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What does printing a thesis, scientific publication or book entail?

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1 What does printing a thesis, scientific publication or book entail?

2 What you need to print a thesis? Lay-out of thesis How to make a correct digital file Deliver manuscript to PPI Specifications of thesis Printproof and approval for printing Printing process and delivery Why PPI?

3 Lay-out of thesis Fonts Margins Line spacing Headers and footers Position page numbers ISBN

4 How to make a correct digital file Points of attention: Embedded fonts CMYK and RGB Bleeding Resolution


6 Deliver manuscript to PPI File format: Inside: PDF file or Postscript Cover: QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Corel Draw, InDesign, Illustrator, in consultation with PPI (templates on website)

7 Online tool to lay out cover No access or experience with graphic software Upload pictures, insert text, etc. For free, on your computer!

8 Delivery specifications in information booklet and on Internet Helpdesk 053-4826262 Digital Doctor: Extra service, check your files 24 hours a day Deliver manuscript to PPI

9 Embedded fonts CMYK or RGB Resolution Greyscale

10 Off-set printing, Digital off-set and POD Printing inside and cover Type of paper for inside and cover Binding methods Laminate Extra options Specifications of printing

11 Printing options Off-set printing –From 150 copies, perfect quality, many types of paper Digital off-set –From 1 till 200 copies, quality good, perfect full- colour options Printing on Demand (POD) –From 1 till 200 copies, quality less, less types of paper

12 Printing inside 1/1 double sided black Full-colour pages Pages with spot colour

13 Printing cover Your cover can be printed in: Full-colour C(yaan), Y(ellow), M(agenta) and blac(K) (P)antone (M)atching (S)ystem: the Pantone CV colours

14 Type of paper Chosing the type of paper depends on the: Readibility Colour Quality Type of binding

15 Binding methods Options: Milled-glued (5 +5 working days) Sewn-glued (5 + 10 working days) Hardcover

16 Laminate Gloss Matt

17 Extra options UV coating Cover with flaps Cover printed as 4/1 Cover printed on special paper

18 Printproof Cover and bookmark: Full-colour print Inside: A4 print by showing lines of B5 format

19 Printing process and delivery Milled-glued book: 5 till 6 working days Sewn-glued book: 8 till 9 working days Theses will be send to any address in the Netherlands

20 Why PPI? Off-set printing and digital off-set Full-colour options Appointment if needed Faster printing process Service Experience

21 Why PPI? The most important: If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

22 List of discount If you sign in on our collectivity list you will get a discount of up to 12,5% on our main price!

23 Questions? Thank you for your interest!

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