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Teamwork Sport: Soccer

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1 Teamwork Sport: Soccer
Unit Plan Presentation Sarah Fong

2 Unit Summary Students will demonstrate the overall sport of soccer by completing the necessary manipulative skills. Students will be able to effectively understand the strategies and movement patterns involved in the game of soccer. Students will be able to analyze situations and ultimately make appropriate decisions in a soccer oriented conditions. Students will be put in drills situations in which they will apply the knowledge regarding strategies and skills that will allow them to effectively be successful.

3 Curriculum Framing Questions
Essential Question: Why are team sports effective activities in physical education classes? Unit Question: How does soccer skills relate to the category of a team sport? Content Question: List the manipulative skills necessary to perform the game of soccer cooperatively?

4 CA Physical Education Content Standards
Grade: 7 CS: 1-1.1: Demonstrates mature techniques for dribbling. -small jogging style movements -control ball by softly tapping the ball with inside/outside feet -kick ball slightly in front of you -stay balanced while traveling -eye and feet coordination CS: 2-2.1: Identify and describe key elements in the mature performance of dribbling. -know the area (s) on the feet to dribble the ball -identify ways to control the ball ie: outside feet: change direction inside feet: move forward -describe different methods to dribble the ball

5 Unit Objectives SWBAT: (students will be able to) Cognitive: SWBAT give 3 critical elements used to dribble Psychomotor: SWBAT demonstrate mature technique of dribbling by getting the ball to the target 4 out of 6 attempts Affective: SWBAT express the enjoyment of the skill after succeeding each drill progression

6 Assessment to Gauge Student Needs
Structured Observation “Rubric Scale”: A description of the assigned soccer element for judging students’ performance on specific outcomes or assessment tasks, together with scoring standards for each soccer element.

7 Assessment to Gauge Student Needs
Skills Test: Used throughout the unit to evaluate and improve instruction on soccer. Measures students ability in a closed environment. Different types of soccer drills are instructed where students are evaluate on learning the skill.

8 Assessment to Gauge Student Needs
Closure: Takes place at the end of instruction. Determines students achievement of content standards and objectives. Students will be asked, by the teacher, basic questions regarding the learned material from the unit. This informs the teacher if students are comprehending soccer elements.

9   Why Projects? Drills/projects coincides with the CA Physical Education Content Standards. Allows students to develop strategies and techniques to effectively grasp the game of soccer. To allow students to become effective communicators while engaging in the game of soccer.

10 Project Summary Drills allow individuals to develop skills in the realms of the cognitive, associative, and psychomotor levels. Students will learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork throughout the projects/ drills. Drills/projects also allows students to develop decision making skills that are essential for the game of soccer.

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