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Cultural Dances of Pakistan

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1 Cultural Dances of Pakistan
Cultural Diversity for Unity By: Rahim Khan & Afzal Muhammad, AKU-IED, M.Ed. 2011

2 Rationale Pakistan is pluralistic society
Languages, dresses, popular music & dances Familiarity with Dances; Name Types Performing ways (How/When/Why)

3 Pakistan & different ethnic groups
Number of ethnic groups in Pakistan is 72 Main ethnic groups Punjabi Pashtun Sindhi Seraiki Baluchi Urdu Speaker Potohari

4 Ethnic Groups by Residence

5 Smaller Ethnic Groups Turwalis Kashmiris Hindkowans Brahui Hazaragi
Guajarati Chitrali/Khowar Balti Shina Burushasky Wakhy Kalasha Kachchi Od

6 Classification of Cultural Dances
Classical Dance Kathak Folk Dance Bhangra Hojamalo Ludi Khatak Attan Rauf

7 Classification of Cultural Dances
Religious Dance Raqs o sama (dance and audition) - Whirling Dervishes of Turkey Dhamaal Cattle Dance Camel Horse

8 Cultural Dances - Punjab
Bhangra Fairs, festivals, marriages & harvesting By men on happy occasions Gidda By women performed at weddings, birth of a child Dhamal Similar to Bhangra Danced by men in a circle

9 Cultural Dances - Punjab
Luddi Victory-dance swaying movements of the head Snapping fingers Julli Performed at Pirs khangahs Jhumar Circle around drummer (Dholi) Spinning around

10 Cultural Dances - Punjab
Sammi Women - Clapping hands on beat of drum Dankara Also called the Gaatka Jaago Wake up! / marriage Kikli Performed by women in pairs

11 Sarhad Conservation Network (SCN) Pakistan
Cultural Dances - NWFP Khattak Wal Atanrh Khattak tribe war exercises Shah Dola Yusufzai dance for happiness & merriment Sarhad Conservation Network (SCN) Pakistan

12 Cultural Dances - NWFP Balbala Bhittani Atanrh Spin Takray
Common every where Bhittani Atanrh Colorful jackets with gold embroidery, white clothes Spin Takray Single professional female dancer

13 Cultural Dances - NWFP Marwat Wala Atanrh Logari Atanrh Waziro Atanrh
Mahsood wal Atanrh Long hair, tossed from side to side Turning heads around in jerks

14 Cultural Dances - Balauchistan
Chaap Men clapping hands & moving feet, neck, & head Balauchi Attan Lewa Makrani (men/women) Rhythmic dance with to & fro swaying movements

15 Cultural Dances - Sindh
Ragistani/Thari folk dance Hojamalo Fabled Jamalo Chhej Performed only by men

16 Cultural Dances - Sindh
Dhaamal, Performed by fakirs & disciples of shrine Jhoomer Dandiya Ras Dandiya Ras of Kathiawar

17 Cultural Dances - Kashmir
Rouf Performed on all festive occasions Hafiz Nagma Based on Sofiyiana Kalam Jagarna marriage song cum-dance

18 Cultural Dances - Chitral
Chitrali Dani

19 Cultural Dances - Kalash

20 Cultural Dances- Gilgit/Baltistan
Hunzai Dani Balti Dance

21 Cultural Dances – Gilgit/Baltistan
Gilgiti Dance Chilasi Dance

22 Cultural Dances - Mystic

23 Cultural Dance - Katak

24 Cultural Dance – Sword Dance

25 Learning out comes Dance
Important part of culture Performed during; celebrations ceremonies entertainment and teaching It serves; Social Spiritual Artistic Emotional functions

26 Pakistan’s cultural dances; Composed of different ethnic groups dances

27 Common Musical Instruments

28 Single or group of people can perform

29 Some ethnic groups share dances
Jhoomer Attan

30 Originated from war exercises

31 Colorful dresses are compulsory part of dances

32 Colorful dresses are compulsory part of dances

33 For some dances song is a compulsory part
Barohi raqs

34 Women perform dance in private gatherings

35 Most dances are performed in circle

36 Each ethnic group has its own uniqueness; rhythm/ dress / norms

37 For video shows visit

38 References

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