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Discover the fine Swiss hand made Art

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1 Discover the fine Swiss hand made Art

2 DaVinciAudio Labs GmbH stands for sense and sensuality.
The construction of our devices is like the conversion of a simple melody to the score for a large orchestra. All parts must play at the conclusion perfectly and error free together. Our devices are affected by an unmistakable style of simple alignment, clear lettering and design of section. This successful symbiosis of refinements and simplicity emphasizes the substance, the musicality… In short : the fascination MUSIC in its purest form. Enjoy the passion of the music with DaVinciAudio Labs and discover the art of the fine Swiss craftmanship.

3 ModulArt PreAmplifier Preziosa S A very impressive Audio Line with continuous Transformer coupling

4 Our amplifiers offer the following design criteria :
The particular components of these amplifiers are single ended triode design Class A operating points Continuous interstage transformer coupling Developed for each individual tube and hand-made in our own atelier Consistent point to point copper wiring The C-core transformers consist of a high nickel part The transformers are encapsulated in MuMetal cans to reduce electromagnetic disturbances. All these provide the highest level of audio performance – authentic reproduction of sound stage in superior class.

5 Backside of the PreAmplifier

6 Upgrade the PreAmplifier with this 300B Line Driver Dive into a new fascination…

7 Mono PSE-300B Amplifier

8 MC PhonoStage with LCR-RIAA driver A possibility to grow...

9 Detail of the « Lady in Black »

10 Universal MC-Transformer Grandezza 24 carat gold plated amongst the world's best

11 aas Gabriel / DaVinciAudio turntable « The Luxury Edition » 24 carat gold plated

12 aas Gabriel / DaVinciAudio turntable « The beautiful Ferrari red » Music is a fine Art, enjoy it with all your senses

13 aas Gabriel / DaVinciAudio turntable « The elegant Piano black »
We use same physical principles of the cutting machine and stylus

14 Grand Reference tone arm Grandezza rhodanized version Discover new details in your LP’s...

15 Grand Reference tone arm Grandezza 24 carat gold plated Music are passion, enjoy it with DaVinciAudio

16 The « beauty case » of the Grandezza tone arm

17 The Nobile tone arm This arm will give new life and new dimension on your LP’s

18 Reference Cartridge Grandezza Close your eyes and enjoy your favourite LP. Never heard in this manner ?

19 Intonation Loudspeaker A genuine paragon of natural quality sound, will bring your favourite Music to life like never before.

20 DaVinciAudio Labs GmbH, Switzerland
ASIA: Hong Kong & China: Audio Exotics 64 Pokfulam Road B3, 17/F Mid Level, Central Hong Kong Phone: Indonesia: Audiolands SBI (Audiolands) Pegangsaan Dua Km 4,2 No: 299 Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara Indonesia Phone: Fax: Singapore: Soundscape HiFi And Music #02-44 The Adelphi, 1 Coleman St. Singapore Phone: (65) ; Fax (65)   RUSSIA all countries former USSR: AV Gong Distributor Company Moscow Phone: USA/CANADA Tangram Audio LLC Piccolo St. Pasadena California USA Phone +1 (626) MIDDLE EAST Israel: Maestro Audio 8 Gnesin Street Givatayim, Israel Phone: South Korea: Li & Company 42-3 Dong-bing-go-Dong Yongsan-Gu Seoul Republic of Korea Phone: EUROPE Italia: Sede dimostrativa Atelier del Suono I Livorno Tel: Händler in Deutschland für Tonarme: take-on-music Steffen Strössner Brunnenstr. 8 DE Eningen u.A. Phone: Mobile: Our partners / Where to buy DaVinciAudio Labs GmbH, Switzerland Phone /

21 Many thanks for your attention
Many thanks for your attention. Please find more information on our web-site or by DaVinciAudio Labs Distributor / Dealer THE END

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