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Marko Bonač Arnes PR-meeting, Ljubljana 4. 3. 2010 Arnes.

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1 Marko Bonač Arnes PR-meeting, Ljubljana 4. 3. 2010 Arnes

2 Content users connectivity services staff budget relations

3 Some facts about Slovenia 2 mio inhabitants 20.000 km2 borders to Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia 4 universities, > 1000 schools NREN Arnes established in 1992

4 Overview of work, staff and budget Academic network SI-CERT Services for schools SIX (Slovenian internet exchange) Registry for domains Staff: 41 + students Budget: 6,5 M EUR

5 Governance Supervisory board (appointed by the Ministry of higher education, science and technology and by the Ministry of education and sport) This board approves the annual report and plan & budget for the next year This has to be approved by the government as well Technical board (directors of university computer & information centers etc) Discussion forum for development plans General manager

6 Users Universities (4, 21 connections) Research institutes (58) Secondary schools (160) Primary schools (512) Libraries, museums (179) Total number of R&E institutions: 1116 200.000+ end users

7 Schools Why A way to achieve critical mass in a small country Politically rewarding Schools need neutral help Consequences A lot of work Connectivity is only one of the services Different kind of work Some tensions with commercial ISPs Strategic question: develpment or support

8 International connections GÉANT Leased fibre Ljubljana – Vienna (Austria) Ljubljana – Zagreb (Croatia) Geant plus (10 Gbps IP + 10 Gbps for projects) 5 Gbps are used for the access to commodity internet GÉANT is relatively expensive for small countries

9 Backbone – leased fibre

10 Backbone – logical connections

11 Ways to connect to the backbone Arnes has PoPs in mayor towns The connection to PoP has to be paid by the organization Optical connections Optical fibre (owned by organization) (186) Optical fibre (owned by operator) (68) Ethernet (46) Other connections xDSL (719), CATV (62), ISDN (27) Wireless (2), Leased line (6) We recomment laying optical fibre in cities

12 Services Connectivity Hosting physical and virtual servers E-mail (with anti-spam, anti-virus) FTP server Security (firewalls, Safer Internet, SI-CERT) Multimedia (videoconferencing, streaming)

13 Services cont. Eduroam AAI infrastructure Education (IPv6, Safer Internet programme..) Helpdesk (for all services) Applications for schools portal, repository for e-content, community based tools for learning e.g. Moodle

14 User support Basic (general) user support First contact, covers administration procedures More than 100.000 calls per year Technical support and advice for using services More than 15.000 cases per year Advice and support for organizations in connecting their LANs to Arnes More than 300 connections per year Protecting users networks

15 Arnes staff (41) Planning, managing the backbone (3,8) Establishing, managing connections, firewalls (7,0) Individual access service (1,1) User services (6,4) Multimedia (2,6) Communication with users (schools) (2,5) Projects for safer internet (0,9) Eduroam and AAI development (3,8) SI-CERT (3,1) Domain registration and DNS (4,5) Internal IT support (1,6) Administration (4,6) Students for user support (10 FTE)

16 Expenditure (EUR) International connectivity1.200.000 Fibre costs inside Slovenia2.100.000 Maintenance of the equipment400.000 Personnel costs1.200.000 Other costs800.000 Together5.700.000 Investments850.000

17 Income (EUR) Government funding4.700.000 EU FP co-financing400.000 Projects50.000 Domain registration550.000 Together5.700.000 Government for investments800.000 Domain registration for investments50.000

18 Relations End users They know you if you provide services directly to them Organisations Technical person(s) know you problem if everything works well

19 Relations General public In the past: access for children Security incidents – SI-CERT Children – Safer Internet ICT in schools Domain registration Géant

20 Relations Ministry (providing funds for Arnes) In the past: all EU projects were seen in a positive way What are other countries doing ? Are all NRENs in GN3/GEANT ? Problem: officials change every four years Need to adapt to specific wishes (Safer Internet, SI-CERT, Services for schools etc)

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