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Rolling Rolling Rolling.

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1 Rolling Rolling Rolling

2 Rolling Rolling Rolling Problem: Does the height of the ramp affect the distance a car travels?

3 If we roll a toy car down ramps of different
Rolling Rolling Rolling HYPOTHESIS If we roll a toy car down ramps of different heights and measure the distance it rolls, then we think the car on the highest ramp will roll the furthest distance.

4 1 15 HYPOTHESIS The Vote Rolling Rolling 8 reading books ramp
12 reading books ramp 1 15

5 Variables Rolling Rolling Rolling
Independent Variable- The element that we changed: The height of the ramp by adding more books. Dependent Variable- The element that was changed by adding more books: The distance the car rolled.

6 Materials Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling
1. Reading books for ramp 2. A toy car 3. Centimeter tape measure Rolling Rolling Rolling

7 Procedure Rolling Rolling Rolling With eight books build a ramp.
Roll car down the ramp. Measure and record distance. Repeat for a total of 5 trials. 5. Build a 10 book high ramp and repeat steps 2 – 4. 6. Build a 12 book high ramp and repeat steps 2 – 4.

8 Rolling Procedure Rolling Rolling

9 See Data Table and Graph
Rolling Rolling Rolling Results Using our data we collected, with calculators, the total distance of each ramp height, then got an average by dividing the total by the number of trials, five for each height. See Data Table and Graph

10 Rolling Rolling Rolling Data Table

11 Data Table Rolling Rolling Rolling 1st Trial 369 cm 531 cm 583 cm
Ramp1 Ramp 2 Ramp3 1st Trial 369 cm 531 cm 583 cm 2nd Trial 399 cm 512 cm 571 cm 3rd Trial 377 cm 546 cm 563 cm 4th Trial 379 cm 541 cm 595 cm 5th Trial 391 cm 534 cm 568 cm Average 383 cm 532.8 cm 576 cm

12 Rolling Rolling Rolling Data Graph

13 Rolling Rolling Rolling Bibliography:

14 Bibliography: Rolling Rolling Rolling
Com/science/forces/simple machines/ This is a movie which defines simple machines and ramps. It also explains why a ramp is useful and how it works easier. Force & Motion, Clint Twist, 2006, Bearport Publishing Company This colorful book discusses force, motion, pushing and pulling. It explains why it takes less force to move something down a slope. Force and Motion, 2003, Delta Education This book describes force, motion, energy, and work. It gives examples of all simple machines and pictures of these machines at work in our everyday life. Hands-On Science-Over 40 Fantastic Experiments-Forces and Motion, 2001, Kingfisher Publications. This book increased our knowledge about force and motion. Lots of activities about forces and simple machines are included. Check it out!

15 Conclusion Rolling Rolling Rolling
We noticed that the more books we added to the ramp, the further the car traveled. The majority of the class predicted in the hypothesis that the twelve book ramp would travel the farthest distance. The fifteen students who voted for the twelve book ramp were correct. A ramp is an inclined plane, a simple machine , a tool that uses force to make work easier. We believe that the raised height did some of the work and made it easier for the car to move and move farther.

16 Rolling Rolling Rolling FUN WITH SCIENCE

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