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Cologne Germany Sister City of Indianapolis since 1988 Cologne: Map showing the location of Cologne within Germany James Martin.

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1 Cologne Germany Sister City of Indianapolis since 1988 Cologne: Map showing the location of Cologne within Germany James Martin


3 Kölsch – the dialect of Cologne Kölsch (Colognian) is a very closely related small set of dialects, or variants, of the Ripuarian Central German group of languages. Kölsch is spoken in and partially around Cologne, and Kölsch is one of the very few city dialects in Germany. EnglishGermanKölsch HelloHallo Good-ByeAuf Wiedersehen PleaseBitte Thank youDanke Youre WelcomeBitte

4 Cologne (Köln) is Germanys fourth-largest city, founded by the Romans in 38 BC and is located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, along the Rhine river between Dusseldorf and Bonn. Cologne is one of Germany's oldest cities. Its current population is approximately 1 million. It has a long list of attractions, led by its famous Dom whose filigree twin spires dominate the impressive Altstadt skyline. There are also numerous museums – art to chocolate to sports – to explore or concerts to attend. Cologne Attractions: – The Cologne Cathedral - Cologne's Gothic Cathedral is one of its top attractions. It took over 600 years to build and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Conveniently located right next to the train station. In 2000, the Cathedral treasures were placed in a historic vaulted chamber so folks could view them easier. If you can climb 509 steps you'll get a good view of Cologne on the observation platform. Open 6am to 7:30 pm for viewing, except during mass. – Rhine Boat Trips - lots of day trips and longer excursions are available. Ask at the tourist office. – Visit the house of 4711, the Original Eau-de-Cologne - Wilhelm Mulhens marketed a concoction called Aqua Mirabilis on the basis of its stimulating and refreshing effect (splash it on or drink it, it didn't matter). It later got to be know as the first Eau de Cologne when French Revolutionary troops sent it home for gifts to the family. Glockengasse, in the city centre between the cathedral and Neumarkt, opposite the opera house. – Have a brew and a bite to eat in the Altstadt (old town) - Cologne is definitely a beer city with their own beer style called Kölsch, a pale top fermented beer that must be brewed in the Cologne metoopolitan area. While most of the breweries in the city center are gone, you can still enjoy a beer with other tourists at a pub in the Altstadt. – Visit the Roman-German Museum (Romisch-Germanisches Museum) - See Roman antiquities from the first through fourth centuries--and the 230 foot long mosaic showing Dionysus, the Roman god of wine. Highly recommended.

5 Sports Cologne has much to offer the sports enthusiast. The popular sports of soccer (known as football to the rest of the world), hockey and basketball have a team based here. Football / Soccer The football or soccer team 1. FC Köln is Colognes home team. It was officially formed in 1948 when two smaller teams merged together. You can catch a game at the official stadium, Rhein Energie Stadion or better known to locals by its pre-advertising moniker, Müngersdorfer Stadion. It fits about 50,000 fans and was one of twelve sites of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Hockey Hockey is also quite popular. The Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks) are the towns hockey club with their signature red and white uniforms. The Sharks have generally use the Lanxess Arena (aka Kölnarena) for their home games. You can be almost guaranteed of a full house here when the Sharks play against their arch-rivals, the Düsseldorf Metro Stars. Basketball Although less popular than football and hockey, Cologne is home to the basketball team Köln 99ers. Formed in 1999, usually plays against local rivals, Bayer Giants Leverkusen and Telekom Baskets Bonn. Marathon The city of Cologne is renowned for its Annual Marathon, which has taken place each autumn since 1997. Its equal fun for participant and spectator.

