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2 MISSION STATEMENT Encourage clubs and districts to develop leaflets describing successful activities for distribution in their communities; hold workshops which will suggest practical techniques to share infromation about Rotary with the public. Offer ideas for public displays of the service activities of local Rotary Clubs in store windows, malls, libraries and public areas during special Rotary months. Encourage clubs and districts to create large sign- boards which depict Rotarys good work, taking into account the various cultural and traditional differences in Rotary. Back to Home

3 WHAT PAUL HARRIS SAID? In the promotion of understanding,it is important to reach large numbers-non Rotarians as well as Rotarians-and you cannot reach large numbers privately. Back to Home

4 WHY DO WE NEED PUBLICITY? Create visibility. Inform people. Encourage and retain members. Evoke interest of society in Rotary. Appeal to participate. Create an interface with the society Initiate a dialogue with partners in service Back to Home

5 HOW DO WE GET PUBLICITY? Newspapers. News channels. Radio. Hoardings. Posters. Magazines Back to Home

6 WHAT IS PUBLIC IMAGE? Like any consumer product which has a particular use and therefore demand, community service too is a social product required by the society.The organization indulging in such activity needs to have an image,an identity,a name which informs the public about its uniqueness.That is in short a public image.It is the driving force that propels the organization ahead. Back to Home

7 WHAT IS PUBLIC RELATIONS AND HOW TO ACHIEVE IT? Joining hands with like minded organizations.for eg. educational, health, legal, environmental, sports, business community,religious etc. Building relations with bureaucracy. Focus on mutual benefits. Promoting events Fund raising programs. Invite prominent persons of the society, particularly media for Rotary functions. Back to Home

8 EFFECTIVE PUBLIC RELATION EPR requires time,effort and planning. The PR chairperson must develop a strategy. Have a time table Avoid last minute preparations Back to Home

9 PITCHING TIPS Media list. Newsworthy stories. Well in advance. Keep a follow up but do not keep nagging. Follow deadlines. Background material. No argument with reporters. Back to Home

10 WHAT MEDIA EXPECTS OF ROTARY? Deadline. More than publicity. More serious and novel jobs. Newsworthiness.Relevan t to larger community,not just Rotary fraternity.

11 PREPARATIONS Preparation of communication plan Address book with contact information on media and individual. Organization of press-briefings and informal meetings with press. Analysis of media coverage. Back to Home

12 WHAT SOCIETY AT LARGE FEELS ABOUT ROTARY ? Merry making organization. Only those who flaunt their wealth. Cosmetic. Back to Home

13 HOW TO REMOVE THE MISCONCEPTIONS ? Elaborate all the projects that are undertaken by the club,the district as well as RI. Impress upon them the seriousness with how the Rotarians work. Inform them about the RI set up. A lie can travel half way round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Back to Home

14 CAUTION WHILE HANDLING MEDIA There are several ways to take your story to the media.Whatever may be the approach,be persuasive,persistent and friendly-but never be aggressive. Don`t believe your own publicity,you will start thinking that you are better than what you actually are. Back to Home

15 WAYS & MEANS OF REACHING WIDER AUDIENCE Promoting RI programs. Developing a two way system- between people and Rotary. News should be noteworthy. Picture perfect with a caption. Invitation. Phone,fax,e-mail or mail. Back to Home

16 MEDIA OUTREACH A press conference An interview Any publicity material like hoardings, handbill, broucher, posters,circulars, leaflets etc. Rotarians must sell stories to media. A Proper research has to be done. Back to Home

17 WHAT MEDIA IS INTERESTED Human stories. Helping the deprived where no other agency has reached. Awards instituted for Samaritans in the society. Back to Home


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