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An-update on the Ministry of Electricity’s Plan & Strategies

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1 An-update on the Ministry of Electricity’s Plan & Strategies
Planning & Studies Office An-update on the Ministry of Electricity’s Plan & Strategies Oct. 2013

2 Planning & Studies Office
Presentation Roadmap Overview & Introduction to the generation plan. Master plan . existing generation system . Combined cycle. Overview & Introduction to the transmission network. Existing network. Reinforcement. Overview & Introduction to the distribution network. Energy consumption. Challenges. Renewable energy program. Generation side Solar + Wind sites Distribution side. Issues to be addressed. Future strategy. Summary. Planning & Studies Office

3 Planning & Studies Office
Introduction Planning & Studies Office The presentation covers a time span extending to the years ( ) Includes all the major components of electricity sectors (Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Renewable energy). Gives the urgent needs to be addressed

4 Planning & Studies Office
Background 25 Year of war & lack of investment. Significant damage to power plants, substations & transmission lines. 12 Year of sanctions had deprived (M.E) of any assets & resources to maintain or expand system accompanied by degradation. These challenges had led (M.E) to prepare a very powerful Master Plan. Fast Track gas power units contracts were singed in ( ) Actual start of Master Plan was 2008 when the Mega Deal to supply 56/GE F9Es (7000MW) + 18 unit/Siemens (3200MW) was actually budgeted and signed December 2008. Installation of Mega Deal power units was delayed to 2010 due to the need for EPC contracts formulation consultations and assignment of budget. Planning & Studies Office

5 Planning & Studies Office Renewable energy (Solar & Wind)
Power generation plan Planning & Studies Office The aim : to satisfy unmet electricity demand and provide reliable continuous supply Gas power plants 12547 MW ( ) Thermal power plants 13590 MW ( ) Renewable energy (Solar & Wind) 400 MW ( ) Combined Cycle 5632 MW ( ) No more Diesel plants after 2012.

6 Existing Generation System Planning & Studies Office
(Q3-2013) Planning & Studies Office Participation percentage Attainable power (MW) Plant Type 46% 5900 Gas turbine 23% 2890 Steam turbine 8% 900 Hydro 9% 1100 Diesel 14% 1850 Imports & Barges Demand 15183 12640

7 New Steam, Gas turbine & Diesel projects Planning & Studies Office
In service (2013) Planning & Studies Office Kirkuk Mukhliss Kafi : 230 MW Quds : 4x125MW Taji: 4x40MW Zubaidiya2: 3x330MW Khairat: 10x125MW Kerbala: 2x125MW Hilla: 2x125MW Najaf: 1x55MW Plant Type. Capacity (MW) Steam Turbine 990 Gas Turbine 3049 Diesel 230 Total 4269 Rumaila :2x292MW 7

8 New Steam, Gas turbine & Diesel projects
Planned to be In service (2013) Nenawa: 4x125MW Planning & Studies Office Akkaz: 2x125MW Taza :1x292MW Kirkuk Mansuriya : 3x185MW Bazurgan: 2x60MW Haydariya: 1x160MW Plant Type. Capacity (MW) Steam Turbine Gas Turbine 1877 Diesel Total 2127 8

9 Steam, Gas turbine & Diesel projects Planning & Studies Office
( ) Al-Shamal :4x350MW Salah Al-deen :2x630MW Planning & Studies Office Baiji: 6x169MW Dibis: 2x169MW Dibis2: 2x160MW Kirkuk Mansuriya: 3x185MW Akkaz: 1x120MW Saddir: 2x169MW Baghdad sout: 1x150MW Anbar (CCGT): MW Anbar : 6x300 MW Zubaidiya: 2x610MW Zubaidiya: 1x330MW Yousfiya: 2x210MW Yousfiya: 4x350MW Khairat: 3x330MW Haydariya: 4x125MW Haydariya: 1x160MW Amara: 4x125MW Amara: 2x300MW Plant Type. Capacity (MW) Steam Turbine + CCGT 14244 Gas Turbine 8121 Diesel Total 22365 Dewaniya: 4x125MW Samawa: 4x125MW Shat Al-Basra: 10x125 MW Najibiya: 4x125MW Rumaila :3x292MW Hartha :2x610MW Nassiriya: 4x125MW Nassiriya: 6x300MW 9

10 Gas power plant project 2013-2015 Planning & Studies Office

11 steam power plant project 2013-2019 Planning & Studies Office

12 steam & gas power plant projects 2013-2019 Planning & Studies Office

13 Combined Cycle conversion Program Planning & Studies Office
To be announced Planning & Studies Office Added Capacity (MW) Conversion start Year 538 Phase one 2839 Phase two 2255 Phase three All existing and new gas power plants operated on natural gas will be converted from simple cycle to combined cycle. All new gas power plants operated on crude oil or heavy fuel oil will be converted to combined cycle when operated on natural gas.

