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Parallels Virtualization Roadmap Update

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1 Parallels Virtualization Roadmap Update
Nick Dobrovolskiy VP of Product Development, Parallels

2 Parallels Products – Optimized Computing
APS Standard APS Catalog & Marketplace Virtual Templates & Appliances Automation Dev Platform Parallels Open Platform Ecosystem Automation Complete automation & management of IT systems and processes Parallels Business Automation Parallels Operations Automation Parallels Virtual Automation Parallels Plesk Products Solutions Virtualization The best of both worlds with Hypervisor and OS Virtualization Most of you are familiar with this picture – it represents parallels solution stack and in this session I’m going to cover majority of what you see on this slides. First I’d like to start with automation – this is really where significant efforts of our engineering organiation are focused today. Specifically we’ll start with Parallels Operation Automation. Parallels Desktop Parallels Workstation Parallels Server Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Baremetal/ Hosted X86/x64 IA64 Windows Hyper-V Linux Mac OS VMware Xen Heterogeneous System Support 2

3 Hardware Virtualization (Hypervisors)
Virtualizes access to hardware Create many instances of virtual HW Host OS and each guest has full OS Parallels Server, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 Guest OS Guest OS Guest OS Virtual Hardware Virtual Hardware Virtual Hardware Virtual Machine Monitor Hypervisor or Standard Host OS Hardware

4 OS Virtualization (Containers)
Virtualizes access to Operating System Create many instances of virtual OS Single, standard OS kernel per box Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Sun Solaris Containers, OpenVZ OS Virtualization Container 1 Container 2 Container 3 OS Virtualization Layer Standard Host OS Hardware

5 Integrated Virtualization Offering
Best of Both Worlds Completely integrated OS Virtualization and Hypervisor solution Single integrated management environment Easily spawn Containers and Virtual Machines Parallels Server Bare Metal Parallels Server Bare Metal VM 1 VM 2 Container 1 Container 2 Guest OS Guest OS OS Virtualization and Hypervisor Hardware

6 Parallels Server Bare Metal (PSBM)
Powerful Hypervisor Bare metal architecture w/ hardware acceleration for optimal performance Resource Control Granular control of CPU, memory, hard disk and networking Data Protection Backups and snapshots ensure data and applications are protected Live Migration Move virtual machines with no service interruptions & comprehensive toolset for managing virtual machines & resources Easy-to-Use Toolset Simple toolset for managing virtual machines, images & security 6

7 PSBM – Technology Intro
High scalability and density PVC kernel used as base VMM code is 4 yr evolution of our Mac/workstation hypervisors Guests: Up to 8 CPUs, 64 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD (multiple disks per VM supported) Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. on the same node 32- and 64-bit guests on the same node CPU, Memory, HDD Over-commitment CPU Scheduling Percentage Limits CPU Shares Resource Reconfiguration (CPU/disk/memory)

8 PSBM - Networking Traffic Accounting same as in PVC
Inbound/Outbound per set of IPs Bandwidth Limitation same as in PVC Guaranteed per set of IPs Limit per set of IPs Unified Virtual Networks for Containers and VMs Bridged Routed VLANs Anti-spoofing Only configured MAC restriction Only configured IPs restriction Up to 16 NICs in a VM

9 PSBM – Data Protection Snapshots Backups
Running and Stopped VMs Support “Freeze” Current State Preserve HDD State Save RAM Contents Multiple Snapshots Backups Live Backup Consistent State via Snapshot Third-party Backup Solution Support Various Targets Support NAS SAN iSCSI Parallels Server Bare Metal Network Storage

10 PSBM – Live Migration No Shared Storage Requirement
Hot Migration Supported Zero Downtime for Containers Short Downtime for VMs VM migration process Create Snapshot Migrate base HDD to Target Node Suspend Migrate delta HDD and RAM image to Target Node Resume Clean Up Parallels Server Bare Metal Target Node

11 PSBM – Command Line Tools
Unified CLI pctl create ID pctl migrate ID pctl backup ID Simple wrapper to forward the request non-modified PVC tools non-modified PS tools Parallels Virtuozzo Containers CLI vzctl create ct_id vzmigrate ct_id vzbackup ct_id Parallels Server CLI prlctl create vm_id prlctl migrate vm_id prlctl backup vm_id YES NO Is it VM? All PVC CLI Tools Remain the Same All 3 Tools can be used simultaneously Unified CLI is ONE utility for ALL operations

12 PSBM – Single Management API
XML API allows management of both VMs and Containers PVC management remains the Same VM management is Similar to Container one Packet to start VM: <packet> <target>vzpenvm</target> <data> <vzpenvm> <start> <eid>b452f2aa-21c c3d757605ace</eid> </start> </vzpenvm> </data> </packet> Parallels Server Bare Metal XML API

