions of dollars at stake? Click again for answer: Citrus – oranges hurt worst Back to Menu

11 Business: 80 Points WHAT foreign auto maker that has always sold a lot of cars but hasn't made much money in recent months finally bounced back last quarter, tripling its net income from a year earlier? Click again for answer: Toyota Back to Menu

12 Business: Bonus The U.S. Postal Service said that it lost $1.9 billion over the past three months and warned that financial losses will continue to mount unless there is funding help from WHAT governing body? Click again for answer: Congress Back to Menu

13 The Arts: 10 Points WHAT longtime "American Idol" judge announced he is leaving the show at the end of the season? Click again for answer: Randy Jackson Back to Menu

14 The Arts: 20 Points WHAT former heavyweight champion boxer is the main character in a new animated mystery series named after him on the Adult Swim network? a)Muhammad Ali b) Mike Tyson c) George Foreman Click again for answer: b) Mike Tyson Back to Menu

15 The Arts: 40 Points Justin Bieber is in trouble again, this time because L.A. County prosecutors plan to pursue a battery charge that alleges he did WHAT to a neighbor who complained Bieber was driving his Ferrari recklessly through their gated community? Click again for answer: Spit in his face Back to Menu

16 The Arts: 80 Points Tim Lambesis, lead singer of WHAT Grammy- nominated Christian metal band (best known for their An Ocean Between Us album), was arrested this week on suspicion he tried to hire a hit man to kill his wife? Click again for answer: As I Lay Dying Back to Menu

17 The Arts: Bonus WHAT star of "How I Met Your Mother" has been selected to host the Tony Awards next month for the fourth time? Click again for answer: Neil Patrick Harris Back to Menu

18 Science: 10 Points A large study in Italy found that eating fish can protect your heart -- it also found that taking fish oil supplements (pills) DOES or DOES NOT do as well in protecting you from heart attacks? Click again for answer: Does NOT Back to Menu

19 Science: 20 Points A dramatic "ring of fire" eclipse drew onlookers from all over the world to Australia last week. WHAT type of eclipse was this unusual celestial event? a) Solar b) Lunar c) Prenumbral Click again for answer: a) Solar eclipse Back to Menu

20 Science: 40 Points Scientists reported this week that the concentration of WHAT in the atmosphere is now higher than at any time over the past four million years? Click again for answer: CO 2 – carbon dioxide Back to Menu

21 Science: 80 Points U.S. officials have told the man who used a 3-D printer to make a WHAT that he must take down the how-to instructions that he posted online? Click again for answer: Gun – that actually fires bullets Back to Menu

22 Science: Bonus Two astronauts made a precedent-setting spacewalk attempting to fix a leak in the vital cooling system WHERE? Click again for answer: International Space Station Back to Menu

23 Politics: 10 Points Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is stressing his disapproval of the way WHAT former Secretary of State handled the deadly Benghazi attack, saying the potential 2016 presidential contender should be precluded from ever holding high office again? Click again for answer: Hillary Clinton Back to Menu

24 Politics: 20 Points Julián Castro, a rising Democratic political star, was re-elected for a third term as mayor of WHAT major Texas city last week, winning 66% of the vote? a)San Antonio b) Dallas c) Austin Click again for answer: a) San Antonio Back to Menu

25 Politics: 40 Points The governor of WHAT state signed a bill on Tuesday approving gay marriagethe 12th state to now recognize the unions? Click again for answer: Minnesota Back to Menu

26 Politics: 80 Points President Barack Obama on Friday touted WHAT program and its benefits for women, whose response, he believes, will be a major key to its success or failure? Click again for answer: Health care law Back to Menu

27 Politics: Bonus WHAT federal agency is under criminal investigation for targeting conservative political groups, giving their tax documents extra scrutiny? Click again for answer: Internal Revenue Service Back to Menu

28 World Affairs: 10 Points A total of 686 candidates have registered to try and succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June as president of WHAT nation? Click again for answer: Iran Back to Menu

29 World Affairs: 20 Points A seamstress who survived HOW MANY days before being rescued from a collapsed garment factory building in Bangladesh is in generally good condition, according to her doctors? a) 7 b) 17 c) 27 Click again for answer: b) 17 Back to Menu

