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Operational perspective Nick Hill Commercial Development Manager Metrobus Tex to welcome and invite introductions…

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1 Operational perspective Nick Hill Commercial Development Manager Metrobus
Tex to welcome and invite introductions…

2 Metrobus Operating partner - Metrobus Go-Ahead Group company
Formed in 1983 and acquired by Go-Ahead in 1999 Around 430 buses Around 1,400 staff 75% in London, 25% outside 3 depots Orpington Croydon Crawley

3 Operator role Became partner in 2000 Sole operating partner since 2001
Role in development of system QBP – fairly loose, goodwill Funding of buses Revenue risk No access charges 100% commercial on main routes in West Sussex

4 Conflict Existing operator of Crawley bus network
Marketing message – ‘better than bus’ Other routes Bus lanes? Different stops? TLP? Route network Impact on other services consultants Feeder buses? Croydon experience

5 Route network Route 10 launched - August 2003
Completion of phase 1 works Estates – Crawley – Manor Royal – Gatwick Airport 8 PVR, every 10 mins at most times 24 hour service introduced - May 2004 Commercial, normal fares, every 30 mins

6 Route network Route 20 launched - August 2005
Completion of phase 3 works Three Bridges & Horley 5 PVR, every 20 mins at most times Route 10 increased to every 8 mins - May 2008 11 PVR

7 Route network Route 100 added to Fastway family – May 2008
Existing route upgrade Redhill & East Surrey Hospital 8 PVR, non-guided Current total requirement – 24 plus 3 spares

8 Priority Broadfield Stadium Povey Cross Guideways and bus lanes
Slip roads not served by buses TLP Other areas

9 Route flexibility BRT advantage over fixed rail
Route 20 planned to follow same route as route 10 Strong demand from south Broadfield Last minute change of route at 20 launch in 2005

10 Guideway vs bus lane Alleged guideway benefits Smoother ride?
Less land take? Docking? Self-enforcing? Sexy? Guideway issues entry speed guidewheels

11 The Buses User groups given opportunity to choose bus and spec
Scania Omnicity – 12m routes 10 & 20, 10m route 100 Guidewheels on 12m buses Dual door on 12m buses Commitment for buses to be less than five years old Original fleet replaced and cascaded Part leather seating with FW moquette Little demand for air con

12 Real time information Cost Passenger benefits
Off-bus – FW project with later add on s106 On-bus – Metrobus Passenger benefits Displays at halts, stations, bus station, etc

13 Real time information Passenger benefits (cont) Via internet
Via mobile phones – internet, SMS and apps On bus screens Disruption information

14 Real time information Operational benefits Control centre

15 Real time information

16 Real time information Operational benefits (cont) Mobile devices
Performance monitoring Historical data = improved schedules

17 Real time information Reliable Average over 95% tracking
Good partnership working West Sussex CC Supplier – ACIS Metrobus (financial input)

18 Fares and tickets Simple, single only fare structure
In Crawley/Horley = £1.70 or £1.20 short hop Area Metrorider ticket valid on all buses Gatwick Travelcard Local business sales Offbus sales – web and PayPoint Railbus, then Plusbus Freezone Move to ITSO smartcard Multi-modal travelcard

19 Measure of success: Journey time savings
Many time savings priority new links more frequent services Examples Bewbush to town centre: 23% reduction Broadfield to Crawley: 26% reduction Town Centre to heart of industrial area: 50% reduction Gatwick Airport to heart of industrial area: 26% reduction Protect time savings

20 Measure of success: Patronage
Two patronage targets set out in original scheme: Target 1 4000 passengers a day in 2004 Actual 4,417 in January 5,868 in December Target 2 Nearly 9000 passengers a day in 2008 9,016 in January 10,455 in July Despite new developments not built

21 Measure of success: Patronage (cont)
Crawley network growth 74% between Gatwick local staff bus mode share 5% in 1997 30% in 2009

22 Measure of success: Passenger survey
Passenger surveys every two years Highlights from 2008: 97% satisfied with punctuality 93% satisfied with reliability 86% satisfied with cleanliness of buses 89% agreed that ‘the bus is comfortable to travel on’ 96% satisfied with the service overall 8% had previously travelled by car 23% have access to a car

23 Still better than other routes?
When launched, better than other routes New buses RTPI Higher frequency Priority Improvements mean other routes nearly caught up Investment in fleet – 100% low floor RTPI on all buses Enhanced frequencies Use of Fastway bus lanes and TLP Inspired by Fastway?

24 Brand Developed strong local brand, more than normal bus route

25 Room for improvement? How could Fastway have been better??
Removal of roundabouts? Too many new traffic signals? More bus gates? More of budget spent on bus lanes? Buy-in for ‘green waves’? Shelter consistency? Phasing?

26 Future Network growth More priority
Only on basis of new priority (demand for route conversions) New housing developments. e.g. Kilnwood Vale More priority Improved interchanges at Gatwick and Three Bridges Service enhancements Smartcard… coming soon!

27 Is it BRT or BRT Lite? Essential features are: (Source: BRTuk Handbook 2010) Significant segregation from other forms of traffic Priority over other vehicles in mixed traffic situations Priority at traffic signals and priority over other traffic High quality, safe, secure and accessible stations High quality, smooth riding, distinctive and attractive vehicles Easy accessibility Vehicles and infrastructure must be environmentally friendly High frequency, limited stop services Efficient and user friendly ticketing

28 Is it BRT? (cont) High standards of information provision
Real time information Good integration with other transport modes Distinctive branding and marketing Clear and understandable system

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