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Footprint CSR E-Newsletter June 2013.

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1 Footprint CSR E-Newsletter June 2013

2 All in June... JSPL Angul has been a torch bearer for promoting responsible & environment friendly practices - initiatives like, ground water recharging technique through Watershed Management, promotion of organic farming in the villages, Vermicomposting units in the communities, pond excavation drives in the villages, coupled with the diversified Jute products at OdiFab of Jan Jeevika Kendra, zero plastic drive by EMD are few of those steps taken to ensure that all aspects of JSPL’s business is conducted with the utmost respect for the environment. This month’s edition talks about some of our Green-initiatives. Please take a look...! Note : Do you know? .... 1 in every 7 people in the world go to bed hungry and more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die daily from hunger (source UNEP). So think before you eat and help save our environment!

3 Watershed Management Initiative at Derjang
Vegetable cultivation in convergence with Horticulture Department Stone outlet Earthen irrigation channel Meeting with Village Watershed committee

4 Polyhouse ,“Sabuja Gruha”
- an alternative technique in agriculture, gaining momentum in rural India When farmers are only focusing on the traditional way of farming the success of 40-year old Mandodari will only open your eyes. She is the pride owner of this 20m X 7M sized Polyhouse where she is growing some winter vegetables as well mushrooms. This is possible because a polyhouse farm allows farmers to bring down or increase the temperature inside by around degree Celsius. By reducing evaporation, they also allow farmers to use sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, thus saving water. A polyhouse is a framed structure in which vegetables can be grown under sufficiently controlled environmental conditions. It reduces dependency on rainfall & makes the optimum use of land and water resources. Ms.Mandodari Garnayak with a smile on her proud face says, "I am looking forward to growing some exotic vegetables like red and yellow capsicum and broccolis for the local market. With growth of industries like JSPL, I am aiming at the food restaurants inside the industrial campuses "

5 Polyhouse initiative at Mahitala

6 a step towards a greener environment...
The WOW- Worms at Work Campaign, a step towards a greener environment... As a socially responsible and technology driven organisation, JSPL has been pioneering various initiatives to protect and conserve the environment, spreading awareness message for the greater green cover for shaping up a greener tomorrow in the communities surrounding the district of Angul. One of such greeniatives is: Promotion of organic farming by use of Vermicompost in the backyard. On occasion of World Environment day, 5th June 2013, the Government Officials from District Horticultural department and Farmers Clubs of Jarasingha, Majhika, and Bedasar, with support from JSPL, attended Scientist-Farmers Meet held at Jarasingha. The Government officials distributed 10 Vermi Units to selected farmers from the above mentioned villages. Benefits of Composting: Increases soil workability, water holding capacity, porosity and drainage and enhances microbial action in the soil.

7 Scientist Farmers Meet
- attended by 25 farmers across villages at Jarasingha CSR Department, JSPL organized an "On Field Scientist-Farmers Meet" at Jarasingha to promote Vermi-composting and environment friendly horticulture among the villages. Mr. Banajalochan Sahoo, Deputy Director (Horticulture) inaugurated the programme in presence of Mr. Prashant Kumar Hota, VP (CSR & CC), Gagan Bihari Pradhan, President of Jarasingha Village Committee and Mr. Rudra Mohan Das, Secretary of Jarasingha Village Committee. Farmers from Bedasar, Jarasingha and Majhika village attended the programme and interacted on various issues related to Vermi-composting, organic farming and soil maintenance etc. with horticulture experts.

8 Seed Treatment Campaign
for the farmers JSPL has been striving for the betterment of the farmers in the periphery villages. One of such initiatives is concerning promotion of Paddy cultivation. With the sowing season approaching , it is very essential to go for seed treatment. Paddy seed, after going through a dormant period at low temperature during the winter needs to go through a series of treatment in the spring before being planted so as to achieve better germination, more uniformity of seeds and less susceptibility to diseases. Scientific and careful seed treatment is an important aspect of increasing paddy productivity. Along with the District Agriculture department, Angul, JSPL is co-partnering "SEED TREATMENT CAMPAIGN" for 10 days in 10 villages, through PPP mode. The campaign is being implemented under the technical guidance of District Agriculture Department in collaboration with JSPL.

