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Powered x BizPlanBuilder® The easiest, fastest way to raise $50,000 to $50,000,000 Create the ultimate brochure for investors, lenders and everyone else.

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1 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® The easiest, fastest way to raise $50,000 to $50,000,000 Create the ultimate brochure for investors, lenders and everyone else whose support you need! Intuitive & logical – makes sense along the way, helps you explain your concepts to bankers and investors 20+ years of refinement with real projects of all kinds! Welcome to BizPlanBuilder Welcome to BizPlanBuilder ®

2 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® What lenders & investors want to know Building a business requires more than just an idea and a plan. For a moment (and you may need to refer to this moment often), put yourself in an investor's shoes... What would YOU want to know about a business before you invested in it? We often recommend investing (or imagine investing) in a friend's business just to get the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of investing your precious CASH in someone elses business. Now, more than ever, you must be convincing to the bone. And, expect that intelligent people with money will feel comfortable with you and your answers. You will find that, no matter who you are and what you are doing, youre going to need answers to these basic questions (Next slide):

3 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Who are you and why are you in business? What is the situation/pain/need in the world and how big is the market? What is the opportunity here and what are you selling? How is your business structured and how will you make money? Who are your most important customers? How will you reach and inspire them to buy from you? Who else is doing the same thing and how do you compare? Do you have any strategic partners who will help? Who are the people running your business and what experience do you/they have? Who are your advisors and who is (will be) on your board? Where are you today and what have you accomplished so far? How much money do you need and what will you do with it? Whats the deal for investors and how much of your company will they get? When & how will investors or lenders make their money back? Your business plan must make sense!

4 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Getting Started with BizPlanBuilder 1.BizPlanBuilder provides a secure 128-bit system for developing and managing your business plan(s). Enter a 6-15 character username and password. 2.We install the application in your programs folder, but the data/document files can be moved and shared. Default location: 1.XP/2000 - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\JIAN Documents\ (While browsing Folder name –Documents will be displayed as Shared Documents) 2.VISTA - C:\Users\Public\Documents\JIAN Documents\ 3.Click the Change button, then browse to the folder where you can access your shared plan(s). 4.Collaboration is easy… You can add as many users as you like. Other Biz Plan Builder users can easily browse to the same folder on the server or your PC.

5 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Access all of your JIAN projects here If you are just getting started, click here. Click on an active project. These can also include your Employee Policies Manual, Marketing Plan, Stock Options, and other projects developed using JIAN software. You can use previous projects as templates for future projects (perfect for consultants). If you have BizPlanBuilder v8.x-v9.x, click here to browse in the JIAN folder in the Programs folder on your C: drive. (Click the.ini file to automatically upgrade to v10) To see the ideal sample plan that provides the most options and ideas for your business, we recommend the Angel/Investor plan.

6 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Choose the tools that you want. BizPlanBuilders progressive business planning system lets you start small and use what you need when you need it. All products and variations include descriptions enabling you to choose which one is best for you. All of our plan prototypes have been thoroughly updated. Choose the JIAN tool and plan type you want Click on the sections you want to include (you can easily add or remove them later). Or Select All

7 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Next, Fill in Global, Company Variables Enter basic business variables. You can either share this plan with your team or clients for collaboration or keep it private. These will automatically fill-in throughout your plan. You can come back to this page and make changes anytime you want – variables will automatically change in your plan when you reopen sections. Create multiple plans based upon previously developed plans.

8 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Accessing & Working with the Content The sections for your business plan are listed on the left. This is a Microsoft Word document. These are Word menu icons – you already know how to use this tool! Double-click the document title to open the section for editing. Start at the top and work your way down, or jump in anywhere you want. Drag & drop to change the order of the sections. To Change the Name of the section, RIGHT-click on it for a prompt Include / Exclude sections to be printed and assembled into final plan Click and drag vertical bar to expand your workspace. You can easily open any section and paste text from previous plans into BizPlanBuilder.

9 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Turn Expert Comments ON/OFF* Click to the next variable. Link to online User Manual. Link to online resources. Preformatted documents use Style Sheets making it easy to control formatting throughout your plan. *Expert comments throughout offer suggestions, explain issues, and give direction. Its easier to edit than to write from scratch – actual, usable text is already written for you – add, edit, and customize using Word. Choose the financial model you want here. Editing the Text Using MS Word

10 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Index of All the Tools Youll Need You can add a copy of any component from the light gray area to your Current Plan. Plan components from other plans will go into the white area, and will be included in your assembled plan as long as they are checked in the item list. If you decide you dont want to use it in your final plan, simply uncheck the box to the right of the component name. White: Current Plan Areathe elements youve already selected Gray: Masters Areaall the plan elements, additional tools and files. To Add a Section: Scroll down into the Gray area, click the [+] to open the sub-headings. RIGHT-click the SUB-heading to Add the section/document to your active plan.

