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Katka Matej Kiko Lukáš CUBIC MILES Secondary Grammar School, Párovská 1, Nitra.

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1 Katka Matej Kiko Lukáš CUBIC MILES Secondary Grammar School, Párovská 1, Nitra

2 Research questions PAST: Who were the best players or founders of sport in Nitra? PRESENT: What are the best sport clubs in Nitra? What is the World Challenge Day? Where can we do sports in Nitra? What is students attitude to sport? FUTURE: Will there be any new places to do sport in Nitra ?


4 Julius Gisser The history of modern sport in Nitra dates back to 19th century and is associated with name Julius Gisser. He was successful fencer who came to Nitra in 1866. In this year he established the first fencing school in Ugria. He also helped with establishing ice hockey, ice skating, swimming and water polo.


6 FC Nitra Established in 1909 Coach: Ivan Vrabec The biggest successes: 2004/05 - 5th place in Slovak league 2007/08- 3rd place in Slovak league

7 HK Nitra Established in 1926 Coach: Branislav Okuliar The biggest success: 1st place in Slovak league 2002/03

8 Lubomír Kolník He started with hockey in Nitra. In 1990 he went to New Yersey, then he played in Finland. He came back to Nitra and he became the second best scorer of Slovak extraleague and the second best scorer of Slovak representation.

9 Jozef Stümpel He began with hockey in Nitra where he played for two years and then he went to Boston where he spent five years. After that he moved to Los Angeles. He was a member of Slovak representation at world championship in Göteborg (2002) where our team was the first and also at world championship in Helsinki (2003) where our team was the third.

10 BK Nitra Established in 1952 Coach: Ľubomír Urban The biggest success: 2008/2009 1st place in Slovak league

11 The World Challenge Day The World Challenge Day is a friendly international competition in Sport for All and physical activity where communities from around the world compete against each other to motivate as many people as possible be physically active for only 15 minutes on a single day. Above all the event is a fun day that creates awareness and enthusiasm for fitness and active living in the participating communities.

12 World Challenge Day is open to communities of any size from any country, and since its beginning in 1991, TAFISA World Challenge Day has been growing rapidly, with over 58 million participants in 2009! On May 25th, Nitra is going to take part the fifteenth time and we will help our town to win the eleventh duel!

13 Places to do sports in Nitra ba3d5c8ef5cf237743b7/ ba3d5c8ef5cf237743b7

14 Football stadium in the past (year 1958) Now In the future


16 It looks like this now City park Nitra City park Nitra should have been a sport and shopping centre but the building hasn't been finished yet. We imagine it will include a skatepark, three beach volleyball courts, four squash courts, two climbing walls, many sports shops and restaurants offering healthy food. It should look like this in the future

17 What about some new kinds of sport in the future?

18 Questionnaire 1. What is your favourite sport? 2. How often do you do sport? 3. What sport equipment would you prefer at our school?






24 Our school

25 Places to do sport at our school: 1. The big drill-hall 2. The small drill-hall 3. The pool 4. The outer sportground 3. 4. 1. 2.

26 Sport successes of students from our school : Two first places, eight second places and six third places at swimming competition First place in basketball of younger girls, second place in basketball of younger boys and second place in basketball of older girls Two first places and one second place at district championship in chess One first, one second and one third place at district championship in cross- country running

27 The pool Our pool is 25 meters long. It was reconstructed this year. Every year there is a swimming competition at which are our students very successful. Before reconstruction After reconstruction

28 Skiing trips Students of our school go on skiing trips every year. We go to skiing centre called Donovaly. Skiing trips are very popular among students.

29 The big drill-hall We usually play volleyball and basketball here.

30 The small drill-hall We have gymnastics lessons there.

31 School days of sport At the end of each school year we have school days of sport. In those three days students can create teams and compete in different sports such as football, volleyball and basketball.

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