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Plains Indians.

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1 Plains Indians

2 Tribes Arapaho Indians Arikara Indians Assiniboine Indians
Kainah Indians Mandan Indians Oglala Indians Osage Indians Oto Indians Pawnee Indians Piegan Indians Ponca Indians Quapaw Indians Sarsi Indians Shoshone Indians Siksika Indians Sioux Indians Teton Indians Wichita Indians Yanktonai Indians Arapaho Indians Arikara Indians Assiniboine Indians Atsina Indians Blackfoot Indians Brule Indians Cheyenne Indians Chipewyan Indians Comanche Indians Cree Indians Crow Indians Dakota Indians Hidatsa Indians

3 Sioux Tribe Lived: Dakota’s, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming.
How they lived: Nomadic and moved frequently followed buffalo herds and lodged in teepees. No matter how often they moved they were a united tribe.

4 Sioux Tribe Con’t. What they wore: strips of leather in their hair to keep their hair pulled back. Clothes were all made of animal skin (mostly deer skin). Women wore long dresses and leggings, men wore deerskins shirts and tight leggings.

5 3 Interesting Facts On Sioux
Sioux means “Little Snake” Refer themselves to Lakota/Dakota Social activities powow, rodeos, and races

6 Cheyenne Tribe Lived- Great Plains east of Rocky Mountains west of Mississippi River, Settled in Montana and Oklahoma. How They Lived- Took care of morning chores after waking up, men prepared to start hunting, women would keep the camp in order.

7 Cheyenne Tribe What They Wore- Men wore hip-leggings made of deerskin, women wore moccasins knee length leggings and dresses made of deerskin.

8 3 Interesting Facts About the Cheyennee
Cheyenee customs was smoking of the peace pipe. They had their own language. Their homes were made from logs and earth.

9 Pawnee Tribe Lived- Valley of Platte River, Nebraska
How They Lived- Women grew crops and made pottery, women were perceived as the power of life, men would hunt What They Wore- Women wore skirts and moccasins, and in the winter they wore buckskin dresses, men would wear loin cloths in warmer weather

10 3 Interesting Facts About the Pawmee
Pawnee name derived from Caddoan pariki, meaning “horn”. Men were excellent hunters. They hunted quail, raccoons, skunks, and prairie chickens.

11 BlackFoot Tribe Lived- Montana
How They Lived- They were excellent warriors. They were also very good hunters. What They Wore- They wore many animals skins and used mother nature to supply there colthing

12 3 Interesting Facts About Blackfoot
They are called Blackfoot because of how they wore black moccasins. Every part of the buffalo was used for various reasons. It was never wasted. They lived in buffalo made teepees.

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