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It is a German based retail chain that offers home improvement, gardening and workshop to customers. The name was created by the famous modernist Bauhaus.

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2 It is a German based retail chain that offers home improvement, gardening and workshop to customers. The name was created by the famous modernist Bauhaus school and style of the period between first and second world war. The first store was opened in Mannheim, German in 1960. Now, Bauhaus operates with 190 stores and franchises in many country around the world such Austria, the Czech Republic,Croatia,Denmark,Estonia. Still, opening new stores are going to be planned in Montenegro, Norway, Serbia to expand their field of activity.

3 In Turkey,the construction markets were opened in 1996 in Istanbul are going on their business activity with 6 stores located in Istanbul,Ankara andBursa. Bauhaus is opened the largest store in Bursa. This store has a sales area of 16 thousand square meters and provided job opportunities to 400 people.

4 The main mission of company is voluntary on taking risk to reshape future and to be leader. The company brougth do – it yourself mentality to Germany before 45 years to make simplier peoples life. The point of exit is that, if a person needs a equipment and its component all items can be found under same roof and purchased all items can made by customers without help of a specialist.

5 The leader spirit of Bauhaus helps to recognize in all Europe and imitations are appeared as the time goes. However, original of construction market Bauhaus still has place among the best of Europe. More than 12.000 employees of Bauhaus who are more intiative and sociable every day provides quality services to their customers. Because understanding of their services depend on being trustable and perfect.

6 In more than 190 branches in Europe their customers find everything what they need for workshop, house and garden in their bright, friendly and easy-to-reach branches. More than 120,000 products in 15 specialist departments and comprehensive services are important indicator of that.

7 Bauhauss target audience are middle ages and middle income level or high income level.Its customers have the high level education.

8 Location Strategy The products they offer-Quality Pricing Strategy Atmosphere and Services Communication Strategy

9 Location Strategy ; Company usually establish to secondary site or often in industrial area. Pricing Strategy; is very low. Also Bauhaus supplies %12 low price guarantee.

10 Trust can only be built on a high standards of quality. That's why they invest a great deal of time in the selection of its products. This is reflected in a select brand range and a large selection of typical Bauhaus quality products. A product is only included in their range when it meets their high quality standards and price expectations. If they cannot find a product of the required quality, they have it made. In this way Bauhaus gain the trust of customers in the Bauhaus quality products, thus securing its future success.

11 Bauhaus has moderate width and high depth of assortment; on manufacturer brands bought at discount. Its products have high quality goods. More than 120,000 products have in the Bauhaus. It is particularly important that the product range is up to date. At Bauhaus the customers not only find the tried-and-tested quality products as well as brand products of leading manufacturers, are also found as the up-to-minute trends.

12 Automobile accessories Building components Construction materials/building chemicals Bathroom display Lifestyle/Creative Hardware Electrical fittings Paint and varnishes Tiles/parquet & laminate flooring Timber Lighting Plumbing Garden center Wallpaper and carpets Tools and machines

13 Atmosphere and Services; ; Bauhaus has well-lighted system and they use the tile on the flooring. Shelves are regular according to type of goods. They use generally red color because this color affect customer very positively that gives attractive, exciting and very stimulating to the customers. Communication Strategy; use web, advertisements, newspapers, tv, customer service, brochure, sms, magazines etc.

14 Replacement Guarantee Support Workers Renting Machine Service Transport goods without extra cost

15 Cafe Shop Videos for the educational aims of customers Wood Cutting Service Framing Service Curtain Sewing Service

16 Bauhaus offers special craftsmen counters, extra-large customer loading zones, a 24-hour order service, the supply of large quantities, a delivery service and, of course, purchase on account. This covers the areas: Construction materials and building chemicals Dry construction and finishing Timber Plumbing Electrical fittings

17 Bauhaus has a special brand which sells only ship and its equipment.It is called NAUTIC. They take video related to home,garden appliances for the traning their customers. They make activities for the special days.For example, In the fathers day, they organize traditional backgommen tournament. Bauhaus gives workshop to the customers at the store for the training.

18 Bauhaus supplies %12 low price guarantee. Bauhaus gives 5 years guarantee to its products. They gives brochure which includes all discount goods and company gives them to the all customers. They produce also goods for the special customers. For example, they produce shower for the disabled customers. It gives 1 year guarantee for their plants.

19 They started the idea of do-it-yourself. Bauhaus competitors are Koçta ş and Ikea. Bauhaus has a high depth which presents a lot of brands to the consumers. Bauhaus quality is better than the other construction markets.Thats why they differ from one of the their rival construction markets like Koçta ş,Ikea in terms of good product quality. The most advantage of Bauhaus has low price -high quality strategy.

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