30 World Affairs: 40 Points In one of the deadliest attacks in WHERE in recent years, two car bombs exploded near the border with Syria on Saturday, killing 43 people and wounding 140 others? Click again for answer: Turkey Back to Menu

31 World Affairs: 80 Points Nawaz Sharif, the former leader of WHAT nation, declared victory after a historic electiona remarkable comeback for the 63-year-old who has twice served as the countrys premier but was toppled in a military coup in 1999? Click again for answer: Pakistan Back to Menu

32 World Affairs: Bonus TRUE or FALSE: Russia withheld details from U.S. officials about suspicions of Boston Marathon bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011, a U.S. official told CNN. Click again for answer: TRUE Back to Menu

33 Sports: 10 Points The head of the Americas Cup planning effort says he expects WHAT sports most prestigious event to go forward after the death of Andrew Bart Simpson in the San Francisco Bay last week? Click again for answer: Sailing Back to Menu

34 Sports: 20 Points Tiger Woods won his WHAT tournament of the year by capturing The Players Championship Sunday in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida? a)4 th b) 5 th c) 6 th Click again for answer: a) 4 th Back to Menu

35 Sports: 40 Points NAME one of the four teams to advance in the National Hockey Leagues Western Conference Stanley Cup playoffs. Click again for answer: Chicago, Detroit, San Jose and Los Angeles Back to Menu

36 Sports: 80 Points With his 13 th Premier League title and 38 th major trophy secured, Alex Ferguson announced hes retiring at seasons end as manager of WHAT British soccer club? Click again for answer: Manchester United Back to Menu

37 Sports: Bonus Former NFL receiver Titus Young was arrested for the third time in HOW LONG last week? a) A week b) A month c) A year Click again for answer: a) A week Back to Menu

38 Odds & Ends: 10 Points A woman living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, says her apartment has been taken over by WHAT flying creatures and that its terrifying? Click again for answer: Bats Back to Menu

39 Odds & Ends: 20 Points Oregon State Police said a man was cited when a trooper clocked him riding his brand new motorcycle at WHAT speed? a)110 mph b) 120 mph c) 130 mph Click again for answer: c) 130 mph Back to Menu

40 Odds & Ends: 40 Points According to a new Readers Digest poll, topping Americans list of individuals they trust the most is WHAT Oscar-winning actor? Click again for answer: Tom Hanks Back to Menu

41 Odds & Ends: 80 Points Proponents of a bill passed by the Texas state House said it is aimed at preventing lawsuits from teachers saying WHAT two words in public schools? Click again for answer: Merry Christmas Back to Menu

42 Odds & Ends: Bonus Officials in an Arizona city said they are working with a student whose water bill for two billing periods totaled HOW MUCH? a) $3,800 b) $10,100 c) $16,000 Click again for answer: c) $16,000 Back to Menu

43 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS 10204080BONUS Main Menu GAME 2

44 National Affairs: 10 Points In the Cleveland kidnapping case, WHAT happened to two of the three Castro brothers who were arrested last week? Click again for answer: Released – had no knowledge of crimes Back to Menu

45 National Affairs: 20 Points Police in New Orleans say there were three shooters who opened fire, injuring at least 19 people during WHAT event on Mother's Day? a)Restaurant brunch b) City parade c) Masquerade party Click again for answer: b) City parade Back to Menu

46 National Affairs: 40 Points WHAT Phoenix woman was found guilty of first- degree murder last week in a case that made national headlines -- and now she says she wants to receive the death penalty instead of a long prison term? Click again for answer: Jodi Arias Back to Menu

47 National Affairs: 80 Points The Justice Department has seized phone records of reporters and editors at WHAT news agency without prior notice or without explaining why, prompting a complaint sent directly to Attorney General Eric Holder? Click again for answer: Associated Press Back to Menu

48 National Affairs: Bonus WHAT destroyed several boathouses and damaged numerous homes along several miles of the shoreline of a Minnesota lake this week? a) Flood waters b) Dead fish c) Ice tsunami Click again for answer: c) Ice tsunami Back to Menu

49 Business: 10 Points WHAT online company, the world's largest video website, is planning to start letting video makers charge a monthly subscription rate to their channels? Click again for answer: YouTube Back to Menu

