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The Beauty Myth Mary Moody Samford University April 22, 2010.

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1 The Beauty Myth Mary Moody Samford University April 22, 2010





6 Anja Rubik




10 Whats the BIG deal? Present presumed picture of real women/men Public sees great disparity between the image they see in the mirror and that which they see in the magazine

11 And this creates problems… Rise in eating disorders 11 million women & 1 million men Rise in cosmetic surgeries- most notably among teens $13 billion per year in cosmetic surgery Source:

12 So, what can we do about it? Provide educational opportunities Through the public school system Through the media Labeling system Small insignia in bottom right-hand corner

13 Education in Schools Create programs that will encourage kids to become critical, informed media watchers Easy as showing a before and after picture that has been digitally altered These programs should be as prominent as anti- smoking and under-aged drinking campaigns. 150,000 women die each year of eating disorders

14 Girl Scout Curriculum Through guided activities, health and beauty information, quizzes, and tips, the book guides girls to think critically about their concepts of beauty.

15 Education in the Media Create more media campaigns which celebrate the physical variation of women and men Have a correct portrayal of the American populace Most advertisements only show one body type

16 The Dove Campaign

17 A Labeling System Currently no real regulatory provision for digitally edited photos Labeling system would just let the public know that these images have been manipulated to some degree

18 Why NOT for airbrushing?

19 All in All… Because of airbrushing and other digital methods, advertisers have created a standard of beauty that is genetically impossible. Unreachable paradigm= devastating results Body dissatisfaction, Eating disorders and rates of Cosmetic Surgery are at an all time high

20 For a brighter future… Implement educational opportunities through the media and public schooling Create a labeling system so the public can identify the pictures which have been labeled

21 From this-


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