11 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Flexible document assembly system Theres more you can do with this system. Add any other document to your plan easier than cutting & pasting. Add a blank documentmakes it easier for customization and format/style control. Move or copy entire plans – move a plan from your private folder to your shared folder. Export to HTML Using Word, you can also save your plan as HTML/ Web Page for posting to your website! Automatically select specific financial model pages to include with your assembled plan.

12 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Save, Assemble & Export Your Plan Click here to assemble and export your completed plan Click here to SAVE your working document. (Use Save vs. Save-As – let the system manage the filing of you documents. I f you use save-As your docs will be put into another folder that BizPlanBuilder cannot locate on its own.) Automatic Format BizPlanBuilder will automatically assemble your document and include page #s and a table of contents.

13 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Choose Your Financial Model First click on the [+], then RIGHT-click the sub-heading to choose and add to your plan. Basic Financial Statements Perfect for creating great-looking presentation quality statements. Financial Model - Intermediate This is a workbook with the financial statements linked together. Perfect for bank loan applications, etc. Financial Model - Comprehensive This is the model you want if you are putting together numbers for Venture Capital. Build it from the bottom-up (add the costs…) and/or from the top-down (costs as a % of sales). This model rivals many financial forecasting and cash-flow models costing upwards of $500!

14 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Set Up Your Financial Model All sections of the model are fully linked. Unlike many Input->Black Box->Output financial models, here you will be see the math, understand how your financials are constructed and be able to explain… (Bankers & investors will understand and have fewer questions for you!) Enter basic info here. Expert comments in the cells ( ) clarify what is needed and make suggestions. Choose how you will set-up your profit centers – these show throughout your entire model. (They can be changed.) Click bottom tabs to view each page. Fill in your assumptions (1 page for each set – these automatically calculate and display throughout the model. We use Excel so you enjoy complete flexibilityyou can change and adjust anything to suit your business! To unprotect a page, pull-down under Tools. Let go on Protection

15 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Project the Future Building Upon the Past If you have the historical financial information, you can easily enter your Income & Balance Sheet info for the past 3 years, BizPlanBuilder enables you seamlessly project future revenue & costs. These numbers are available in the Assumptions pages to show that you are projecting reasonable numbers based on some historical trend. You can create statements integrating the past with the future. (We do not yet download the data from QuickBooks or Peachtree, but given how few numbers are required, this is fairly easily done by hand for now.) These numbers also contribute to your overall picture showing where youve been and where you are going.

16 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Prove Your Potential This Revenue/Demand Model page enables you to demonstrate the growth your business can achieve given a set of believable assumptions (It is more believable when you build from a set of smaller, reasonable assumptions.) First, enter your market segments Project the response by category Calculate the number of customers Enter your planned prices Project response to additional products & services Calculate total revenue (this feeds the entire model) Factor in a few additional revenue sources (if any-- we prompt you to think about them!) Enter overall expense budgets Calculate a rough projection of future profits. (These are used on this page only, the rest of the model enable you to refine and improve your results. Notice how you can show where your sales come from!

17 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Plan for People + Space… Now & Later Enter # of square feet to allocate per person (150 -250… commercial realtors will want you to be generous!) Estimate the cost/sq ft. Enter the number of people who will work in each job. (Often it will be just 1, yet some jobs will have many people doing the same thing – no need to have a separate line for each one!) Allows for projecting salaries for current management team and employees, as well as those who will be hired using investment / loan proceeds. All numbers are carried through to the Capital Requirements page as well as each respective Assumptions page. HR-Plan page multiplies the number of people by their salary. (You can also include a % for benefits.)

18 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® How Much Money Do You Want? Fill in your capital requirements using this handy, integrated worksheet. You can change all headings to suit your needs. You can add additional lines as needed. (The system pulls from the total line at the bottom of the category, so your additions will be included.) Capital needed to hire the people (from your HR Plan page) automatically appears here. Capital required for each business area automatically carries forward to the respective Assumptions page. For example, Total Additional capital for Marketing will be included on the Assumptions-Marketing page.

19 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Fill in %s or Overwrite the Formulas This table enables you to project (intend/drive/budget) the mix of sales by product line or channel in the future. Revenue, based upon your overall revenue from the revenue Model page, X the Sales Mix table appears here. Use this table to project seasonal revenue by month (and by quarter for years 2-3) You can simply type in a number over the formula anywhere you like -- goof? Just copy the formula from another cell to immediately repair the mistake! Other Assumptions pages are easily accessed via the tabs.

