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Development Board Review Part 1 of 2 August 26, 2010.

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1 Development Board Review Part 1 of 2 August 26, 2010

2 Whats the best way to learn the developmental milestones?? Have your own guinea pigs at home!!

3 One Month n Gross motor –Raises head from prone position n Fine Motor –Visually fixates –Clenches fists tightly –Brings hands to mouth and face n Language –Alerts to sounds n Social –Regards face 1

4 Question 1 During a two month well child exam, you would expect a healthy baby to do all of the following except A. Lift head and chest while prone B. Coo C. Follow the mother visually around the room 180° D. Grasp a rattle and bring it to his mouth

5 Two Months n Gross Motor –Lifts chest off table n Fine Motor –Hands to midline (mouth) –Tracks 180° –No longer clenches fists n Language –Coos n Social –Social smile 2MILES 2OCIALLY Follows past midline: Can look at 2 sides at 2 months. Recognizes parent: with their 2 eyes.

6 Three Months n Gross Motor –Supports on forearms in prone –Holds head and chest up n Fine Motor –Holds hands open –Holds object placed in hands n Language –Babbles randomly n Social –Anticipated feedings –Reaches for familiar objects C s (Coos) Baby is tri- podding 3

7 Four Months n Gross Motor –Rolls over front to back –Achieves head control –Supports on wrist n Fine Motor –Reaches for objects with both hands –Hands to midline n Language –Laughs aloud n Social –Enjoys looking around

8 Five Months Five Months n Gross Motor –Rolls back to front n Fine Motor –Transfers –Reaches out unilaterally n Language –Razzes

9 Six Months Six Months n Gross Motor –Sits when placed, anterior propping –Helps hold bottle n Fine Motor –Raking grasp n Language –Babbles rhythmically n Social –Stranger anxiety 6a66les (babbles) 6 looks like a baby sitting with a round butt

10 Seven Months Eight Months n Gross Motor –Gets into sitting posture by self n Language –Orients to bell indirectly n Gross Motor –Commando crawl n Crawling –Fine Motor n Finger feeds –Language n Dada indiscriminately

11 Question 2 A child walks into your office holding onto his mothers hand. As he leaves he turns to his brother in the waiting room and waves bye- bye. His mother reports that he says dada and baba for bottle but has no other words. You would NOT expect this child to: A. Play peek-a-boo B. Roll a ball back to you C. Bang two cubes together D. Take off his T-shirt

12 Nine months n Gross Motor –Lateral propping –Pulls to stand –Crawls with legs underneath body (Creeping) –Cruises n Fine Motor –Immature pincer grasp –Holds bottle –Throws objects n Language –mama indiscriminately –Understands own name n Social –Gesture games n pat-a-cake –Waves bye-bye

13 Ten Months Eleven Months n Gross Motor –Walks with both hands held n Language –Orients to bell directly n Gross Motor –Walks with one hand held n Language –One word plus mama/dada specifically

14 Twelve Months n Gross Motor –Walks alone –Posterior propping n Fine motor –Drinks from sippy cup –Marks paper with crayon –Mature pincer grasp n Language –One step command with gesture –2 other words –Babbles with inflection n Social –Enjoys imitating –Cooperates with dressing –Secure attatchments

15 Fifteen Months n Gross Motor –Creeps upstairs –Plays with ball –Stoops to floor and recovers n Fine Motor –Line with crayon –2 block tower n Language –4-6 words n Social –Uses spoon and cup independently

16 Eighteen Months n Gross Motor –Runs –Stairs with hand held –Throws overhand n Fine Motor –Scribbles spontaneously –3 block tower n Language –7-20 words –5 body parts –2 word combination n Social –Copies tasks

17 Question 3 A mother is concerned about her 24 month old sons language development. She reports that he knows more than 50 words, but strangers are often unable to understand him. When you evaluate the child, he is able to point to 4 named pictures, uses 2-word sentences and points to six named body parts. You understand about half of what he says. Based on your evaluation, you: A. Reassure the mother that her sons language development is normal for age B. Schedule a hearing evaluation C. Refer him to speech therapy D. Encourage the mother to read to the child more often because his language development is clearly delayed E. Inform the mother that her sons language development is advanced for his age

18 Two Years n Gross Motor –Runs well –Kicks ball –Walks up & down stairs without help –Vertical jump n Fine Motor –Turns pages one at a time –Removes shoes/pants –7 block tower –Uses spoon adequately n Language –50 word vocabulary –2 word sentences –50% intelligible –Prounouns n Social –Parallel play

19 Three Years n Gross Motor –Alternates feet going up stairs –Pedals tricycle n Fine Motor –Unbuttons –Copies circle –Undresses completely n Language –250 words –3-5 word sentences –75% intelligible n Social –Knows name, age & gender –Interactive play Can ride a tricycle (3-wheeler) Uses 3 word sentences Knows (1) age, (2) name, and (3) gender Builds bridge of 3 cubes Usually can repeat 3 digits Plays in a group (3-some)

20 Four Years n Gross Motor –Hops/Skips n Fine Motor –Copies cross, square –Dresses self n Language –Colors, shapes, ABCs –100% intelligible n Social –Cooperative play FOUR years old 4 corners. Asks questions: What for? (what 4?) Names 4 body parts

21 Five Years n Gross Motor –Swings/Climbs n Fine Motor –Dresses and undresses unassisted –Prints some letters –Copies Triangle n Language –May print name –Recalls part of story n Social –Abides by rules –Helps with chores

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