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Welcome by Deborah Dicker Chairman Doddinghurst Parish Council.

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1 Welcome by Deborah Dicker Chairman Doddinghurst Parish Council

2 Introduction - Steering Committee Role & Members - Parish Councils role

3 The Neighbourhood Plan - Roger Options for the Plan - Colin The Consultation Process - Helen Sustainability Appraisal - Peter Q&A and feedback - Debbie Village Meeting Agenda

4 Roger Blake Neighbourhood Plan

5 Overview Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal Water Power Gas Sewerage Schools Roads Buses Employment Medical Social Communal Resources Recreation

6 Old and new planning system Where does it have affect? What the plan encompasses? Who can create one? How it is brought into force? When will it be in place? Why do it? Neighbourhood Plan topics

7 National Planning Guidelines And Policy documents Local Authority Local Plan Old Planning System East of England Regional Spatial Planning Committee Government Objectives

8 National Framework Local Authority Local Plan Neighbourhood Plan New Planning System Dept for Communities and Local Government plus the Office of National Statistics

9 Where does the NP have effect? - The Plan Area = The Parish of Doddinghurst What does the plan encompasses ? - The use of land in that area - Policies for the design of buildings




13 A Parish Council or A Neighbourhood Plan Forum Must be approved by the local planning authority Neighbourhood Plan Who can create one? Qualifying Bodies

14 o Plan Consultation – draft plan o Approval for Inspection o Plan Inspection o Plan referendum o Plan adoption Neighbourhood Plan How is it brought into force?

15 V illage assessment – Sept/ Oct 2012 Draft Plan for consultation – Jan/Mar 2013 Plan inspection – July 2013 Plan referendum – Sept/Oct 2013 Adoption by BBC - end of 2013 Neighbourhood Plan When will it be in place?

16 To take control of the villages destiny - Real opportunity for local influence - Legal force in planning system - Design for rural homes - Include changes of real benefit - 20 year life span for the plan - to 2033. Neighbourhood Plan Why do it?

17 Pressures for development: Population Growth London House ownership Longevity – population thinning Government Incentives Neighbourhood Plan Why do it? -

18 Neighbourhood Plan Vision To create one of the most pleasant villages in Essex for people of all ages to live in.

19 Colin Enderby Doddinghurst Plan Options

20 OPTIONS 1 Sheltered accommodation for the elderly.

21 OPTIONS 2 Starter Homes - small scale and low density

22 OPTIONS 3 Preserve and enhance rural nature of the Village, e.g. Green Spaces Pond & waterways House Styles Unlit Roads Roadside Grass Verges and Trees Off road parking to reduce on-road parking

23 OPTIONS 4 Improve & Expand Sporting and Community facilities

24 OPTIONS - 5 BUILDING DESIGN - Establish design policies for new builds and redevelopment in a rural environment. - Ultra low carbon footprint buildings, sensitive designs for solar panels etc.

25 OPTIONS 6 To protect the Green Belt and Green Spaces in principle: Playing Fields and recreation areas Woodlands and Managed Woodlands Special Environmental Places (Wildlife) Quiet Lanes Permit development only for work for major Community Benefit.

26 OPTIONS 7 Encourage small business and retail enterprise and infrastructure - register Community Assets e.g. Post Office.

27 OPTIONS 8 Transport - establish comprehensive policy for people of all ages

28 Helen Jackman Doddinghurst Plan Consultation Process


30 Parish Council Website and Link Newsletters Information in the Press May Fair exhibition 7 th May 2012 Village Hall Consultation Process & Media 1

31 Village meeting (here today). Personal invites. Street surveys and household questionnaires BBC Local plan – ensure the NP matches Consultation Process & Media 2

32 Draft Neighbourhood Plan issued for comment. Final Plan prepared and critiqued. Formal Planning Inspection process undertaken. Village Referendum – electoral roll. Consultation Process & Media 3

33 Peter Fisk Doddinghurst Plan Sustainability Appraisal

34 Why do it What it is How it is created Why we need your help to get it right Sustainability Appraisal

35 Sustainability Doing nothing now that will harm the future of our children

36 Why Do It? To ensure that our Plan is the best that we can achieve. Legislation mandates it Without it, our Plan could be challenged in court.

37 Sustainability Appraisal What is It? A process to ensure that our plan is sustainable. A report to confirm it

38 Three Key Areas of Sustainability Social Economic Environmental Health of the community

39 Social:- Local schools for local children Local housing for local families Local accommodation for local elderly Local facilities – shops, pub, sports, health services medical, clubs, (with disabled access) Communications Events

40 Economic Local workplaces Access to other workplaces Access to services Appropriate use of resources

41 Environmental Low Carbon Renewable Construction Fuel Efficient Buildings Resources – water, electricity, sewage disposal Minimising need for transport No adverse ecological effects Designed to minimise crime

42 Creating the Appraisal - Fit in with the Brentwood Plan - Identify special characteristics of - Doddinghurst – good and bad - Identify specific items for Plan and Appraisal - Do a scoping report and get it checked - Consider alternatives - Check proposals - Prepare Report

43 Three Key Areas of Sustainability Social Economic Environmental Health of the community

44 Social: Children Teens Elderly Disabled Services, shops, medical Communications Events

45 Economic: Small Businesses Farms Services Shops

46 Environment: Countryside Wildlife, Quiet Lanes, Hedgerows, Woodlands Travel Walking, public, private (speeding, parking) Appearance Architecture, litter, graffiti, trees and verges

47 Debbie Dicker Questions and Answers

48 Feedback needed - exhibition stand for comments - comments to Support needed - village assessment, survey and questionnaire, sustainability appraisal Feedback and Support

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