13 PSBM – Management Tools
Parallels Management Console Small Deployments typically up to 5 Servers No Cross-Server Management Supports VMs only at the moment Parallels Virtualization Automation Deployments of Any Size Migration, Backup, Conversion Multi-Server and Group Operations Parallels Power Panel Same for VMs as for PVC Basic Management Backup & Recovery Parallels Virtualization Automation: Tomorrow: 2:40 - 3:25 pm

14 PSBM – Converting to VM In-place Conversion of a Dedicated Server
Integrated into PSBM Installation Automatic Conversion using External Storage Convert servers to VMs and host them Locally Convert and Upload VM Start Loading Directly to PSBM (direct IP connection needed) Convert Containers to VMs Remote (PVC) and Local (within PSBM) Migration Windows and Linux Containers Supported Parallels Server Bare Metal Dedicated Server Network Storage Dedicated Server Physical Server Parallels Server Bare Metal

15 Parallels Server Bare Metal Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
PSBM - Upgrade Easy upgrade of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux Installation Side By Side Upgrade Separate Hardware Node Needed Install PSBM on a Target Hardware Node Live Migrate Containers from Source PVC Installation Parallels Server Bare Metal Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

16 PSBM - Licensing Single license covering both VMs and Containers
VM = x Containers = y Same format/process as PVC Available from Parallels KA Similar license model to PVC Per VM/month Special options for bundling dedicated servers with 2VMs are available. Please contact your Parallels account manager for details

17 PSBM-based Hosting Services
Optimizations for Specific Scenarios Containers SaaS Higher availability offerings Large scale management with PVA VM Hosting (do not confuse with SaaS) Broad support for OSs Easy to launch for PVC customers Development/Design Environments Desktop OS Hosting VM – Physical Server Replacement Easy to move/upgrade VM Performance-optimized In-place conversion of server into VM - better value for your customers Server consolidation services for on-site servers Easy-to-use PMC for small deployments Parallels Technology Direction: Tomorrow: 11: :00 pm

18 Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.5
Windows 2008 Support Windows 2008 Hardware OS Virtualization Layer OS Virtualization Container 1 Container 2 Container N

19 PVC 4.5 – Additional Functionality
Server Roles individual assignment to each Container Assign relevant roles to each Container independently Transactional NTFS & Registry in Containers Enable transactions for filesystem and registry operations Active-Active Clustering No need for dedicated standby hardware servers anymore PVC Node Parallels Virtuozzo Containers PVC Node PVC Node

20 PVC 4.5 – Multi-CPU Enhancements
Per Container CPU Pool Allows to use more effective server’s resources and balance load. Dynamic/Static CPUs for Containers Significantly improves overall system performance, allows to assign and rebalance server resources more effectively. NUMA architecture support Significantly improves overall system performance for servers that support NUMA technology (ex. top IBM and HP servers) CPU Pool 1 CPU Pool 2

21 Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
PVC 4.5 – Extended Options IPv6 support Assign next generation IP addresses to Containers Configurable Container Startup Order Control the sequence of starting your Containers Virtualized Container Uptime Show correct uptime for every Container based on the real time of functioning Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Uptime 1 Uptime 2 Uptime 3

22 Desktop Virtualization
Parallels Workstation 3.0 for Windows & Linux Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac

23 Parallels Workstation 3.0
Desktop Virtualization Solution for Windows and Linux Virtualization Engine in Sentillion vThere Product Intel VT-d support Use native host video and network cards in Virtual Machine for better performance. Improved Hypervisor 64-bit hosts and guests 12-way SMP 64 GB RAM USB 2.0 Extended Management Capabilities Snapshots Management API

24 Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac
Adaptive Hypervisor Up to 50% Improved Performance 64/32-bit Computing 8-way SMP, 8GB RAM Up to 20% Longer Battery Life Enhanced OS Integration Coherence SmartSelect, Shared Folders SharedProfiles SmartMount Drag & Drop Copy/Paste 3D Graphics DirectX 9.0 with Shader Model 2 OpenGL 2.0 256 MB VRAM Bonus Software Parallels Internet Security by Kaspersky Acronis True Image Home Acronis Disk Director Suite

25 Parallels Server Bare Metal
Live Demo

26 QUESTIONS? Call to Action Visit Virtualization Products Hands-on labs
Parallels Server Bare Metal Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Parallels Desktop, Workstation, Server for Mac Take advantage of special Parallels for Mac Offers Participate in Beta Testing Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.5 Parallels Workstation 3.0 Visit Parallels Technology Direction Keynote, Tomorrow 11: :00 pm Visit Parallels Virtualization Automation Session, Tomorrow 2:45 - 3:30 pm QUESTIONS?

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