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Leveraging the power of partnerships: the case of Wireless Philadelphia Dr. Costis Toregas May 2006.

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1 Leveraging the power of partnerships: the case of Wireless Philadelphia Dr. Costis Toregas May 2006

2 The Wireless Philadelphia Story Mayors Office of Information Services

3 Wireless Philadelphia Goal Philadelphias goal is to become the number one wireless city in the country and intends to set the standard by which wireless accessibility is measured. The city intends to enter into partnership with interested public and private parties to provide wireless access for the entire city –Add to the prestige of the City as a technology center for economic growth –Improve low cost access to high speed services in all neighborhoods –Provide a foundation for new value add market technologies --- such as high resolution video conferencing, VOIP, telemedicine –Must have social consciousness, i.e., must help the city and its residents to overcome digital divide and provide universal access –Cannot be a financial drain on the city

4 How Philadelphia Got Started Aligned technology with Mayors goals Create briefing paper and fact sheet Created free WiFi hot spot to demonstrate potential Monitored usage Held meetings with interested sectors in community Presented findings to Mayor Mayor appointed Wireless Philadelphia Executive Committee Developing Business Plan and Funding Strategy


6 Funding Models Government owned and operated –City/County owns pole rights or has right-of-way authority Government owned and privately operated –Public/Private partnership Joint Power Authority or Public Utility Non-for-Profit owned and operated Cooperative Wholesale Model –Government owned; sell excess capacity at wholesale to private providers Enterprise/Private Consortium owned and operated –Fees shared with government

7 Chosen: Earthlink partnership October 4, 2005 EarthLink, the nation's next generation Internet service provider (ISP), today announced that it has been selected by Wireless Philadelphia to develop and implement the nation's largest municipal Wi-Fi broadband network…. Under the terms of the proposal, no City or taxpayer dollars will be used to fund the project. EarthLink will finance, build and manage the wireless network, and provide Wireless Philadelphia with revenue sharing fees to help support the Wireless Philadelphia Non-Profit Corporation.

8 Operational goals EarthLink will implement a 135-square-mile, city-wide Wi-Fi mesh network, which is expected to be fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2006. The network is intended to provide: Inexpensive, high-speed Internet access Open access for multiple, competing service providers; Roaming capabilities for providers of hot spot access; Free Internet access in some parks and public spaces; Daily and weekly access for occasional users and visitors; Small business connectivity and serve as a wireless T-1 alternative.

9 Summary Assess the communitys need for wireless and identify applications the network will facilitate Build a leadership team that involves all stakeholders Educate the community through public forums and an effective media strategy Create a strategy to work with existing telcos Develop a techno-economic plan Identify the best business model and funding opportunity Create Business Plan to sell the project

10 Corpus Christi partnership portal

11 Models of Industry Participation Enjoy improved productivity internally Develop, test and produce wireless technologies and services Build infrastructure Operate & Maintain infrastructure Manage applications

12 4 Guiding Principles Equity and a level playing field.. Financial and human assets Interoperability and Scaleability Attitude

13 e-citizen or e-customer (.5%!)

14 Bilbao Congress to heads of state Promote deployment of new broad band networks of connectivity by local authorities and regions through regulatory reform and help fund them Allow the beauty of local action: able to adjust to diversity of environment, to flourish and grow stronger by ICT Establish cross boundary networks of experience sharing and technical support


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