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1 ISO 9001-2008 AND AS 9100C Registered
CTL Aerospace, Inc. Capabilities Presentation ISO AND AS 9100C Registered NADCAP Certified CTL Aerospace, Inc Spellmire Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45246 Contact: John Irwin – VP Sales/Marketing Office: Fax: kkkk


3 Approved Composite Supplier for:
GE Aircraft Engines Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Pratt & Whitney Hamilton Sundstrand Sikorsky Aircraft Vought Aircraft Rolls-Royce General Dynamics

4 Processing & Material Capabilities
Materials- Resin Ceramic Matrix Composites (2000 ºF) Avimid N ( 700ºF) AFR-PE ( 700ºF) PMR-15 ( 600ºF) Bismaleimide -BMI Phenolic Epoxy Cyanate Ester Polyester Resin Transfer Molding Isostatic Laminates Autoclave Oven Compression Molding Filament Winding Bondments Materials- Reinforcement Glass Carbon / Graphite Aramids (Kevlar) Quartz Nextel Fiber (Aluminized Fiber)

5 Equipment Summary List:
Composite Processing Equipment 9 Autoclaves 22 Presses 13 Ovens 3 RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) Systems 21 CNC Machine Centers 5 Non-Conventional Machine Centers

6 Specialized Composites Facility
Autoclave Processing Capability Autoclave and ovens are computer controlled utilizing an ASC's CPC-MULT software. 1) Autoclave ºF 145" ID by 240" length 2) Autoclave ºF 120" ID by 240" length 3) Autoclave ºF 108" ID by 200" length 4) Autoclave ºF 103" ID by 156" length 5) Autoclave ºF 60" ID by 96" length 6) Autoclave ºF 60" ID by 108" length 7) Autoclave ºF 50" ID by 144" length 8) Autoclave ºF 40" ID by 70" length 9) Autoclave ºF 18" ID by 12" Length

7 Specialized Composites Facility
Ovens: Thirteen (13) air-circulating ovens maximum temperature ranging 350 to 1000 degrees F. Controller ACS Controller Network to Ovens and Autoclaves. Compression Molding (Hydraulic Press) Twenty-Two presses from 1600 tons, 72” by 72” plattens to 14 Ton with 21” x 24” platens. Five of the sixteen are smart press technology. Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) Three, 5-gallon single component injection systems. ASC processor controlled.

8 Specialized Composites Facility
CNC Machining Haas 5 Axis VMC Thermwood 5-Axis Router Cell Con 4 Axis HMC (2) Johnford 4 Axis VMCs (Troyke Rotary Table) (2) Mazak 4 Axis VMC Hurco 4 Axis VMC Chevalier 3 axis VMC (2) Fadel 3 Axis VMC MAHO 600, True 4 Axis Milling Center Acer 3 Axis Bridgeport Knee Mill (2) Clausing / Colchester CNC Lathes Haas CNC Lathe Parish Mill - 12' * 12 ' , 4 Axis (3) Renishaw MP12 Probing Systems Chevalier CNC Turning Center

9 Specialized Composites Facility
Non-Conventional Equipment Thermwood 5 Axis Router Thermwood Cartesian 5 Axis Water-jet Flow System Water-jet Cleaning/Striping System Plastic Media Striping Cabinet McClean Anderson Filament Winding System

10 Class 10,000 Micro Clean-room to Fed Std 209
Specialized Composites Facility Class 10,000 Micro Clean-room to Fed Std 209 Platinum FaroArm CMM Cellularized Manufacturing Material Kit Cutting

11 Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing since 1996.
Work-Cells implemented Standard Work tools in place for developing new work-cells. Formal Set-up Reduction and TPM Training completed & implemented in the form of Events. P&W Manufacturing Work-cell

12 Continuous Improvement
Corrective Action Board Quality Control Process Charts (QCPC) Relentless Root Cause Analysis (RRCA) Six Sigma Eight years experience using GE Supplied Six Sigma Tools A.C.E. Initiative (Achieving Competitive Excellence) First UTC Supplier to achieve Silver Level Certification

13 Quality Assurance CMM Dimensional Verification
Configuration Management Non Destructive Testing Mechanical Testing ISO Registered AS-9100B Registered

14 Registrations and Certifications
ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C Registered FAA Repair Station Certificate EASA Certificate NADCAP Certificate

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