14 Fuel burn (2012) (mmBtu)/2012

15 Overview of (T&D) networks
A. Transmission

16 Existing Transmission and Distribution Network

17 Major Load Centres 10% 30% 10%

18 Reinforcement of the Existing Transmission Network
2012 Planned to be in operation (2013) Planned to be in operation (2014) Planned to be in operation (2015) 400 kV Substations 25 6 13 400 kV Overhead Lines 4900 km 1500km 132 kV Substations 210 29 12 42 132 kV Overhead Lines 12,500km 2500km Plan to implement flexible AC systems (FACTS) is under development

19 Overview of (T&D) networks
B. Distribution

20 Planning & Studies Office
Energy Consumption 2013 Planning & Studies Office The domestic demand is the highest , demand side management program is under development.

21 Reinforcement of the Existing Distribution Network
2012 2013 2014 2015 Additions 33/11 kv S/S 356 184 82 144 Installed capacity (MVA) 22137 33729 38895 47967 Attainable capacity (MW) 19409 21740 26276

22 Reinforcement of distribution networks(2012-2016)
Planning & Studies Office Rehabilitation of the existing network. Adding 400 (33/11 kV)substation. Energy efficiency programs. Dispatch control centers.

23 Renewable energy program

24 Renewable energy program
In 2011 “Renewable energy & Environment Center” was established. Renewable Energy programs have been approved in both Generation & Distribution sides. Solar Potential in IRAQ: 5.7 kWh/m2/Day. 2050 kWh/m2/Year.

25 Renewable energy program
Generation side: Utilize solar & wind power to supply small isolated locations that cannot economically be connected to the grid . Install “on grid” & concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in later stages.

26 Renewable energy program
First stage The first stage is to utilize solar and wind power to supply ten isolated areas: Total capacity : 50 MW. Total cost ( Estimated ) : 200 MUSD. Current status : Tendering Expected date of operation : 2014

27 Renewable Energy program
Phase one: Methodology Solar + Batteries +Wind turbines DG units+

28 Renewable energy sites
Planning & Studies Office Syria Al-waleed border point IRAN Al-rahmaniya Al-sa’ad Al-sheeb Bazurgan Al-shelamcha Treibeel border point Al-nekhaib Al-salman Al-rufei Bssaiya 28

29 Renewable energy program
Strategy MW 2014 2015 2016 2017 The renewable energy target is to reach 2% of the available power by the end of

30 Renewable energy program
Renewable energy (solar & wind) are promising , but technical and regulating measures are required to unleash their potentials. Detailed solar atlas of Iraq need to be created. Detailed wind atlas of Iraq need to be created. Legislation ,incentives should be issued to promote renewable goals. Technical assistance infrastructure of the center is required.

31 Renewable energy program Demand side management
Distribution side: Demand side management Solar water heaters. Air-conditioning solar systems. Lighting (L.E.D). Domestic self generation units (PV).

32 Present and future strategies Planning & Studies Office
It’s Anticipated that the generation will match the demand during the year 2015. Two strategies : : Capacity additions to satisfy the unmet demand. : Reduce demand (Demand side management). Large scale conversion of the gas turbines in the plants of the “ Mega Deal” from burning crude oil or HFO to burning Natural gas . Large scale conversion of the simple cycle gas turbine units to combined cycle units. Mapping technical potentials (Solar , Wind , Waste & Bio energy)

33 Strategies for the years (2012-2020) Planning & Studies Office
G=D Reduce Demand. Conversion of Gt units to burning N.G Combined cycle units (CCGT). Renewable Energy. Capacity additions to meet the demand

34 Planning & Studies Office
Summary Planning & Studies Office A lot of work has been done already. M.E have made a lot of progress , but there is still a great work to deal with, but it is setting itself up for the future The ministry now has the planning tools and needs training and Consultations to carry-on the planning process

35 Planning & Studies Office
Summary Planning & Studies Office Iraq’s economy has started to accelerate. (Oil & Gas) output & revenues are increasing Major projects are planned. Investment in electrical sector in Iraq ( ) estimated to be 75 BUSD: Generation 35 BUSD Transmission BUSD Distribution 30 BUSD.

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