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Media Plan Nike + Ipod.

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1 Media Plan Nike + Ipod

2 Industry/Company Overview
Nike Inc. was founded in 1962 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knights. Originally “Blue Ribbon Sports.” Now a global powerhouse. At the end of 2011 fiscal year, Nike made $20.9 billion in revenue and controls 40% of the market. Sports & extreme sports equipment. Wholly-owned affiliates.

3 Product Review -Nike Plus sensor placed in the shoe allows runners to receive data about their runs. -Interfaces (iPod, wristband, iPhone). -GPS tracking system. `

4 Competitive Review & Advantage
ADIDAS GROUP PRODUCT International company Most profits from North America Rapidly expanding miCoach

5 Competitive Review & Advantage
GARMIN PRODUCT 2011 company revenue growth of 18% 2011 Fitness equipment revenue growth of 30% Highest source of revenue is North America. Forerunner 610 touchscreen Garmin Q Earnings Call Webcast.

-Nike has the largest market share in sporting goods. -Nike has the most yearly revenue continuously. -Nike’s image is trusted and the company has many loyal customers. -Apple iPods are the most popular electronic devices for the tech savy. -Apple iPods are the most popular electronic devices for those who require music storing systems. -Apple has the largest market share in its industry -Apple has the most yearly revenue in its field continuously. Both logos are widely recognized. OPPORTUNITIES -An App is available for those who cannot afford the product.  -There are always new age groups moving into the targeted category. -As the lead in market share, Nike has more money to advertise its products than other companies. WEAKNESSES -Nike has many competitors such as Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc. -Market share has gone down in recent years. -Not  all Nike shoes are equipped with Nike + technology -Affordability is an issue. -Those who cannot afford the products have no way of attaining them. -Competitors’ products are more versatile and can be used with more products, such as their shoes and certain phones. -By associating itself with Apple, Nike is excluding customers who are loyal to Microsoft. -Other brands’ customers are just as loyal. -Nike’s partnership with the RED party. THREATS -Adidas’ market share is growing. -The state of the economy has made it harder to sell expensive electronics. -Nike and Apple could be seen as one giant monopoly and therefore, deter customers from -Purchasing products. -Market share could continue to decline.

7 Marketing Objectives 1. To provide a 10% increase in Nike’s brand loyalty by the end of the campaign. 2. To increase awareness of Nike + iPod technology by 20% by the end of the campaign. 3. To increase sales of Nike + iPod technology by 30% by the end of the campaign.

8 Advertising Objectives
There has not been any advertisements for Nike + iPod since 2007. 5K in the Spring for $20 per person Word-of-mouth Coupon for free Nike + iPod sensor with each purchase of Nike shoes ($100+) Heavy advertising during the holidays and the Spring, leading up to the Summer By reaching advertising objectives, we can achieve a 30% sales increase.

9 Creative Strategy No major ad campaign since 2007
Definite theme and overall promise Inspirational tone to target runners and those who want to become runners Enough knowledge to understand the ad, but enough intrigue to learn more Relies heavily on website

10 Creative Strategy Examples

11 Creative Strategy Examples Cont.
“NEWS” tab Inspirational commercials

12 Target Selection PRIMARY SECONDARY Male & Female, 18-40
Tech savvy athlete Runners interested in improving time runs Apple & Nike customers Interested in quality of health Financially able to purchase products Male & Female All age ranges Non-athletes Trying to improve health Financially able to purchase products

13 Overall Media Budget Print Ads: $1.5 million Television: $2 million
Internet: $25,000 Outdoor: $600,000 Other Advertising: $1.5 million TOTAL: $5.6 MILLION

14 Target Audience Coverage
April – August: reach 100% of target audience an average of two times. Maintain a 60% reach of the target audience an average of two times continuously. November - January: generate an 90% reach of the target audience an average of 4 times.

15 Regionality & Seasonality

16 Flighting Heavy, pulsating year-round advertising
Pulsating times: Holiday season & Spring/Summer months Gifts Exercise Back-to-school

17 Advertising Objectives
Media Mix Advertising Objectives Print: magazines, newspapers Internet: social networking, Pandora radio Television: prevalent during November – December & April – August Outdoor: events, billboards Word-of-mouth

18 Creative Constraints Radio Outdoor advertising Internet Print

19 Budget Constraints Majority of advertising is internet
Television only used during high selling times Outdoor is necessary for promotion Money spent buying advertising will pay off

20 Media Mix Budget Constraints Television Print Internet Outdoor

21 Scheduling

22 Weighting, Reach & Frequency
Heavy weighting in Northwest and Northeast regions during the winter Heavier weighting during the summer in the Southern and Central regions 80% reach with a frequency of 5 times continuously 90% reach with a frequency of 4 from November - January 100% reach with a frequency of 2 during summer months -Internet – Print – Television -

23 Recommended Vehicles

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