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European Graduate Opportunities. Agenda Who are JPMorgan?

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1 European Graduate Opportunities

2 Agenda Who are JPMorgan?

3 We are the 2nd largest financial institution in the world We are widely considered to the premier trading operation in the world $1 trillion in assets We have over 160,000 employees in 50 countries, serving 90 million clients worldwide JPMorgan s roots in Europe date back to 1838

4 JPMorgan is a truly global Investment Bank

5 Agenda What is Investment Banking?

6 The Investment Banking industry offers a great breadth of services to serve the complex financial needs of a highly diverse client base Our client base includes major corporations, governments, private firms, financial institutions and private individuals We advise companies on how to raise money for investment or merge with another business We are a major trading house of a huge variety of financial instruments We advise companies on how to reduce exposure to fluctuations in currency or interest rates We control investment portfolios on behalf of institutional investors and wealthy individuals

7 The JPMorgan Structure There are 8 separate functions that you as a graduate can apply to 1.Investment Banking - M&A, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets 2.Credit & Rate Markets - Trading, Sales, Research 3.Equities - Trading, Sales, Research 4.Investment Management - Currency, Equities, Fixed Income 5.Global Credit Risk Management 6.Treasury & Security Services 7.Operations & Business Services 8.Technology - Plan, Build, Operate

8 Credit & Rate Markets Working in the markets: Buying and selling Fast paced and exciting Salespeople/Marketers: Deal with clients on a day to day basis, provide advice and structuring expertise Traders: Risk managers, execute trades for clients and for the banks own account (proprietary trading) Research: Detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis that is used both in house and sent to clients Equities vs Credit and Rates Equities - stocks and shares, equity derivatives Credit and Rates - interest rate products such as bonds and swaps. Also encompasses foreign exchange and commodities e.g oil, gold

9 Investment Banking Working with companies – Strategy and raising equity or debt –Debt Capital Markets (Raising debt for companies through Leveraged Buy- Outs, High Risk, Real Estate and Government/Investment grade debt) –Mergers & Acquisitions (Advising companies on strategy) –Financial Institutions (Banking for other banks and financial institutions) –Equity Capital Markets (Raising equity for firms, IPOs) Very rewarding career, opportunities for travel, experience of working with top companies throughout Europe Close contact with top management of firms, CEO/CFO Need to be analytical and team player

10 Operations & Business Services Client Services Trade Support Project Management Finance and Risk Management Human Resources Marketing & Communications

11 Technology at JPMorgan JPMorgan has one of the best technology platforms and capability of any investment bank in the marketplace. 2 distinct areas: Business Technology and Infrastructure 3 UK locations: London, Glasgow and Bournemouth Structured around a strategy of Plan, Build, Operate TechnologyThree key roles Plan Build Operate Business Analysts Application Developers Desk Aligned Support

12 Why work for an investment bank?? High salary Excellent training - (often in New York!!) Opportunity to gain a further qualifications such as CFA Chance to travel and work abroad Early responsibility Transferable skills Young and international working environment London – centre of finance in Europe


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