50 Business: 20 Points WHAT electronics giant posted its first yearly profit in five years in 2012? a) Sony b) Panasonic c) Samsung Click again for answer: a) Sony Back to Menu

51 Business: 40 Points WHAT off-road automaker is recalling nearly 500,000 vehicles because of a short-circuit that causes the SUV to slip into Neutral from Park, causing numerous accidents and at least 29 injuries? Click again for answer: Chrysler-Jeep Back to Menu

52 Business: 80 Points WHAT huge Swedish fashion retailer is signing a legally binding safety plan -- along with Tommy Hilfiger and Lecoste -- drawn up by unions in Bangladesh to protect garment workers? Click again for answer: H & M Back to Menu

53 Business: Bonus A new study challenged the conventional wisdom that owning a home is a good thing, with the researchers noting that WHAT often goes up in areas where home ownership is high? a) Crime b) SAT scores c) Unemployment Click again for answer: c) Unemployment Back to Menu

54 The Arts: 10 Points WHAT actress revealed she had a preventative double mastectomy earlier this year soon after tests revealed she had a high risk of developing breast cancer? Click again for answer: Angelina Jolie Back to Menu

55 The Arts: 20 Points WHAT longtime TV journalist announced on her show "The View" that she is retiring in May, 2014, and after spending the coming year doing tributes and retrospectives, will never appear on TV again? a) Katie Couric b) Joy Behar c) Barbara Walters Click again for answer: c) Barbara Walters Back to Menu

56 The Arts: 40 Points US Weekly reported this week that Liam Hemsworth's two brothers staged an intervention, pleading with him to break off his planned wedding to WHAT controversial star? Click again for answer: Miley Cyrus Back to Menu

57 The Arts: 80 Points WHAT "Saturday Night Live" star and head writer has been named as the replacement for Jimmy Fallon on NBC's "Late Night"? Click again for answer: Seth Meyers Back to Menu

58 The Arts: Bonus "Iron Man 3" continued to dominate the box office -- as expected, by earning $73 million-- but WHAT new film surprised most observers by bringing in $51 million, all part of a huge weekend for movies? Click again for answer: The Great Gatsby Back to Menu

59 Science: 10 Points The FCC announced a new plan that will speed up Wi-Fi connections in WHAT place that up until recently banned the electronic service completely? Click again for answer: Airplanes Back to Menu

60 Science: 20 Points A new, deadly illness that resembles the SARS virus from a few years ago has its roots in Saudi Arabia and has killed HOW MANY of the 34 people known to have contracted it so far? a) 12 b) 18 c) 32 Click again for answer: b) 18 Back to Menu

61 Science: 40 Points A California woman made news when she slapped a deputy with the express purpose of going to jail for 90 days in hopes that she could stop doing WHAT? Click again for answer: Smoking Back to Menu

62 Science: 80 Points MIT professor Amos Winter is hoping to change life in Third World countries -- and in rural America as well -- by developing a workable off-road WHAT for disabled people who do not live in cities? Click again for answer: Wheelchair Back to Menu

63 Science: Bonus WHAT famous doctor who paved the way for women, doctors and health discussions on television starting in the 1960s died this week at age 85? a) Dr. Joyce Brothers b) Dr. Beverly Spock c) Dr. Nancy Schneiderman Click again for answer: a) Dr. Joyce Brothers Back to Menu

64 Politics: 10 Points The Federal Aviation Administration will CLOSE or KEEP OPEN the 149 control towers at small airports that have been targeted by the sequester budget issue? Click again for answer: KEEP OPEN -- at least until August Back to Menu

65 Politics: 20 Points Honoring WHAT group at the White House on Saturday, President Obama made another call for Congress to enact tougher restrictions on guns? a)Fire fighters b) Police officers c) Victims Click again for answer: b) Police officers Back to Menu

66 Politics: 40 Points One of the Democrats most veteran strategists warned this week that the party is in decline and will be at considerable risk when WHO is no longer on the scene? Click again for answer: President Barack Obama Back to Menu

67 Politics: 80 Points WHAT former president called on Howard University's class of 2013 to create a world that does not leave behind individuals like the two young men accused of bombing the Boston Marathon last month? Click again for answer: Bill Clinton Back to Menu

