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The Future of Lechlade Survey Feedback 28 March 2012.

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1 The Future of Lechlade Survey Feedback 28 March 2012

2 Lechlades Healthcheck 2004 Time to review Localism Bill  Presentation by CDC 31 st Oct 2011

3 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Final version to be published April 2012 NPPF sets out Govt. priorities for Planning Councils need to have a plan in place to guide development Without a plan: Decisions made on National policy Presumption of yes to development

4 Neighbourhood Development Plans Two main goals: Neighbourhoods can influence where development can go “Neighbourhoods will welcome development because of the financial incentives” - Community Infrastructure Levy Councils’ responsibilities: advising and supporting organising referendum on the plan Adopt the plan if approved by community

5 Neighbourhood Development Plans Myths: NDP can go against adopted plans NDP can restrict development Policy NDP must accord with growth laid down in LDF NDP can propose sites for additional development

6 Challenges for CDC and local communities Providing homes for local people 9 out of 10 living in the countryside want to stay 50% in urban areas want to move to the countryside

7 Process of Survey Format  Web based  Hard copy Communication  Over 1500 survey forms distributed  Over 500 flyers given out on the street  Twice publicised in Ripples  Included in the newsletter  Front page of the website  Lechlade Facebook page  Flyers handed to local shops  All notice boards Thank you to all who responded

8 Breakdown of Respondents

9 Today in Lechlade

10 Work in Lechlade

11 Leisure in Lechlade

12 Tomorrow in Lechlade

13 Comments Tidiness and look of the Town – “grubby, uncared for” Business park Improved communications between Town and Council Affordable Housing Future developments to be lower density No further development Get developers to contribute more to the town Traffic speeds and lorry's Local transport Too many charity shops Parking “need more” “all towns complain about parking” Footpaths and pavements Schools

14 Comments (continued) More green spaces Library Lower business rates Local Heritage Water Park More Farmers markets Swimming Pool Better access to footpaths for large dog owners – larger “dog friendly” stiles Creaky infrastructure

15 Strategic Themes Access to river Access to countryside Engagement with the under 25’s Support of Local Businesses Local Transport Visitor Numbers Flood prevention Safe and Secure Traffic and Roads Retain and attract younger families Proactive community and spirit Local facilities and services Major Priorities Social and CommunityEconomy and Environment “A Town with the ethos of a Village”

16 Next Steps Adopt the themes into LTC’s working committees for further development Prepare Objective statements for all of the working committees.  What we can do  What we can influence Develop an NDP

17 Thank You

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