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4 Merely by Changing our purchasing habit

5 Let us Resolve

6 INTRODUCTION Unique Innovative Networking Sales & Services is a Private Limited body corporate company registered under the companies act 1956 vide CIN no. U52599PB2003PTC26610.

7 We have a cracked the code to be successful and secure.
The Ultimate Business Opportunity We have a cracked the code to be successful and secure. 7

8 Why are we here today? The world is in financial crisis!
Everyone wants to make more money Market is flooded with opportunities Promises of easy money everywhere Risks are high So what’s the solution? 8

9 Uinescco has the right solution!
Taking maximum advantage of 3 major global trends The Internet Changed the whole world! 350,000 new people every day! Here forever! Home-Based Businesses Boom $427 Billion a year Industry Creates more Millionaires than any other industry Everybody can start a business with virtually no risk Networking on referral basis Billions of people already participate online 9

10 Established Company WHAT IS UINESSCO
Strong, experienced Management consistently moving ahead Based in Mohali punjab. Financially Secure - Privately funded & Debt-Free 10

11 Unique Business Opportunity
WHAT IS UINESSCO Unique Business Opportunity Your work makes you money Binary Plan, Single leg plan, width plan, genuine sharing of income with company’s growth. Just one self purchase required to get started. Monthly repurchasing as per requirement, no stiff targets No complicated qualifications Entry available as per your financial status for changing your life style and life pattern. 11

12 Binary plan Instant profits Anyone can Succeed! 12

13 For Joining, just purchase any of our products
Entry Levels You Product Wide range of products Rate 4850/- 2425/- 1215/- 600/- 300/- 13

14 Income Stream 1 Rs.600/- per pair Rs. 300/- per pair Binary Payout
1 sale in each leg Rs.600/- per pair Rs. 300/- per pair Rs. 150/- per pair Rs. 60/- per pair Rs. 30/- per pair Example 1: Earn upto Rs. 2,00,000/-,Rs. 1,00,000/-, Rs. 50,000/-,Rs.25000/- or Rs.13,000/- per week 14

15 Income Stream 2 UINESSCO BONANZA Direct Sales Assured Income Total + +
If a Business Associate makes two direct sales in a month, one on left & one on right side and thereafter, more direct sales as per chart given below till 30th Sep. 2009, he would become entitled to income upto certain amount, out of total number of sales in a particular month by way of deduction of Rs. 10/- each from total sales of the month from by dividing the total amount of such sales by the number of eligible business associates in that particular month, in the manner given below. After receiving the amount as shown against number of direct sales, the business associate would be out of such income category. Direct Sales Assured Income Total = 1000 + + = 2300 = 5400 = = = 15

16 Income stream 2 Spill income
After two directly sponsored sales of packs of goods worth Rs. 4850/-, on every further directly Sponsored sales of packs of goods as “C” “D” “E” “F” “G” “H” & so on and on their down line A’s A’s & B’s & B’s A’s & B’s & so on sales, a business associate shall earn 500 CPs per sale ( in case of purchase of ½ or ¼ of pack of goods , in proportionate ratio) and on purchasing the pack of goods worth Rs. 300/- a business associate shall earn 20CPs per sale up to unlimited depth without any balancing and on repurchase also in the same profit ratio . YOU Rs.500/,Rs.250/,Rs.125/-,Rs.60/- or Rs.20/- per entry till unlimited depth as per effected sales A B C B A

17 17

18 REPURCHASE INCOME Group Volume Income
Sharing of profits on account of purchase/sale of goods, shown in section A & B of the product catalogue, by the business associates I. Group Volume Income II. Leadership Income III. Uinessco Diamond Plaza. Group Volume Income For sale of each pack of goods valuing Rs. 4,850/-,Rs.2425/-,Rs.1215/- shown in Section A of the product catalogue, 182 cvs,91cvs, 45cvs, 20cvs and 10cv’s respectively will be credited in part B account of the business associate. On account of purchase / sale of goods shown in Section B of the product catalogue, a business associate would get cv's as shown in the product catalogue displayed on the company's website and released otherwise also from time to time. Profits would be shared with the business associate on cumulative and difference basis and such profits shall be payable only out of their directly sponsored down line groups and their lines of sponsorships as per following Schedule:--

19 Group Volume Income

2 Golds in Down Groups in any two groups % of such groups Ruby 4 Golds in Down Groups in any two groups % of such groups Sapphire 6 Golds in Down Groups in any two groups % of such groups Emerald

As and when, a business associate will have 10 Gold associates in any of his 10 groups, he would be eligible for profits out of 4% of company’s monthly CVs, which shall be equally distributed amongst business associates achieving this level. For availing Part-B income in a particular month, the business associate is required to purchase goods from the company worth Rs. 100/- per I.D. Part A & Part B incomes shall be calculated & released weekly & monthly respectively. 1CP or 1CV = 1 Rs.

22 You are one of the first to see Uinessco World
If you ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time, then congratulations! You are here! Now what will you do? 22

23 Will you look back in time and think :
“I saw an opportunity of a lifetime. I took it and it changed my life!” OR … “I missed the biggest opportunity of my life. I should have joined UINESSCO” 23

24 Join us, be successful, make money & have fun!
Life can be beautiful! Join us, be successful, make money & have fun! 24

25 How to Get Started fast with UINESSCO World

26 Register & Activate Go to:
Click “JOIN” & complete one page registration 26

27 Make Referral List Who do you want to start your community with
People who want to make money People who like to spend money People who work hard People who want a business opportunity Check your mobile phone, account & address book Don’t leave out anyone, who should be on this list Don’t make up their mind for them 27

28 Call Centre Support Give your good referral list to our call centre
On behalf of you, our call centre will show this business opportunity to your referral As soon as, your referral will join this business, you can start getting income through your network. After some time, your income will increase rapidly because our call centre would have created huge network under you. 28

29 The World’s most Unique Opportunity!
Welcome on board our Team! Get back to the person who invited you and get your questions answered. Thank you for visiting us. 29


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