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Marriage in Afghanistan

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1 Marriage in Afghanistan
By: Jade Schilling 2nd Block

2 Customs and Traditions
Wedding lasts from around 6:00pm-11:00pm Guests sit at tables Bride’s guests on right side Groom’s guests on left side Throne-like chairs in front for couple Arranged marriage Ceremony is sometimes the first time the bride and groom meet

3 For groom: For bride: Age Physical appearance Physical appearance
Spouse criteria For bride: Age (can’t marry until 16) Physical appearance Character Family background For groom: Age Physical appearance Education Ability to support wife Reputation Character Family background **can marry first cousin, if there is a suitable one**

4 (to be)Groom’s father and elders go to (to be) bride’s house
Engagement First, letter is sent from male’s parents to a member of the female’s family (to be)Groom’s father and elders go to (to be) bride’s house They bring gifts for to-be-bride Groom’s father (or respected man from groom side) tells of their purpose and demand Elder man from bride’s side receives the demand

5 Groom (or groom’s family) provides:
Before the Wedding Amount of time between the engagement and the wedding ceremony depends on financial ability of groom’s family Groom (or groom’s family) provides: House Dowry (wedding gifts/payment) Expenses of wedding ceremony Gifts for bride

6 Lunch Henna Before the Wedding Bride’s House Groom’s House
kind of like the equivalent of a rehearsal dinner in America Large group of people Many gifts are brought to the groom and bride Henna First put on bride-to-be (by groom) Groom then leaves Henna is then put on the rest of the girls who are not married special-coverage/ wedding-traditions-in-muslim-communities-special.html

7 Marriage Ceremony After the lunch, elders start going to the bride’s house Soon after, everyone follows Groom arrives on a decorated horse Musicians play tambourines

8 Marriage Ceremony Once everyone is there, a marriage speech is given
Guests dance to the music Mullah (holy man) is the one who marries the couple Couple sit on a sofa Couple has shawl placed over their heads and they hold a mirror Tradition is called ““mirror and Qur’an.”

9 Marriage Ceremony The wedding cake is first cut and tasted by the newly married couple It is then given out to the guests Guests dance for a while They dance the national dance of the Afghans, the Attan People congratulate the couple on their marriage

10 Bride and Groom go to new home
After the Ceremony Bride and Groom go to new home When bride arrives, an animal (sheep or goat) is sacrificed for Allah Bride hammers nail into door because it is a good omen for the marriage A few days later (either 3 or 7) relatives and friends bring gifts for bride

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