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THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE Introductory notes for schools.

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1 THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE Introductory notes for schools

2 Navan Theatre Group presents this awarding play by Martin McDonagh in the Solstice Arts Centre, Navan from Nov 21 st -24 th

3 The Cast Directed by Nigel Ryan, the cast features four characters: Ray Mags Maureen Patto

4 SETTING Set in the west of Ireland in the 1990s, the play is considered to be a post -modernist, dark comedy. The play is entirely set in a lonely, isolated cottage in the village of Leenane, situated somewhere in the West of Ireland. The dreary setting of the play reflects the dreariness of the characters who live there and the lives they are compelled to tolerate.

5 CONTEXT The world of the play is Ireland of the 1990s. References to TV programmes, music, food popular at that time are all evident in the play like Sons and Daughters and The Sullivans two Australian Soapoperas froms the 70s/80s popular in Ireland at the time. Kimberly biscuits features as does Complan which was a popular health drink to provide people with extra nutrients Another contextual feature of the play is where crude language is used at times. This helps bring the blatant sexuality and excessive violence into focus

6 THEMES Dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship Conflict Domestic Violence Inability to free oneself from the world in which one lives Frustration Unfulfilled Love Regret Emigration

7 SYNOPSIS Maureen, a rather plain woman of about forty, lives in constant conflict with her seemingly senile mother Mags. They have lived together most of their lives. Their fighting is a strange mixture of the tragic and comic. Yet they are dependant on each other for their every day survival. Therefore their mother-daughter relationship is dysfunctional. Hope is shown through love interest, Patto Dooley and comedy with the harmless badboy, Ray (Patto's brother) and his accidental interactions with the seemingly senile Mags. When Mags sabotages a last attempt at love for Maureen, the tension and conflict between the pair escalates to violence.

8 DRAMATIC DEVICES This play is often described as having an unusual blend of comedy and tragedy.

9 Characters - Mags Age: 70s Selfish Manipulative crude Seems senile (but isnt) Drinks complan Likes to watch soap- operas on tv Uses abusive language

10 Characters - Maureen Age:40 Troubled by life Resents her mother Trapped in her life Abusive History of mental illness Worked for a brief time in the UK

11 Characters - Patto Construction worker in UK Unlucky in love and life Has many regrets Does not like confrontation Does not like working in UK

12 Characters - Ray Age: early 20s Badboy image but harmless Wants to leave Leenane to make his fortune Bored by the monotony of Leenane Holds a long term grudge

13 WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE PLAY Navan Theatre Group 2012

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