6 Cologne Christmas Market Germanys reputation for legendary Christmas markets is well deserved – and this is the granddaddy of them all. With the dramatic backdrop of the famed Cologne cathedral, the Cologne Cathedral casting its magnificent shadows on the festive proceedings, the market at the Domplatz is a good place to start. Next, head to the Medieval Christmas Market, where handcrafts and live music compete with a breathtaking live nativity set for your postmodern attention span. When: 21 November until 23 December What to buy: Räuchermännchen (wooden dolls complete with smoking pipe), nutcrackers, childrens toys, and well-priced charity products whose proceeds go to the needy. Food and drink: Wash down aromatic baked apples and roasted almonds with the traditional, cinnamon-infused glühwein. Plus, an eco-friendly, fair trade ethos means that you can conscientiously indulge in organic treats. For the children: At the Alter Markt youll find a childs winter paradise, complete with a merry- go-round and a puppet theatre. Ice skaters, head to the Heumarkt.

7 Activity – Saint Nicholas Day shoes Materials Needed: – Construction paper – Yarn – Single hole punch, scissors – Glitter, stickers, markers to decorate Have students trace outline of shoe and cut out. Punch out holes and use yarn as Shoelaces (tape can be used to keep the shoe together). Decorate as desired. Fill with chocolate coins, small toys, stickers, fruit, etc.

8 Karneval -The carnival season in Germany (also called the "Fifth Season") officially begins on November 11th, at 11:11 a.m. In this magic hour, the "Council of Eleven" comes together to plan the events for the upcoming festivities. The official hats of the councils' members: Colorful fool's caps with little bells. -The actual celebrations of the German carnival take place 40 days before Easter; they are the last big party before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. -The celebrations kick off with "Womens Carnival" on Thursday before Ash Wednesday. On this day, a lady can kiss any man she likes after cutting off his tie. -The next highlight is Rose Monday: Marching bands, dancers, and floats parade down the streets, throwing confetti, sweets, and toys. The elaborate floats often show caricatured figures mocking politicians and other personalities. -Thousands of dressed-up Germans line up the streets every year to watch this spectacle. -On Shrove Tuesday, costume balls are held all over Germany, while Ash Wednesday marks the end of the frenzied fun.

9 Activity – Carnival hats Materials needed: – Construction paper – Scissors – Glue or stapler – Paper punch – Small jingle bells, thread – Markers, glitter, stickers First cut band that will fit around head. Next cut triangles to attach to the band Third, add bells to as many triangles as desired. Finally decorate with markers, glitter, stickers, etc.

10 Activity – Carnival Masks Materials needed: – Masks (can be purchased at any craft store or made from construction paper) – Scissors – Glue or stapler – Paper punch – Feathers – Markers, glitter, stickers Decorate as desired

11 AltstadtHockey BasketballKarneval Christmas Market Masks Cologne North Rhine Westphalia DomRhine Eau de Cologne Roman-German Museum FootballShoes HaieSoccer Hats I L L E I A H Z C Q T R K H Y N S X S T N M E P C X M M C A D O X L B O H T T M J O D T E D F J H Q O M X L O R O N D G B B U G M T C J R A I A T A D T E A M P C R H D K J E E I D Q N D B U H S I E M C C G I D U A C S S A Z A T Q R C S W M H O Z J C N U I T A K G T E L H S W E R F O O R A Q D R M P V E S K F I K A G D O P Q S B A E A A A N R T S R N S D V M O D H H I Y C N S C M M L A V E A C B S T O X A M N O H M E E A A B V W M R R Y B J D E T C L O A I O N G M B E X Y H H A W J K D S O C R N D M I V S S X Z W K L M A M Z Y G K K F O U X H U T J T K A L Q O V I V N E E U H S P H R P M S S R K D R Z S J E Y T Y D E J Y H T O I N Y E N G O L O C D Q R U A R R A S C X E N N W Y R C N M M A Z M Q U J L K C R V R T O I Z C I L C B F I E M T I M E C A D O S F L Y K K T B J P D H S A N R M L Wordsearch

12 Resources Read more: westphalia/cologne/travel-tips-and-articles/76229#ixzz1pyZ8VUMl westphalia/cologne/travel-tips-and-articles/76229#ixzz1pyZ8VUMl

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