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Vitalize January 15, 2013 Third in the NAVIGATE Series of CISC Community Partner Events Generate more Buzz for your Biz!

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1 Vitalize January 15, 2013 Third in the NAVIGATE Series of CISC Community Partner Events Generate more Buzz for your Biz!

2 Chicago Welcome Communities In Schools of Chicago –Annie Rezac –Kateri Nelis –Katrina Pavlik –Karen Roddie –Kimberley Rudd Weber Shandwick Public Relations –David C. Rudd

3 Chicago Getting Started Todays Goals –Inform, Intrigue, Instigate and Inspire Agenda –Review the Communications Big Picture –Transition to Grassroots Buzz –Share Experiences –Brainstorm Ideas Housekeeping –Refreshments & Restrooms –Cell Phone courtesy –Slides will be available

4 Chicago Communications & You What Good Communications can do –Build Awareness –Raise Funds –Cultivate Support/Advocacy Support Strategic Plans

5 Chicago 8 Communications Tips Review each Tip! Perform an Exercise! Look for BUZZwords! Watch out for BUZZards!

6 Chicago Lets Start at the Beginning What is your Manifesto? –Changing the world, one _____ at a time Content + Clarity + Feeling = Manifesto

7 Chicago #1: Messaging Comprised of Key Messages –Known by everyone in your organization –Kept fresh by changing priorities and impact –Used often, part of common discourse Shaped as One Voice, Diverse Styles Always Leader-led Anticipated, not Predictable, POV Buzzwords: Talking Points/Brain Jogs

8 Chicago #1: Messaging Can you verbally summarize your organization? –Who –What –When –Where –Why –How Can you say it in 30 seconds or less?

9 Chicago Group Exercise: Developing Messaging Form a duo or trio with the people sitting around you Spend a minute or two writing down your 5Ws/H Use someones stopwatch cell phone feature Take turns introducing your organization to each other, in 40 seconds or less Sensitivity aside, grade one another on your introductions: A (great), B (good) or C (needs improvement)

10 Chicago #1: Messaging Case Studies –Chicago Teachers Union –Open Books –Urban Prep –Others?

11 Chicago #2: Defining the Purpose What Good Communications can help do: –Build Awareness –Raise Funds –Cultivate Support/Advocacy –Support Strategy Buzzword: Brandraising

12 Chicago #2: Defining the Purpose Specifically, what do you need/want Communications to do for your organization? –Deepen relationships with schools –Build awareness within a geographic community –Attract or retain employees –Change public opinion following a crisis or challenge –Establish your organizations expertise –Announce specific news (e.g., name change) –Minimize cult of personality (e.g., founder-driven organization)

13 Chicago #3: Buzz-building is a Team Sport Spokesperson vs Brand Ambassadors Equip your Team to Speak –Empower them with Information –Unleash them with Training –Give them permission to not know and go seek Equip your Team to Represent –Gear? Personality? Leadership Style? If your organization were an individual, how many of your staff members would be its Facebook friend? Buzzwords: Communications Training

14 Chicago Buzzin it Old School Style Media Interviews Public Speeches Annual Reports Employee Newsletters No Comment Buzzin it New School Style Everywhere Everybody Print, Online, Broadcast, Webcast, Digital, SMS, Streaming… #3: Buzz-building is a Team Sport

15 Chicago Group Exercise: Buzz-building is a Team Sport Make a list of all of the places and ways your organization has communicated during the past three months. List Person and Place/Way. You have 60 seconds. Go! Who Communicated?Where/How did they Communicate?

16 Chicago #4: Every Team needs a Leader Its probably YOU. (Because youre here.) Whats Your Mission? –Are you juggling to keep balls in the air? –Are you able to move things forward? –Are you launching a communications function? Stabile, Progressive or Constructive –Knowing where you are helps you determine where you need to go and what you need to get there Buzzard: TM-TL-TL

17 Chicago #4: Team Leaders Stabile Communications Leaders –Work to meet established benchmarks –Well-respected output but little influence on program –Have little room to introduce new ideas, whether or not old ones are working –Have other job duties that take precedence –May have low value perception for the link between communications and the bottom line

18 Chicago #4: Team Leaders Progressive Communications Leaders –Stretch work beyond established benchmarks –Innovate wherever possible –Use peacock techniques to do more, engage staff in communications initiatives –Seek ways to measure the impact of communications on the bottom line – Carve out communications as a distinct function of their jobs

19 Chicago #4: Team Leaders Constructive Communications Leaders –Build new plans –Develop new benchmarks –Innovate consistently –May secure help, internally or externally, to get the work done –May work exclusively in communications

20 Chicago ProjectsSupportTime Stabile Progressive Constructive Group Exercise: If you had more, what could your Leadership achieve?

21 Chicago #5: Every Leader needs a Council. Colleagues –Internally: Program team members –Externally: Other non-profit communicators PR or Communications Agencies Professional Development Groups –Examples: Community Media Workshop, Linked In The Media –Follow the types of stories you want for your organization CISC –Your Specialist and his/her resources –Your fellow CISC partners

22 Chicago #6: Pack up your Toolbox. Whats on hand to help you Communicate? –Print materials –Online presence –Advertising budget Whats missing from your list of essentials? Whats on your wish list?

23 Chicago #6: Toolbox Contents Communications Plan –Traditional & Crisis Style Guide Website(s) –Internet, Intranet, Blog Social Media Site(s) –Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, etc. Newsletter (print or digital) Annual Report (print or digital) Short videos & PSAs Collateral Materials –Brochures, fact sheets, etc Press Releases & Alerts Opinion Letters/Editorials Branded merchandise (T- shirts, bags, lapel pins, balloons, etc.) Voicemail Scripts Email Signatures Signage, Receipts Paid Advertising

24 Chicago #7: Determining Your Scale. Budget –Are there any monies available for communications? –Do you have what you need to create Tools you need? –Can you lobby/fundraise for more? Based on what? Reach –Who are your target audiences? How do they rank? –Who is most important to reach right now? –How will you measure who you reach? Impact –What are the desired outcomes of your work? –What scale of improvement will matter to you?

25 Chicago #7: Determining Your Scale. Budget Impact Reach

26 Chicago #8: Be Memorable. Communications that Build On –Multi-year planning –Part of strategic planning –What gets measured, matters Communications that Complement –Each element represents your organization –Aim for continuity –Protect your brand Communications that Lever –Leverage for Programs, Fundraising & Growth

27 Chicago Brainstorming Sessions Comments Questions Ideas

28 Chicago Break Time!

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