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Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park Batavia, NY Genesee County

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1 Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park Batavia, NY Genesee County
Presented by Steven G Hyde President/CEO Genesee County Economic Development Center One Mill Street, Batavia, NY – – -

2 Agenda 1) Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park Overview
2) Why WNY/Genesee County 3) Challenges/Solutitons 4) GCEDC – Who we are 5) Farm Credit of WNY

3 Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park
A 200+ Acre “Shovel Ready” Ag Park Dedicated to Agri-Business and Food Processing, Sits in Empire Zone Largest Park of its type in the US Low Cost Process Water/Treatment Sits on Aquifer producing 6 Million Gallons/Day Pretreatment facility on site Confluence of Infrastructure Transmission, Sub-Transmission and Distribution Electric Natural Gas, Sewer, Municipal Water/Sewer at site Spring of 2008 Sites near O-AT-KA on State Routes 5 and 63, minutes from I-90 Access to Rail Proximity to Supply and NE Markets sits in “Upstate Milkshed”, 10 Hour drive from 184 Million People 30 Miles to Rochester/Buffalo Airport, 7-8 hours from Port of NY Financial Incentives Available No State Income or Property Tax for 10 Years (Via Empire Zone) Elimination of State Sales Tax and Mortgage Tax NYS/ESD Grants, Small Cities Grants, Low Interest Loans

4 Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park
O-AT-KA Milk Products Upstate Milk

5 Why Genesee County/WNY?
Proximity to Supply - New York is the 3rd largest milk producer in the US - Genesee/Wyoming are the #1 and # 5 producer of milk in NYS - Located in the heart of the “Upstate Milkshed” (produces 23% of NY Milk) - Access to several mid-sized farms ( cows) Proximity to NE Markets - 184 Million people w/in 500 miles (10 hour drive) - Proximity to NYC and Port of NY (7-8 hour drive) - Easy access to Canada

6 Why Genesee County/WNY?

7 Why Genesee County/WNY?
WNY is the #1 Food Producing Region in US - 5 Top 100 Food Producers located in region Constellation Brands (Adult Beverages) Rich Products ( Desserts, Breads & Rolls) Seneca Foods (Fruits and Vegetables) Birds Eye Foods (Canned & Frozen foods) Lactalis (Sorrento Cheese) - Productive and Trained Work Force (nearly double the national average) - Much of Supply Chain in Place (from packaging to transportation) Affordable Land/Labor - More affordable land and labor costs compared to major metros

8 Why Genesee County/WNY?
Industry Businesses and Employment: 1200 businesses employing 16,446 regionally

9 Land Percentage Assessed Ag by County
16%-30% 31%-49% 49% +

10 Challenges/Solutions
Promote Economic Growth While Preserving Farmland Solution: Work with Ag Community to develop “Least” productive land Locate Businesses in designated “Clustered” Areas Secure Funding for Infrastructure for Ag-Park Secure Investments from State/County/Town Form Joint Venture to bridge financing

11 Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park A Collaborative Effort
A Public/Private Partnership consisting of the GCEDC and Farm Credit Of WNY Both have an equity stake in the park $3 Million Grant from NYS to provide phase 1 Infrastructure $2.1 Million Funding from Genesee County w/direct investment from Town of Batavia

12 GCEDC/GGLDC Who we are:
Quasi Government Agency designed to Enhance Economic Growth Works at “Speed of Business” to assist project implementation Works as Liaison with Government Entities to speed permitting process Offers Several State and Local Incentives Offers “Shovel Ready” Industry Specific Parks Offers “One Stop Shopping” via established regional partners

13 Farm Credit: Who We Are Farm Credit of Western New York is a lending cooperative for the Ag Industry, making loans such as mortgages, seasonal loans and lines of credit. More than $927 Million in Assets Equity Stake in Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park

14 Results: Installation of Phase 1 infrastructure in Spring 2008
Received International and Regional site visits Secured Letter of Intent from Canadian Food Processor Applied for Grant to Support Agri-Tourism at the Park


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