68 Politics: Bonus Nine years ago, the now-mayor of New Jersey's second-largest city was photographed naked on his front porch, right before an election. Pressed to explain, Jerramiah Healy chalked up the incident to a bad night of WHAT? Click again for answer: Drinking Back to Menu

69 World Affairs: 10 Points More than 1 million babies die the day they are born every year, and the 14 countries with the highest rates of first-day deaths are all on WHAT continent, a new report says? Click again for answer: Africa Back to Menu

70 World Affairs: 20 Points Afghan President Hamid Karzai said last week that the U.S. wants to retain HOW MANY bases in his country after NATOs formal withdrawal in 2014? a) no b) nine c) 36 Click again for answer: b) nine Back to Menu

71 World Affairs: 40 Points WHAT nation defended its sales of anti-aircraft systems to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, just days after joining forces with the U.S. for a new push to end Syrias civil war through negotiations? Click again for answer: Russia Back to Menu

72 World Affairs: 80 Points Pope Francis canonized the first saints of his papacy, Laura Montoya and Maria Guadalupe Garcia Zavala at a Mass on Sunday at St. Peters Square. The nuns are the first ever honored as saints from WHAT two nations? Click again for answer: Colombia and Mexico Back to Menu

73 World Affairs: Bonus TRUE or FALSE: A problem with a fiber optics cable was responsible for an Internet outage that cut off civil-war-ravaged Syria from the rest of the world for nearly five days, state media said. Click again for answer: FALSEwas out for 20 hours Back to Menu

74 Sports: 10 Points Louisville Slugger in Kentucky made hundreds of pink WHATs for Major League Baseball players to use during Mothers Day games last Sunday…then they were collected and auctioned off to benefit MLB Breast Cancer Charities? Click again for answer: Bats Back to Menu

75 Sports: 20 Points WHO successfully defended her Madrid Open title and retained her world No. 1 ranking Sunday? a)Venus Williams b) Maria Sharapova c) Serena Williams Click again for answer: c) Serena Williams Back to Menu

76 Sports: 40 Points NAME one of the four teams to advance in the National Hockey Leagues Eastern Conference Stanley Cup playoffs. Click again for answer: Pittsburgh, Ottawa, New York and Boston Back to Menu

77 Sports: 80 Points WHO passed Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle Busch with 13 laps left to win his first Southern 500 last Saturday at Darlington (SC) Raceway? Click again for answer: Matt Kenseth Back to Menu

78 Sports: Bonus WHO filed suit against the PGA Tour for exposing him to public humiliation and ridicule during a 12-week investigation into his use of deer antler spray? a) Jack Nicklaus b) Vijay Singh c) Tiger Woods Click again for answer: b) Vijay Singh Back to Menu

79 Odds & Ends: 10 Points A Florida woman said the interior of her car was destroyed by a WHAT that somehow managed to lock itself inside the vehicle? a) bear b) monkey c) snake Click again for answer: a) bear Back to Menu

80 Odds & Ends: 20 Points CNN marked National Pet Week by saying, among other pet-related statistics, an estimated HOW MUCH will be spent on U.S. pets in 2013? a) $555 million b) $5.5 billion c) $55.5 billion Click again for answer: c) $55.5 billion Back to Menu

81 Odds & Ends: 40 Points A Florida restaurant known for its unusual tacos, raised eyebrows by offering a taco featuring African WHAT meat for $35? Click again for answer: Lionafter complaints, the item is no longer served Back to Menu

82 Odds & Ends: 80 Points A Florida teacher was fired on National Teacher Day after the principal learned about her second job as WHAT? Click again for answer: A bikini model Back to Menu

83 Odds & Ends: Bonus A South Carolina WHAT celebrated her 18 th birthday, a feat veterinarians said is rare for any canine? a) dachshund b) poodle c) chihuahua Click again for answer: a) dachshund Back to Menu

84 5 Simple Steps! 1.Select Game One or Game Two from the Main MenuGame One Game Two Main Menu 2.Select question value (20, 40, 80 or Bonus) across the categories 3.Once the question appears, when ready, click or hit spacebar for the answer. 4.Then click on the game menu image to return to the game board 5.Once all question desired are selected, select Main Menu and click on Game Two.

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