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2 jananaI ivaSvaBaaYaaNaaM iva&anasyaaopkairNaI..
SANSKRIT DAY Baarto saMsÌta BaaYaa kamaQaonau: p`kIit-ta. jananaI ivaSvaBaaYaaNaaM iva&anasyaaopkairNaI.. Bharate saMskRuta bhaSha kamadhenuH prakIrtita  jananI vishvabhaaShaaNaaM vij~naanasyopakaariNI

3 SANSKRIT DAY In India, Sanskrit language is reputed as 'kaamadhenu' (the wish yielding cow). Mother of world languages, it is the benefactor of wisdom. It caters to the needs of everyone. The language and its literature can quench the thirst of anyone, in any field. It is not just a store house for spiritual knowledge, but has literature pertaining to all fields, from architecture to science, from medicine to astronomy! The variety and range knows no bounds.

4 saMsÌtM dovaBaaYaaist vaodBaaYaaist saMsÌtma\.
SANSKRIT DAY saMsÌtM dovaBaaYaaist vaodBaaYaaist saMsÌtma\. P`aacaIna&anaBaaYaa ca saMsÌtM Bad`maNDnama\.. saMskRutaM devabhaaShaasti vedabhaaShaasti saMskRutam  praachIna~jnaanabhaaShaa cha saMskRutaM bhadramaNDanam

5 SANSKRIT DAY The word saMsÌtM (saMskRutam) is derived as
samyak\ Ìtma\ [it saMsÌtM (samyak kRutam iti saMskRutam) It literally means - 'well done', 'refined', 'perfected'! The basics of the language are so well defined that it has been declared as the most unambiguous language ever, the best suited even for the modern inventions like computers. Sanskrit propagates prosperity.

6 SANSKRIT DAY Sanskrit is the language of the Gods, Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas, it is also the language (which gives) our ancient knowledge, Sanskrit adorns prosperity. Today, science is doing research in so many arenas and aspects of life. But these conclusions are already given to us by our ancestors eons ago, in the divine language - Sanskrit!

7 SANSKRIT DAY WHY SANSKRIT IS IMPORTANT?  There are four reasons.  1. The accuracy of grammar, beauty of the expressions and the sound of Sanskrit is not found in any other language of the world. It provides the basis for all other Indian languages like what Greek and Latin are for the western languages.  2. Indian culture rests on Sanskrit. Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana, Yoga sutras are all in Sanskrit. It is these that have bonded India together.

8 SANSKRIT DAY 3. Sanskrit is rich in literature by poets like Kalidasa, Bharavi, Banabhatta, Bhartrhari etc., It is not that it deals only with spiritual matters. It caters to all needs of all people including finance, politics, law, mental health, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, engineering and many others. 4. It provides values applicable to the whole humanity. It not only provides a hope for the individual that he can rise to the level of the divine and through that concept, one can identify with every one else and thus helps in developing brotherhood in the whole world.

9 SANSKRIT DAY It is reported that Sanskrit Language is the mother of Latin, Roman and Arabic languages.  The most important cause for the continuity of Indian culture throughout the country is undoubtedly Sanskrit. All languages of India with perhaps the exception of Tamil consider Sanskrit as the mother.

10 SANSKRIT DAY Indian newspapers have published reports about several isolated villages, where, as a result of recent revival attempts, large parts of the population, including children, are learning Sanskrit and are even using it to some extent in everyday communication: Mattur in Karnataka Mohad, District: Narasinhpur, Madhya Pradesh Jhiri, District: Rajgadh, Madhya Pradesh Kaperan, District: Bundi, Rajasthan Khada, District: Banswada, Rajasthan Ganoda, District: Banswada, Rajasthan Bawali, District: Bagapat, Uttar Pradesh Shyamsundarpur, District: Kendujhar, Odisha

11 SANSKRIT DAY 'If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possesses and what is her finest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly-it is the Sanskrit language and literature, and all that it contains. This is a magnificent inheritance, and so long as this endures and influences the life of our people, the basic genius of India will continue.' - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

12 SANSKRIT DAY "Without the study of Samskrit one cannot become a true Indian and a true learned man."      -- Mahatma Gandhi 

13 SANSKRIT DAY "Samskrit has moulded the minds of our people to the extent to which they themselves are not conscious. Samskrit literature is national in one sense, but its purpose has been universal. That was why it commanded the attention of people who were not followers of a particular culture."      -- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 

14 SANSKRIT DAY "We are deeply indebted to the Indians. They have shown us how to measure and count. If we had not known their invention of zero and the facility it affords in counting we would not have been able to make any new invention at all".      -- Albert Einstein 

15 SANSKRIT DAY "If Samskrit would be divorced from the everyday life of the masses of this country, a light would be gone from the life of the people and the distinctive features of Hindu culture which have won for it an honoured place in world-thought would soon be affected to be great disadvantage and loss both of India and of the world."      -- Sir Mirza Ismail 


17 SANSKRIT DAY The legacy that Sanskrit has left us is not just India's legacy alone. It is a legacy left for all humans. Not to conquer one another, but to conquer oneself, not to destroy but to build, not to hate but to love, not to isolate oneself but to integrate every one into a global society and to achieve the maximum welfare of the maximum number.

18 ..Qanyavaada:.. sava-o Bavantu sauiKna: sava-o santu inaramayaa:.
SANSKRIT DAY sava-o Bavantu sauiKna: sava-o santu inaramayaa:. sava-o Bad`aiNa pSyantu maa kiScat\ du:KBaagBavaot\.. ..Saaint: Saaint: Saaint: .. let all be healthy & happy , let all see goodness all around and let no one fall into the pangs of sorrow. Let Peace prevail in you me and all places. ..Qanyavaada:..

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