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“Dangerous Beauty” - Raptor F-22

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1 “Dangerous Beauty” - Raptor F-22
Introduction Aerodynamic Design Maneuver/Control Avionics/Weapons Lessons References 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

2 “Dangerous Beauty” - Raptor F-22
2/14/00 Genglin Tang

3 Introduction(Con’t) Why ATF?[8,12] Update Generation F-15+F-16+F-117
F-15 (all out and all back) Su-27, Mig-29, and Mirage 2000 ATF (first look, first shoot, and first kill) Mig 1.42 and EF2000 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

4 Introduction Air Superiority[1,13]: Fighter performance, Radar, long-range missiles, short-range missiles, and combat mission radius. 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

5 Why ATF(F-22)?[2,8,9,14,15,16,17] 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

6 Why F-22? Air dominance fighter YF-22: Maneuverability and better compromise YF-23: Supercruise and stealth[2,8,9,14,15,16,17] 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

7 F-22 technology[9] Supercruise, unlimited maneuverability, and stealth
Avionics Common modules Ada real time software Liquid cooling for reliability Low observable apertures Radar Infrared Communication/Navigation Electronics warfare Other subsystems and equipment Low observable air data sensors Low observable canopy External Aircraft Geometry Low observable Low supersonic drag Unrestricted Maneuverability Propulsion Low observable supersonic inlet Low observable augmenter/thrust vectoring nozzle 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

8 Configuration Features[9]
Blended wing-body with internal weapons bays and sufficient internal fuel volume for meeting long endurance mission. Chinned forebody with radar-compatible nose, single piece canopy, and good pilot visibility (15 down look over nose). Modified diamond wing with a wing span compatible with existing aircraft shelters, and constant chord full leading edge flaps, aileron and flaperons. Scarfed wing tip to accommodate installation of various antennas. All exterior edge angles aligned with either the wing leading or trailing edge angles. 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

9 Configuration Features(Con’t)[9]
Twin, canted vertical tails; constant chord rudders. All movable clipped diamond horizontal tails. Two-dimensional, convergent-divergent exhaust nozzles with independent throat and exit area actuation and pitch axis thrust vectoring. Freestream fixed geometry supersonic inlets with sweep cowl lips, boundary layer bleed and overboard bypass systems, and a relatively long subsonic diffuser having 100 percent line-of-sight RF blockage. Integrated electronic flight/propulsion control system, totally software controlled. 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

10 Flow Patterns/Aerodynamic Design[6]  increase: stronger vortex and breakdown moves upstream
2/14/00 Genglin Tang

11 Flow Patterns/Aerodynamics(Con’t)[6]  increase: stronger vortex, breakdown moves upstream, and asymmetric trajectory of vortex 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

12 Control Surfaces/Maneuver[3,7,9,10,12]
Pitch Control: H-tail + TV Roll control: ailerons + flaperons + differential H-tails Yaw control: V-tails with rudders + differential H-tails >25, rudder effectiveness decreases some high , aileron and flaperon effectiveness decreases Full span LE flaps: optimize the wing camber for better cruise and maneuvering performance and improve handling qualities At high  H-tails play a key role because TV frees its traditional functions. 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

13 TV Envelope/Maneuver[3,10]
2/14/00 Genglin Tang

14 TV Gains/Maneuver[3,7,9,10,12] Reduce weight 400 lbs. – (30~50 lbs.)
Control capabilities Enhance pitch control Free H-tails at high  Decrease field length Optimize subsonic and supersonic maneuvering performance Post-stall maneuvering and nose pointing ability 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

15 TV Gains/Maneuver(Con’t)[12]
2/14/00 Genglin Tang

16 Cobra Maneuver[1,6] 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

17 Supermaneuverability[10]
2/14/00 Genglin Tang

18 Avionics[1] Satisfy the desire of pilot’s KISS rule.
Integrated avionics replaces federated avionics with CIP (Common Integrated Processor, a central “brain” with two equivalent Cray supercomputers), INEWS (Integrated Electronics Warfare System), and CNI (Integrated Communication, Navigation, and Identification Avionics). Satisfy the desire of pilot’s KISS rule. 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

19 Radar[1] 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

20 Weapons[1] Short-range missiles Medium-range missiles Cannon 2/14/00
Genglin Tang

21 Lessons Performance: high speed -> maneuverability
Handling: “It always did what I wanted it to do and never did anything that I didn’t want it to do” -> fault tolerant function TV nozzle: 2D-> 3D, impact of evolution of propulsion on airplanes Role: quantity -> quality, “knight destiny” Information, Electronics and Materials 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

22 References 2/14/00 Genglin Tang
1. Aviation Week and space technology, pp.78~83, Sept. 6, 1999; pp.50~53, Nov. 29, 1999; pp.2, Jan.1, 2000; pp.50~55, Feb.7, 2000; pp.114~117, Feb.21, 2000. 2. Jane’s Aircraft, 1982, 1992, and 1998. 3. High Angle-of-Attack Flight Characteristics of the YF-22, Clark and Bernens, AIAA 4. AFRL F-22 dynamic wind tunnel test results, AIAA Paper (A ), Gillard, William J. 5. CAIS for F-22, AIAA Paper (A ), Hochner, Bill. 6. Computational simulation of the F-22 aircraft, AIAA Paper (A ), Josyula, Eswar; Gordiner, Raymond E. 7. F-22 control law development and flying qualities, AIAA Paper (A ), Harris, Jeffrey J. 8. Origins of the F-22 Raptor, AIAA Paper Paper (A ), Piccirillo, Albert C. 9. The evolution of the F-22 advanced tactical fighter (1992 Wright Brothers Lecture) AIAA Paper (A ), MULLIN, SHERMAN N. 10. Thrust vector aided maneuvering of the YF-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter prototype, AIAA Paper (A ), Barham, Robert W. 11. Flying qualities demonstration maneuvers, AIAA Paper (A ) Leggett, David B.; Cord, Thomas J. 12. Advanced tactical fighter to F-22 raptor : origins of the 21st century air dominance fighter / David C. Aronstein, Michael J. Hirschberg, Albert C. Piccirillo. Reston, Va. : American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 13. Tactical aircraft [microform] : F-15 replacement is premature as currently planned : report to the Chairman, Legislation and National Security Subcommittee, Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives / United Sta Washington, D.C. : The Office ; Gaithersburg, MD. 14. 15. 16. 17. 2/14/00 Genglin Tang

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