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Teaching with Word Walls Grades K-3 Charlotte McDonald

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1 Teaching with Word Walls Grades K-3 Charlotte McDonald

2 A Word Wall is… visual interactive cumulative and built over time

3 a clear record of language learning used daily shared with parents

4 Used to teach… Spelling Reading Writing Phonics

5 Letter-sound correspondence Word patterns Language conventions More

6 Words for Walls sight words high-frequency words concept words from context

7 Other lists can be… thematic – holidays, famous people, health, etc. Word families – at + b,c,h,m, etc. Word shapes From reading Other?

8 Create the Wall Actual wall Black/white board Poster board 3 panel display board (like sci. fairs) Shower curtain Sheet Bulletin board Other? What works best for your space?

9 Add Moveable Words Purpose: students can take a word to his/her desk for an activity Paint surface with magnetic paint; add words with magnets Print words on magnetic paper Use velcro on surface and backs of words

10 Attach with poster putty Copy words on notecards and place in library pockets under the letter. Other? What will work best for you?

11 Things to consider… Can all students see the lists? Can students remove the words? Can students add words? Do students understand how the words are organized? Do students know the source of the words?

12 More Considerations Be careful if you choose to laminate word cards. The glare can be a problem for visually impaired students. Cut around the word to highlight its shape. b a t

13 When you add each new word… See it – examine shape of the word Say it – chorale repetition Clap, snap, or chant while spelling the word Write it

14 Every day… Work with new words AND Work with some old words.

15 Build literacy through… Reading Speaking Writing Listening

16 Instructional reminders… Students must work with a word at least 15 times to own it. Students will acquire words in different ways and at different rates. Differentiate activities. Students need to work with others and alone.

17 Your Ideas?

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