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Less Than Perfect The Medias effect on Body image in adolescents.

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1 Less Than Perfect The Medias effect on Body image in adolescents


3 Are you concerned about your body image?

4 One out of three teenagers would change a body part if given the chance.

5 90% of women are self conscious about their body.

6 90% of children below the age of 16 have been on one or more weight loss diets.

7 The diet industry is estimated to be worth aproximately $60 Billion

8 In January 2011, The American Research group,Anorexia nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, Inc reported that 1 out of 4 college- aged women were using unhealthy methods of weight loss control.

9 The Media The media is the main critic of feminine beauty because it has increasingly become the source to which seekers turn for the repertoire of symbols, values, and ideas to be used in constructingor affirmingmeaning and identity.

10 Unattainable Beauty


12 Beauty magazines Television shows Fashion and beauty blogs Popular culture Popular cultural icons Major Culprits

13 Positive Changes

14 For several years the Quebec magazine, Coup de Pouce has consistently included full figured women in their fashion pages..

15 Fashion magazine Chatelane has pledged not to touch up photos and not to include models less than 25 years of age.

16 In Madrid, one of the worlds biggest fashion capitals, ultra thin models were banned from the runway in 2006

17 Dove Campaign for Real Beauty-An ethical venture undertaken by makers of Dove to help young people build positive self esteen by understanding and dealing with feelings about physical appearance


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