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WELCOME TO Why People Start Their Own Business Financial Freedom Extra Income Have own Business More Spare Time Personal Development Meeting New People.

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3 Why People Start Their Own Business Financial Freedom Extra Income Have own Business More Spare Time Personal Development Meeting New People Helping Others Early Retirement Leave a Legacy Leave a Happy Life…………….

4 Could be you are unhappy with your present job; Could be that your income is insufficient and is a major cause of concern; Could be that your dreams cannot be fulfilled with your present earning; Could be that you want to break away from the mundane 9- 5 job and begin an alternative earning source; Could be that you are missing something extraordinary in life; Could be that you want more time for your family. World space International, an organization where you could realize your dreams. Why We? WHY WSI ?

5 Our Vision and Mission World space International here as an inspiration to set about a revolution in network marketing and consequently bring about a change in the working style of the industry as a whole. It is our endeavour to establish facts and truths that are often missing from such business operations. We strongly believe in establishing an organization that would not only provide individuals a platform for realizing dreams in terms of utilizing one's own potential, skills, and attitude but also an opportunity that lasts a lifetime. We believe and nurtures skills and attitude that focuses on progress in life of individuals.

6 We as a company would be delighted to see people working together with trust, belief, and confidence. We enjoy watching people grow in terms of money, pride, respect and fame. It is our long term objective to establish World space International as a trusted Corporate Brand internationally and not just as another network marketing organization. Finally it is not the composition and nature of business that makes it large but its intention and attitude towards doing it. We sincerely believe in this intention of business runner which ultimately sets the future of a company.

7 OUR PRODUCT Suit Length BraceletRebock WatchAir Bra Cordless Iron Noni NMT PendentFancy Saree

8 JoiningPackage Just pay Rs. 4,000/- to purchase a WSI Business Package & become a lifetime WSI Business Owner (WSIBO)/Distributor. Come and join with World space Family…


10 Team Matching Bonus: Everyone has to sponsor minimum of 2 sales, one in left and one in right of their own to make them as eligible of this bonus. However if they make more than 2 sales on their choice of left or right, the sale will be placed to the extreme bottom vacancy on the selected side. The Duel Matching Bonus income will be released weekly basis through the following system without any tail & your power side will be carry forwarded. Team Matching Bonus = Your Weekly Units * Weekly Unit Rate 1:1 =1 Pair = 1 Unit; Companys Total No. Of Joining per Week x 300/- Unit Rate= Companys Total matched Unit per Week

11 Left You Right Jak Ron 1 : 1 Unlimited Depth Team building in the format of Binary is a most common of the industry and most widely accepted all over the world. But, besides the beauty of this system, sometime it becomes difficult to maintain its fixed pair rate, resulting a negative impact in the business. Considering the true fact, basing on the margins available, the matching incomes are drafted under the limitations of the mathematics permitted in our plan. All the sales will be accumulated weekly, in the left and right side separately and the lower side will have match with higher side. The highest possible matching from the both sides will be treated as matched units or pairs which will be multiplied by the weekly pair rate & paid as team matching bonus with a weekly basis without any ceiling or capping limits. The weekly pair or unit rate will be calculated as the Companys total number of joining multiplied with Rs.300 & divided by the Comps total matched units per week. The un-matched will be carry-forward for next business week. It means, everyone can earn unlimited income per week per business centre in this method & the system also will never face any situation to apply the trimming condition as in any other Binary System faces.

12 Novel Revolving Matrix Every new distributor for the first time, will takes place into the Revolving matrix plan, and moves further depending upon their team building efforts. There will be 2 boards of each 3 levels depth, First Board called Primary Board and second board called as Principal Board. 1. Primary Board 2. Principal

13 Understanding the Novel Revolving Matrix 1. Primary Board: The primary board begins at Level 1 and ends at Level 3, with new members joining in level 1. This entire matrix of primary board is based on the assumption that every new member brings along two other members. The faster these two members join the earlier is a rise of a member to the next higher level. Ideally every primary board has 7 members comprising 4 in level One, 2 in level Two and 1 in level Three. New members to a board are introduced by members who already exist in the primary board. As and when a primary board gets filled with 4 new members, and total 7 members it is split into two Primary Boards. Level 3 member moves out of these primary board, and the lower two Levels (level one & level tow) 5 members get placed in 3 slots in the resultant two new boards formed. Each of these two new boards thus created would be having 4 vacant places for new members to come in.

