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Государственное общеобразовательное бюджетное учреждение среднего профессионального образования Воронежской области «Лискинский аграрно-технологический.

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Presentation on theme: "Государственное общеобразовательное бюджетное учреждение среднего профессионального образования Воронежской области «Лискинский аграрно-технологический."— Presentation transcript:

1 Государственное общеобразовательное бюджетное учреждение среднего профессионального образования Воронежской области «Лискинский аграрно-технологический техникум» Выполнила : Рубезова Мария Сергеевна Студентка отделения : Ветеринария 3-й курс. Руководитель: Попова Ксения Андреевна

2 Рlan: 1.Introduction. Historical traditions of weddings. 2.Ancient wedding traditions. 3.Modern traditions of weddings. 4.Dresses. 5.Wedding breakfast. 6.Conclusion.

3 Introduction. Historical traditions of weddings. Till the XIX century the decision on wedding was made by parents or trustees. Мarriage consisted between children from 3 to 7 years.

4 In the XVII century the decision was made that children can marry only from seven-year old.(For marriage to children called each other the husband and the wife enough, to embrace and kiss).

5 This rules reduce to secret weddings.

6 In 1653 the civil law was adopted and weddings began to be carried out by the world judge. Thus there has to be a certificate of public wedding, from parishioners church. During a civil ceremony the exchange of rings was forbidden.

7 Up to 1990 it was possible to marry in church of only in that country where there lives one of future spouses. Secret marriages didn't become possible.

8 Ancient wedding traditions. 1.Weddings were held from the harvesting beginning till Christmas. 2.As a gift to the bride decorative horseshoes on a wrist bringing good luck. 3.The bride is entering church showered with wheat.

9 4. It was accepted to throw in the north of England instead of a bouquet bread from a plate. To catch such bread to great happiness. 5. It was accepted to shower a young pair with barley. Sometimes wedding cake broke over the head of newlyweds.

10 The phrase "honeymoon" came to us from England. In ancient times on a wedding cooked honey drink for newly-weds. Newly married allowed to enjoy honey drink before marriage night, it was accepted to think that it can increase probability of conception (and in particular – conceptions of the boy).

11 Modern traditions of weddings. Up to now traditions of holding English weddings remained, but certainly time leaves the marks. Now grooms and brides prepare independently and rehearse it several times. Wedding ceremony usually takes place at noon then guests are invited to a dinner which is called as a wedding breakfast.

12 Dresses. Englishwomen prefer modest dresses: white or cream colour. For dresses of girlfriends fabric is bought the same colour, as well as for vests and ties of friends of the groom. Wedding dresses after a wedding sell or use as fabric for a christening dress of the first-born. There is one ancient tradition which is observed and seed day: one new, one old, one borrowed, one blue and 6 pence in footwear.

13 In church with the covered head all but men and bridesmaids.

14 Wedding breakfast. Wedding trains are usually Rolls-Royces or retro mobiles. And limousines choose very seldom.

15 Before the bride go to an altar (today brides prefer to go to an altar independently, without father nearby), the girl florist is scattering flower petals strides. After a ceremony of wedding makes photos with all guests. As a rule, the group picture is taking near church where the young got married.

16 One more tradition – to throw out an old boot from a wedding train. Bridesmaids always tried to catch it, after all that who will seize him with the first, will marry before the others. Though initially boots threw just into newlyweds, wish them good luck in life.

17 However then this tradition gave way another – to tie to a car bumper (in the past – to the carriage or a vehicle) old boots, cans and the various utensils which ring had to frighten off failures and allure happiness.

18 After wedding passes "a wedding breakfast". Young dance the first dance of newlyweds. There is also a tradition of dance of the father with the daughter bride and mothers with the son groom. The bride throws a bouquet, single guests catch. The garter can't be thrown especially is the American tradition.

19 The main entertainment at an English wedding there is a pie. The bride had to cut it, she treated guests. Most often a dessert made with a candied fruit, nuts, raisin and glaze – such pie was called as a pie of the bride. There is also a pie of the groom which usually covered dark, most often with chocolate glaze.

20 After a holiday newlyweds go to the house. Exactly here the tradition arose to bring the bride in the house on hands. The matter is that if the bride stumbled, coming into the new family dwelling, it foretold misfortunes and failures in marriage. Here grooms also thought up cunning – to take the young wife on hands.

21 Certainly, in England there are more many various customs which differ depending on the region or family traditions. But all of them differ romanticism and the beauty created by eyelids.

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