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EN 407. OH 1..

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1 EN 407. OH 1.

2 Market introduction From hydraulic motors to hydraulic drive solutions.
Compact CB 2002 Control system, Spider 1996 Compact 1994 System, Power Unit 1985 Marathon 1983 Viking 1960 EN 407. OH 18.

3 The smallest and the biggest Hägglunds motors come in many sizes for all customer needs.
COMPACT CA 50-20 Power: 275 kW Weight: 175 kg Torque: 7000 Nm MARATHON MB 4000 Power: 1600 kW. Weight: kg Torque: Nm EN 407. OH 24.

4 Hägglunds hydraulic motors Extremely tough motors for the new generation of drive solutions.
1960 1983 1994 2002 VIKING Max torque: Nm. Speed range: up to 200 rpm. MARATHON Max torque: Nm. Speed range: up to 130 rpm. COMPACT CA Max torque: Nm. Speed range: up to 400 rpm. COMPACT CB Max torque: Nm. Speed range: up to 125 rpm. EN 407. OH 22.

5 Operating range Four motor series providing excellent performance.
Marathon 400 Compact CB Compact CA 350 Viking 300 250 Torque (kNm) 200 150 100 50 50 100 150 200 250 300 Speed (rpm) EN 407. OH 23.

6 Power Units for demanding drives High flexibility, increased control and minimal service requirements. HPU Complete system in conventional design. PEC Complete system included in a compact and sound insulated cabinet. PU Specials - this one using the hydraulic motor as an oil reservoir. EN 407. OH 20.

7 Control functions Small, compact and suitable for many types of drive systems.
The Spider is a microprocessor based drive control & monitoring system, with configurable functions for various applications. EN 407. OH 21.

8 Accessories For further customisation of Hägglunds complete systems.
Some examples; Torque arms (single and double) Speed encoders Brakes Valves Through hole kits Adapters EN 407. OH 25.

9 Modern production plant Advanced equipment for efficient production.
Piston machining. Measuring / quality inspection. Assembly, power units. To be able to develop together with our customers, we continuously invest in modern equipment for manufacturing and assembly of our drive systems. EN 407. OH 29.

10 Modern production plant High precision for high performance products.
Manufacturing, cylinder block. Measuring machine. Testing Motors. We strive to improve and develop our personnel and our products, as well as our manufacturing and working methods. EN 407. OH 30.

11 Research and Development One of the largest and most modern hydraulic laboratories in Europe.
11 test rooms Continuous development of technology and processes Skilled personnel Hägglunds has over the last years invested substantial amounts in development and expansion of the laboratory. EN 407. OH 28.

12 Reliability every day Customer support services covering all our products and related components.
Support options Service agreements Training Technical support Installation and commissioning System analysis Refurbishment Workshop and field service Spare parts EN 407. OH 16.

13 Monitoring and Logging Efficient tools for improved performance.
RMS Remote Monitoring System Continuous surveillance Analysis and evaluation Total system overview Alarm functions Easily accessible data Advanced logging, performed on site for system analysis and troubleshooting. EN 407. OH 17.

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