20 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Automatically Generates Statements Looks are important… (without overdoing it) BizPlanBuilders statements are good-looking and easy to read and understand. If you dont need all of the rows available, just pull-down under the Format heading and let go on Rows, then Hide them. Negative numbers appear in red. All expenses include a % of Sales calculation. Yr 1 x Months * Yrs 2/3 x Qtrs * Yrs 1-5 x Yrs

21 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® More Ratios than Most Business Plans! Measure the performance of your business using all of the standard metrics, plus a few extras. These are automatically calculated from other statements in the BizPlanBuilder system. Like most statements, just click on the tab at the bottom of the chart to see an automatically completed page. Print the entire model with the click of a single button… Or, you can print each page individually. Make any changes to the assumptions and the entire system recalculates! Links to are included enabling you to compare with other businesses in your industry.

22 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Exclusive 1-Page Sensitivity Analysis Easily show a best / worst case analysis side by side with your planned projections Without having to re-enter or recalculate and explain your entire financial model! Notice that these categories carry throughout from your original set-up. Just enter % for each category as they relate to your planned estimates. For example: Worst Case Sales = 50% of plan Best Case Sales = 120% of plan

23 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Valuation & Stock Give-Up Answers to the question everyone asks… Here is a glimpse of the worksheets that help you calculate the value of your deal through 3 rounds of funding. We use several proven and acceptable methods: Harvard Model First Chicago Discounted Future Cash-flow Typical VC method Weighted Average of the above You plug in a few basic assumptions and BizPlanBuilder calculates it out for you.

24 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Thoroughly Understand Your Deal! The Investor Analysis worksheet is also linked within the system and will enable you to project multiple rounds of financing with the ROI for each. You can easily compare several scenarios at the same time. We recommend that you do not include these pages with your business plan presentation -- this model is designed to help you understand the value of yoru project and be prepared to negotiate a good deal with investors.

25 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Cap Table Demonstrates Growth Investors always ask, How much of the company do I get for my investment? This is the best way to show them – as well as show them how their shares will appreciate Enter you proposed share price for each round (and sale or IPO). BizPlanBuilder calculates the IRR, Dilution and investment return (10X, 20X) Everything in your plan builds your case for this page!

26 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Intuitive User Management Add an unlimited number of users to enable collaboration – share your projects with your team and distribute the work! Pull-down under User to easily add as many other users as you would like. Edit Permissions for each plan separately. (The same user list will appear, but you can set the access permissions per each individual plan.) If a user has No Access, the plan will be hidden from their view.

27 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Easy Check-Out & Check-In Check-Out & Check-In enables controlled collaboration. If a file is checked-out, other users will be able to access it in read- only mode until is has been checked back in. When a document is checked-out it is automatically deposited into your local folder. Checking it back in is automatic just return it to the local folder with the name unchanged and click the Check-In link

28 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® More Documents Get You Funded! Non-Disclosure Agreements Business Plan Distribution · Deal Summary Template · Due-Diligence Checklist · Service Business Start-Up Cash Requirements · New Resource Materials · Believable Projections · Business Topics of Interest w/Internet Links · Developing Your Management Team · Things to Think About · What Investors Look For Supporting Documents · Articles of Incorporation · Core Values & Core Practices · Executive Résumé Template · Executive Team Responsibilities · General Partnership Agreement · Investor Tracking & Follow-up Log · Personal Financial Statement · Press ReleaseAnnouncement · Stock Options Tracking Worksheet Tools to Manage Your Business · Application for Business Credit · Business Start-Up Checklist · Commercial Lease · Independent Contractor Agreement · Investor Game Plan · Investor Newsletter Template · Invitation to Board of Advisors · Invitation to Board of Directors · Lehman Formula Finder's Fee Calculator · Management Notebook · Private Offering Disclaimer · Proceeds of Sale of Business · Product Feedback Survey · Service Feedback Survey · Service Invoice Log · Services List · Space Requirements Planning Worksheet · Trademark Instructions · Trademark Overview

29 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® More Than Stationery Store Forms! You can buy forms almost anywhere, but if you want a letter intended to attract an intelligent, aware and conscious human being of means, you will have to do better than that. Here is a sample of just one letter we have included to help you attract the people who can help you. For example, having a strong Board of Advisors tells investors that you have done your homework and have people around you who can open doors as well as help prevent mistakes.

30 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® Requires Recent Microsoft Updates Since BizPlanBuilder uses Excel & Word (or Office), please be sure to visit Microsofts website to download all of the latest service packs!Microsofts website Theyre FREE so please be sure to install them. Anti-Virus You may need to temporarily deactivate your virus protection programs when installing BizPlanBuilder. More info on our homepage: Click here for answers to FAQs

31 Powered x BizPlanBuilder® The easiest, fastest way to raise $50,000 to $50,000,000 Intuitive & logical – makes sense along the way, helps you explain (sell) your concepts to bankers, investors and others! Easy to re-enter any time to edit and update. (You will!) Click Here for Technical Support Click Here to Order $149.77 Your Recipe for a Successful Business

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