14 How system Works Each board are pre-filled the first 2 levels and the bottom line of 3rd level will be opened as vacant of 4 boxes for the entry of new account activations coming up. Every new distributor in the company will be entered in the 3rd level of first vacancy form the left to right in their followed sponsor in the respective board. Upon completion of all the 4 vacancies of the of the 3rd level, the incomes to the distributor pre-occupied will be as follows. While shuffling and forming the new Boards in Primary Board, there is a system involved to re-arrange the distributors in the format of 2-1-0. Out of 6 balance distributors in the system those who made 2 sponsoring first will be taken into consideration and place them in top levels. Thereafter similarly with the one sponsored. Finally those who have not sponsored will be completed the 2nd level in the priority of their joining sequence.



17 When Level 1 is filled of Primary Board 2 NEW boards are formed with a NEW row of 4 Level 1 positions under each NEW board Example of Primary Board Splitting Symon enters into the Principal Board Earning Rs 5,000 /- New Board #1 :- 1 Level 4 Positions New Board #2 :- 1 Level 4 Positions Symon Kajal Ashok Bob Jack Level-1 Level-2 Level-3 Level-2 Level-1 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 1 st Bob Maria Kajal Maria Ashok To Principal Board

18 Step1: System looks for Members with 2 sales and places them in order from Quick Sale (Who has completed his criteria fast and put them in balancing methods. Step2: System looks for Members with 1 sale and places them in order of Previous Method Step3: System looks for Members with NO sales and system follows where is there Up line. The Maximum possibility apply to send to their sponsors board.

19 2. Principal Board: The top distributor from the Primary Board who moved out, will be placed in the Principal Board, following his sponsoring up-line sequence whoever is first found, and further works and get the bonus as mentioned below:

20 Principal Board Contd.......

21 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 New Qualified Members from Primary Board Enter Level 1 from Left The board split logic is like:- A. On the basis of early introduced 2 -1 –0 capacity out of 6 IDs, 3 X 2 new boards will be formed in Jumbling system to share the boards in balanced positions, to the possible extend, the users should follow the introducers within the same level to their own boards as far as possible in the permutations & combinations. Otherwise it ignores the rule. B. For Principal Board, The Introducer hunting should be in the same cycle generation, hunts the placement board towards introducer upward sequential, if not found, places to the oldest board. C. For Principal Board, The distributor attached to the up liner who should be in same cycle, Upward & downward too. If not found, Ignore to attach.

22 Awards & Rewardsr Silver Distributer First 35 Pairs in 60 Days From Joining Date / First 100 Pairs (Any Time) Get Tab Tablet

23 Emerald Distributor Next 150 Pairs Within Next 90 Days or Next 250 pairs (Any Time) Get Byke Byke

24 Rubi Distributor Next 350 Pairs Within Next 120 Days or Next 700 pairs (Any Time) Get Alto Car Alto 800

25 Gold Distributor Next 700 Pairs Within Next 200 Days or Next 1500 pairs (Any Time) Get Thiland Tour + 4 Lakhs Cash Thiland Tour

26 Shafire Distributor Next 5000 Pairs (Any Time) & Get Gold jewellary of Rs. 7.5 Lakhs Gold jewellary

27 Platinum Distributor Next 10,000 Pairs (Any Time) & Get Skoda Rapid

28 Diamond Director Next 20,000 Pairs (Any Time) & Get 2 BHK Flat

29 Star Royalty Income Monthly 2% of Companys Total Monthly Turn-over will be distributed among the all Diamond Director Achievers for Lifetime.

30 OUR OFFICE ADDRESS World Space International Private Limited 1 st Floor Asati Complex, Tiroda, Gondia, Maharastra, Pin-441911 Phno : 020-4120-4172/73 Web site : Email :


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