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The Gita Project By Dr. Ramananda Prasad Click PageUp/Down to view slides.

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1 The Gita Project By Dr. Ramananda Prasad Click PageUp/Down to view slides

2 Founded in 1984, the American/ International Gita Society (IGS) is a registered, non-profit, tax- exempt, spiritual institution in the United States of America, under Section 501(c) (3) of the IRS Code. Membership is FREE and open to all.


4 1.Publish and distribute, free if possible, The Bhagavad-Gita in simple and easy to understand languages. 2.Spread the basic Non-sectarian Universal teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita and other Vedic scriptures 3.Provide support and guidance in establishing Gita Study and Discussion (Satsang) Groups, including a free Gita correspondence course. 4.Provide inspiration, cooperation, and support in the study and propagation of the Vedic knowledge. 5.Endeavor to highlight and focus on similarities amongst other religious scriptures and promote the Universal Brotherhood of Humankind.


6 ...I personally find many translations tedious. This translation is simply beautiful because it is beautifully simple... --- Rev. Phil Buzard, New York...Prasads deft renderings are elegantly simple, easy to understand, and unencumbered by commentary. An ambitious work that will be appreciated by all who study the Gita... --- Hinduism Today, USA …Judicious use of Sanskrit in the translation conveys its majestic beauty to the reader. Commentaries are marked by simplicity, terseness, and clarity and is devoid of superfluity. This book is refreshingly free from any sectarian slant… --- Vedanta Kesari, Madras, India

7 Recently we opened a branch in Brazil. A Brazilian Hindu devotee gave an 88 acre ranch to develop the first Hindu Center (Gita Dham) in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

8 We conduct Gita lectures, classes, and seminars free. Travel arrangements for teachers are expected. Our free correspondence course goes to 5,000 US prisons to help prisoners' spiritual growth. Our "Prison Ashram Project" needs your help in mailing lessons, and mentoring prisoners.

9 Our book distribution centers are in USA, India, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Hong Kong. We have distributed over 70,000 Pocket size Gitas FREE world-wide last year. Our work has been translated in French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Hindi.

10 Our rendition is in its fourth edition now. The Indian Edition was published by Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi in 1996. Spanish, Gujarati and Tamil translations are under preparation.


12 We have been "short listed" to receive money from McDonald law suit fund to prepare Gita/Hinduism books for CHILDREN. Due to its clarity and simplicity, our Gita rendition was selected for a Broadway (New York) musical production titled "Arjuna's Dilemma" by Douglas Cuomo Music and Theater Group.

13 Put a copy of the Gita in every room of your Hotel/Motel. Promote distribution of Gita within the hotels and motels owned by members of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). And be the proud Gideons of the Hindu Religion.


15 Distribute the Gita via interactive CD-ROM. Go to www.gitainternational.c om to listen to our FREE on-line Gita.Go to www.gitainternational.c om to listen to our FREE on-line Gita. Prepare teaching materials on Hindi and other Indian languages and religion on CD-ROM.


17 Join the Board of Directors by taking any Gita related project of your choice. No money is ever asked from our directors, just Seva. You will be free to execute your project the way you want it and Society will provide guidance and tax-deduction benefits.

18 Publish and/or distribute our Gita in other Indian and foreign languages in the loving memory of your departed souls. We will supply the materials for FREE. Write an article for our website. We will publish or post it under your name after review and evaluation. Link your website to:,

19 Link your website to our site reciprocally and help us improve this site. Become a member by just suggesting ways and means to spread the message. Free membership is open to all. Just send us your e-mail. Open a local branch of the society or form a Gita Study Group in your area. We will provide materials and books --- free !!

20 Join the editorial board, headed by Doret and Denise, preparing soon to be published Gita for Children and our Fourth Edition, Hindi Gita. & Save our kids from loosing their proud culture and heritage!

21 Form a Gita Study (Satsang) Group in your area. Help set up booths and organize Gita promoting events in your community! Join the management team. Assist us to spread the message of the "Gita Doctrine " that is beyond race, religion, and narrow national boundaries.

22 Take up any other community service project (such as our PRISON-ASHRAM project) of your choice. Society will provide tax benefits and other support.

23 By taking part in any one of the above mentioned projects of your choice, you will help bring peace and brotherhood in the world and also progress on your path of spiritual journey. "Happiness is not attained through wealth and sense gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy cause". --- Helen Keller "The gift of knowledge is the best charity. Its like giving the whole world in charity " --- Mahabharata

24 Lord Krishna said: "One who shall help propagate this supreme secret philosophy (the transcendental knowledge of the Gita) amongst My devotees, shall be performing the highest devotional service to Me and shall certainly come to Me. No other person shall do a more pleasing service to Me, and no one on the earth shall be more dear to Me. (18.68-69)" The End Click Esc to end show

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