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Little Red Riding Hooks…

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1 Little Red Riding Hooks…
Great alternatives to introductions, hooks, and leads.

2 “Once upon a time, there lived a little girl with a red riding hood…”

3 There are more interesting ways to start off this famous story
There are more interesting ways to start off this famous story. Here are some techniques to consider:

4 Technique one: Start with a short (4-5 words maximum), effective sentence:
She wore a red hood.

5 Technique two: Start with an interesting question for the reader to ponder:
Who would have thought that a simple trip to Grandma’s house could end in tragedy?

6 Technique three: Start with a riddle:
Who has big eyes, big teeth and is dressed in Grandma’s nightgown? You guessed it: The Big Bad Wolf!

7 Technique four: Start with an interesting metaphor or simile:
The wolf was a tornado, changing the lives of all who crossed his path.

8 Technique five: Fill in these blanks: “____ was the kind of _____ who/that ____”
Little Red was the kind of girl who thought wolves would never bother her.

9 Technique six: Use a string of adjectives:
Tall, dark, and with an air of confidence, the woodsman entered the house.

10 Technique Seven: Quotations
Try using a quotation that is well known or from a famous person. Or maybe a quote from a character or someone you know personally. Be sure to put quotation marks around the quote and give credit to the person who said it. “Now, Red,” chided Mama. “Don’t you dare take the shortcut through the mysterious woods,”

11 Now, think about your memory story…
Now You Try Now, think about your memory story… Practice writing an interesting hook…

12 Write a lead… Use a short (4-5 word) sentence.
Open with an interesting question. Start with a riddle. Try some figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification). Fill in the blanks: ____ was the kind of ___ who/that _____. Use a string of adjectives. Begin with a quotation.

13 Put an end to boring beginnings!
Use these techniques to turn your writing into something amazing!!

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