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Company LOGO 1 Business Planning for Museums Presented by Cecil Carter Murray State College.

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1 Company LOGO 1 Business Planning for Museums Presented by Cecil Carter Murray State College

2 2 Where does a business Plan fit in? Stakeholders dreams, ideas, needs Vision – Where will we be in 10-20 years Mission – Your reason for being Strategic Plan – Long Term Business Plan – Intermediate Project Plan – Intermediate Action Plan – Immediate

3 3 Thinking is the essence of planning Overview –Museum Mission and Vision –Objectives of the Museum –What the Museum plans in terms of: Number of Patrons, Budget, Collection, time, etc… Patron needs and wants –Museum Resources –Important financial questions

4 4 Myths about a Business Plan 1. It must be long to be good 2. My Museum is too small for a plan 3. It takes 6 months to do a plan 4. You have to have a consultant do it 5. Why do it, it will just sit on a shelf? 6. It changes with each new Board

5 5 What goes into a Business Plan? Elements of your museums plan Operations Exhibits- Facilities Outreach Human Resources Finance Direction

6 6 The Planning Process Direction - Vision, Mission, Objectives Assessment – Current Realities - SWOT Analysis Thinking – What do we do with the input? -Action: Collection Plan, Outreach Plan H/R Plan, Finance Plan, Implementation Plan

7 7 Business Planning for Museums Direction - Questions Do you have a vision for your museum? What is your museums mission? What is the museums background? Why did it get started What are the museums objectives?

8 8 Business Planning for Museums Assessments SWOT analysis The museums strengths are: The museums weaknesses are: The museums opportunities are: The museums threats are:

9 9 Business Planning for Museums Assessments - Current Realities Who are your stakeholders? What is your museums image with each stakeholder group? My current outreach consists of: Our collection needs are…. What is your museums financial condition?

10 10 My museums issues are: IssueSituationSolutions Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats

11 11 The Collection Plan Includes: Collection Areas to consider - Collection Asset Inventory - Collection presentation, the story - Accession - Archiving - Provenance - Deaccession

12 12 Outreach Plan –What are our outreach objectives? –Targeted Stakeholder Who are we reaching out to? –What is our message? –What medium do we use to reach our stakeholders most effectively? – What will this plan cost?

13 13 Human Resource Plan Human Resources –Board of Directors –Staff of the Museum –Docents

14 14 Finance BUDGET AND FINANCE Budget –Revenue Forecasts –Expense Estimates –Productivity Measures Finance –Capital Campaign –Capital Budget Items – Major Acquitions –Financing options

15 Budget Report » This month Year to Date » Actual Budget Actual Budget Revenues $500 $500 $2,950 $3,000 Expenses Salaries 250 200 1,300 1,200 Outreach 100 150 1,000 900 Other 75 75 600 450 Total 425 425 2,900 2,650 Surplus $75 $75 $50 $350 15

16 16 Implementation Plan Implementation is the action under the business plan Its elements are to: –Develop action steps under each objective –What resources will it take to do each step? –Determine when each action step will be done –Determine who will do each action –Chart it on a 13 Week Time Line

17 17 Contacts Cecil Carter Community Developer Murray State College One Murray Campus Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460 Ph. 580.371.2371, ext 112

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