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Finding future job in healthcare in Finland Zuzana Fričovská, DVS 2A, 2008.

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1 Finding future job in healthcare in Finland Zuzana Fričovská, DVS 2A, 2008

2 The health center in Keminmaa

3 There are nurse´s clothes

4 The emergency


6 The center for seniors






12 Vocational school of healthcare in Kemi

13 Vocational school of healthcare 1930 – building was established It was renovated 4 years ago ( modern technigue ) There are 450 students, 45 teachers and 4 office workers 4 stations : beauty therapist, hairdressers, massage and nursing

14 Vocational school of healthcare They have 29 weeks of training in hospital during 3 years They are also under supervision of head nurse After this school, they can teach in kindergarden, work as a nurse or in houses for seniors Nurses can´t take blood from veins but only from the fingers If the ward learns taking blood – they can do it

15 Vocational school of healthcare They needn´t to learn the Latin – only doctors must learn it at university But they learn the Anatomy and the Fysiology They dont have Surgery Nurses must pass every course – to go to another year

16 Vocational school of healthcare After special course in hospital they can take blood from veins. when they dont have this course, just registered nurses can take blood from veins.

17 Vocational school of healthcare To go to university they must do exams like at our country To write kind of seminar – Final thesis No A – level From this school,students are assistants Teachers must have an university title Mgr.


19 The university of nursing in Kemi

20 The university in Kemi Nursing Public nursing Fysioterapist Students have 20hours of exercices and 20 hours they have to learn alone in library 21 computers, magazines and books in English, Finnish and Swedish languages

21 The university in Kemi Students practise : foot care, blood test, urine test, gymnastic, exercice, check eyes, ears, advising diet, visiting old people, measuring blood pressure, take away stiches, EKG, meassuring fat %, walking with old people They use gymnastic in their free time or teach how to exercice

22 The university in Kemi 1 goup = 20 students They have 120 places a year Situation is very good after graduating Everybody finds a job It is a real motivation to be nurse in Finland An offering job in Sweden and Norway - high sallaries

23 The university in Kemi Studnig at university in Finland not depends on family, money, … Students must write scientific final thesis and write it only in Finnish language from university – they will be registered nurses

24 The student´s classes for training



27 … According to my opinion, the Finnish girls and boys have great change to be really good nurse The motivation is guite high !!! And maybe this is the problem in the Czech Republic, students dont have good motivation to do this kind of work and the sallaries are so miserable So I hope it will change.

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