9 Seed Treatment Campaign on a PPP Mode
benefitting 10 villages The benefitted villages being, Natada, Badamahitala, Ambapal , Kankarei , Nisha , Bethianali , Kaliakata , Parang , Balichandrapur, & Chhotibreni, through PPP Mode.

10 The mango scented air held so many promises...
Naresh Pradhan from Jarasingha, has developed this stretch of Mango orchard over 2 acres of land, covering 300 mango trees of different variety, ranging from Amrapali to Bombay green. This orchard was developed in the year 2010, which has been promoted by JSPL in collaboration with the Horticulture Department, Odisha.

11 at Paripara benefiting 45 rural artisans
Terracotta Cluster at Paripara benefiting 45 rural artisans With an aim to revive the sagging income of the traditional artisans by providing them with training, the Paripara Terracotta cluster had been inaugurated at Banarpal Block of the district. The programme has been initiated to enhance the skill of these artisans, to enable them to deliver marketable products and facilitate them with sustainable livelihood option. In tune with the PPP mode, it has been launched in collaboration with the Directorate of Handicrafts & Cottage Industries, Odisha, District Industry Centre, Angul, Jindal Steel & Power, along with the community participation.

12 Awareness rally at Benagadia & Majhika
World No Tobacco Day 2013 Awareness rally at Benagadia & Majhika ‘Pala’ - a local way of story telling – for awareness generation among the truckers at Material Gate

13 Bonds & ties... Mrs. Shallu Jindal at R & R Colony, Badamahitala, performing rituals at Shiva Mandir followed by a close interaction with the community women at Jan Jeevika Kendra Hon’ble Chairman Mr. Naveen Jindal & Mrs. Shallu Jindal with Executive Director Mr. D.K. Saraogi take a tour of the Plant ; Hon’ble Chairman interacted with Team CSR during one of the visits

14 Asichi Rajo lo heba nua saja bajja……
Banaste Dakila Gaja Barasake thare asichi Rajo Asichi Rajo lo heba nua saja bajja…… Community women from Bedasar, Jarada, Golabandha, Benagadia & Badamahitala ( R & R colony) gathered to celebrate the occasion of Rajo at Jindal Vidyapith, R & R colony. Women enjoyed the day with traditional songs, ‘paan’ and congshell blowing competition, while the young girls played a game of Kabaddi. Mrs. Sujata Saraogi, President JMS & Mrs. Ranju along with H.O.D. CSR, Mrs. P. Satapathy graced the occasion.

15 As the women & girls unwind themselves...
Badamahitala, R & R Colony Girls enjoy themselves as they participate in outdoor games while the women enjoy ‘paan’ on Rajo!

16 The torch bearers of Jindal Vidyapith (R & R Colony)
- here’s a glimpse of the students who acquired 1st division in the Matriculation Examination, 2013 Kabuli Behara – 60 % Lipun Behara - 69% Kanchan Bala Dehury – 61 % Subhashree- 67% Niharika Das- 88% Saumya Ranjan Dehury-62% Madhusmita Nayak - 60% Sarala Rekha Sahu- 78%-

17 Dharitri: Seed treatment awareness campaign news coverage
Media Speaks! “Reduce, Re-use, recharge & regenerate. This should not be a one day affair. This should be a way of life, to ensure environmental sustainability”(source TOI), says Mr. Subrat Ratho, MD CTL. Times of India:  The Green thumb! ‘Best Corporate Award’ in power industry to JSPL Sanmarg- Scientist Farmers’ Meet Dharitri: Seed treatment awareness campaign news coverage

18 Thank you! We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrowed it from our children...& we have to give it back to them! For your valuable feedback write to us at :

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