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Toll Free: 866.328.2212 your business 2 Take your business in a new direction.

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1 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 your business 2 Take your business in a new direction

2 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 ABOUT OUR COMPANY

3 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Background Northeast Web Design Need for a separate web design branch developed with growing demand Evolutionary extension of Northeast Computer Services, an established IT firm since 2001 Currently, we have about 35 active clients Our Personal Approach: Northeast Web Design is a small company located in the quaint town of Hebron, CT that believes strongly in highly personal service. All of our development is done in house - we do not outsource. Northeast Web Design works with all types of clients, from small businesses to large scale enterprises. Our high referral and high retention rates allow our business to succeed. We offer more than just web development. We create a marketing tool, not just a marketing piece.

4 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Philosop hy Our Fundamental Belief: – Every business has the potential for success Our Goal: – Improve the Functionality of a Business By: – Developing a marketing tool connecting directly to their clients – Empowering clients to be industry thought leaders with state of the art systems – Educating clients to be able to control their own web resources Our Commitment: – Northeast Web Design proudly stands by our work – Our accomplishments achieved by: Listening to our clients Adhering to deadlines Providing affordable solutions – Focus on strong work ethic and implementation of best web practices – Belief that there is always opportunity to learn and grow through: Creative diversity of our client projects Consistent research of rapidly evolving technologies Progressive Thinking Agile Client Mindset Industry Standards

5 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 BUILDING ON OUR FRAMEWORK

6 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Old School Web Design Web page is only a static marketing piece with displayed information Contains only a frontend Frontend: page visible to the site visitor For mostly aesthetics Fewer features and applications Limited Functionality Leads to bulkier web pages, resulting in longer loading time Dependence on Webmaster for all changes Process of e-mailing, sitting and waiting for change Requires pay for additional work Results in long-turn around time for changes Complex Computer Code

7 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 New Web Development All of our websites are built on the CMS Explanation: all the components are prepared and need to be assembled Ex: like pieces to a model airplane Our framework acts as the foundation to the site Logic: You dont need to reinvent the wheel Content Management System The backend provides additional functionality to the frontend aesthetics Backend: the area of the site that isn't seen by visitors, but organizes information in the correct format Added Functionality

8 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Advantages Dynamic web solution Better user experience Search engine friendly Score high marks for search engine ranking position Open Source Common platform Comprehensive and cutting edge Features and applications Blogs, calendars, maps, mailing lists, image gallery, etc Ease of use Consistency of system (not individual code) Clients can make their own changes Easily manipulate content No need for knowledge of programming language Remote Access to site No need for specific software or technical programs

9 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Added Value Lower Development Costs Open Source Technology: Globally Contributed- Developed from collective of minds Cusp of technology- Allowing for best and most up-to-date Custom Development is easier and less costly Price Comparison: custom developing each component from scratch Easy Maintenance No need for middleman webmaster Better Security Less vulnerable to hackers and viruses

10 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Best Practices Best practices are the most effective and efficient ways to accomplish tasks. Best Practices Defined Our developments are compatible with various browsers so that the display and function of the site is consistent. Browser Compatibility Our code is consistent to the web standards of the developing program format so that the site works properly. Error-free Code We provide a secure intranet for our clients that allows them to track our progress and be more involved in the development. Project Management Tool We have systems in place that allow both parties to collaborate on projects in order to provide the best possible web solution. Collaborative Communications and Development We plan our execution of responsibilities with guidelines and deadlines prior to production. Work Flow

11 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 W3C Industry Standard s The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) – an international consortium that develops Web standards called W3C Recommendations Aimed at helping the Web to reach its full potential Through Web interoperability- requires web technologies to be compatible with one another and allow any hardware or software to access the Web W3C seeks to avoid Web fragmentation CompatibilityIndustry GrowthEstablishing TrustAvailability for All

12 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 EXAMPLE WEBSITES

13 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Previous Work Century 21 Connecticut Realty Dynamically maintained over 30,000 listed properties as well as feature company and agent listings Upgraded AJAX based IDX interface, content management system and blogging components for thought leadership resources complete search engine optimization, Google Pay Per Click campaigns and additional internet marketing strategies Taylor Freezer of Connecticut a web site that had a visual appeal that featured a multitude of products profit calculators for different products and yields search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies have placed Taylor Freezers of Connecticut on the first page (if not 1st or 2nd organic ranking) on most keyword searches within Connecticut on Google

14 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Previous Work The Wedding Dress LLC an engaging user-friendly site in a flash environment a seamless flash production and still yield great organic keyword rankings a simple to maintain XML component that dynamically loads an unlimited number of dresses into flash player Search Engine Optimization, XHTML & CSS validation and initial Internet Marketing Strategy have landed the first page organic listings in Google Vollmer America content management system allowing organization of current pages simple means of adding and archiving newsletter articles, news and events, and new products dynamically Additional features included flash development, custom search and 404 error pages, and password protected directories for securing sensitive company documents

15 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Client Testimonial Larry Palmer, Century 21 Real Estate: – We have received 263 Internet leads across 3 offices in 4 mos…This is the first time since we got the ability to track our lead sources that our company web site is producing more hits then This is due the redesign last year and very much improved IDX search function. Michael Meakem, President Center for Financial Training: – I switched our company web design work to Northeast Web Design more than five years ago. I could not be happier with their work. From the design work, to the database interface with our proprietary software the lists all of our offerings, to the search engine optimization, to our Google pay per click campaign. The data interface saves a tremendous amount of time and money keeping the web site current. The search engine optimization and pay per click work is invaluable in reaching new customers. The Northeast Web Design staff is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services to businesses of all sizes.

16 Toll Free: 866.328.2212 Contact Info Northeast Web Design offers continual support even after all web development is complete. Our maintenance plan is designed to keep the website running in a secure and optimal condition. 17 Main Street Hebron, CT 06248 Office: 860.228.2212 Fax: 860.271.8097 Northeast Web Design

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