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The Finnish Education System YA! Vocational Education and Training Our region.

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2 The Finnish Education System

3 YA! Vocational Education and Training Our region

4 Studies offered at YA! We offers vocational training for young people and adults in the following fields: Technology and Communication Natural Resources and the Environment Tourism, Catering and Home Economics Social Services, Health and Sports Culture Social sciences, business and administration Humanities and education Natural sciences All basic studies consist of three-year degree programs and comprise 120 study weeks. The education consists of both theory and practice. The school will also offer the possibility for students to simultaneously complete their matriculation examination together with a vocational degree by combining upper secondary school studies and vocational studies.

5 Technology and Transport Machinist Automation Assembler Vehicle Body Repairer Vehicle Mechanic Electrician Electronics Assembler Builder Surveyor Joiner Painter Sheet metal Technician Pipe Fitter Real estate Manager Guard Computer Assembler Basic computing studies Fitter of household machines Welder Logistics HPAC Fitter Conductor of combination vehicles Land Constructor

6 Natural resources and the Environment Forest Machine Operator Forest Entrepreneur Animal husbandry Artificial Inseminator Fur production Crafts Master Rural Entrepreneur Gardener Florist Tourism, Catering and Home Economy Restaurant Cook Catering services Food industry Institutional Cook Diet Cook Supervisor within Hospitality Management and Institutional Kitchens

7 Social services, Health and Sport Practical Nurse Pharmaceutical Assistant Hairdresser Practical Nurse (Education in English) Massage Therapist Foot care Therapist Family Child-minder Tutor for children and youth with special needs School assistant Youth recreation Leader Culture Artisan Visual Artisan Musician

8 Adult vocational education and training at YA! Initial vocational qualification Further vocational training Specialist vocational qualifications Further training not leading to an exam

9 MORE SKILLS, financed by Leonardo da Vinci program. Mobility. “Learning at work” for students. Goal: To test the ECVET process and documentation by mobility. Participating fields: Pharmaceutical Assistant, Catering services/ Restaurant Cook. Partner countries: Malta, England and Portugal.

10 FINECVET, financed by the Finnish Board of Education. Developing the ECVET process, testing by mobility. Participating fields: Catering services, Social Services and Health. Partner countries: England and Malta.

11 VocTrainMaint, financed by Comenius. To look thru and develop the program for the qualification of Maintain Assembler. Partner Countries: Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Ireland and Latvia.

12 Mobility

13 Student mobility in the recipient countries

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