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2 DYNAMIC, EASY TO UNDERSTAND, INTELLECTUAL, WITH DELICATE IRONY, MAXIMUM IMAGING. Concept Monthly cultural and entertainment magazine telling about all the actual and curious in the field of contemporary culture. Cultural and social life in all its forms: film, literature, theater, music - from mainstream to avant-garde and underground are presented on the pages of Rolling Stone. Furthermore, political and social phenomena may also become subject to journal publications.

3 THE FIRST ISSUE OF ROLLING STONE IN RUSSIAN WAS DATED JUNE 2004. The magazine is published by SPN Publishing House under the license from American publishing corporation Wenner Media LLC. History Rolling Stone was created by Jan S. Wennerin in San Francisco in 1967. The first issue, dated November 9, 1967, with John Lennon on the cover, consisted of 24 pages. 40 000 copies were issued and distributed in San Francisco.


5 Rock&Roll Materials devoted to the most interesting and topical events and people from the world of movies, music, literature and politics. Top-5 Major cultural, musical and sporting events of the month in one unit. About phenomenon Rolling Stone presents young musicians, artists and writers who will surely blow up in the nearest future and are meanwhile widely known in narrow circles. Sport Major sportspeople of the world and current events calendar. Stephen Webster Rolling Stone columnist Stephen Webster is a world-renowned jeweler, a close friend of Christina Aguilera and The Clash musicians, reveals the secrets of high life of America, Europe and Russia in his column. Headings ROLLING STONE THE BIBLE OF MODERN CULTURE

6 Low Beam Society column: RS publishes photos of Russian and foreign celebrities in connection with relevant newsworthy occasion. Media Sapiens Editors of RS monitor Russian media space: high-profile personnel changes, top blogosphere news, trends in the market of glossy magazines. RS Interviews Correspondents of Rolling Stone talk with current (premiere of the film, the album, competitions) actors, musicians, sportspeople. Big Materials Cover Story (an article about the character on the cover); translated materials from the U.S Rolling Stone with iconic musicians and actors, exit reports of its own production. Way of life This large column is devoted to people of "strange and unusual" fate, its heroes are scientists, philosophers, and adventurers. Heading ROLLING STONE THE BIBLE OF MODERN CULTURE

7 Consumer society The most controversial section of the magazine. Rolling Stone meets well-known figures over a bottle of hard liquor. Ordinary tourism Correspondents of Rolling Stone develop unconventional and extreme routes using all possible modes of transport and send detailed reports to the editor. Photo stories Photo essays and unique photo projects by famous photographers specially for Rolling Stone. Political information Special section of Russian version of the journal presents politicians. Archive RS publishes archival interviews (dated 10-20 years ago) with honored bands and filmmakers. Reviews Announcements of most interesting social and cultural events, reviews of new films, albums, books, DVD's and games. Heading ROLLING STONE THE BIBLE OF MODERN CULTURE

8 NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, RADIO STATIONS AND TV CHANNELS ALWAYS REFER WILLINGLY TO ROLLING STONE AS A SOURCE OF PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION The main differences 2. Visual component Rolling Stone always attaches great importance to graphic design and photography. The magazine presents its readers with the most vivid personalities and trends by means of new and interesting images. 3. Impact and citation Rolling Stone is considered to be the most professional and influential publication, telling about events in world culture and show business. 1.Peculiarity of materials preparation The main feature is a branded magazines so called dive report." Correspondent spends a few days or even weeks with the hero of the future article. Along with top journalists, the following people can be seen as the authors of Rolling Stone: Hunter S. Thompson, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Depp, Bono, Ilya Lagutenko, Alexander Prokhanov, Britney Spears, Kurt Vonnegut, Elton John, Sergey Shnurov, Zemfira, Marilyn Manson, Eduard Limonov, and many others.

9 Audience According to TNS Gallup Media, the core readership in 2010 were male in age from 20 to 35 years with middle and high income. They are energetic, socially active people, leaders and innovators who are interested in the most significant events and developments in the cultural and public life. They prefer to spend free time away from home: in the cinemas, restaurants, clubs and theaters. READERSHIP OF EACH ROLLING STONE ISSUE IS 483 200 PEOPLE ALL OVER RUSSIA, INCLUDING 240 800 PEOPLE IN MOSCOW AND ST. PETERSBURG.

10 MOSCOW Distribution by sex and age RUSSIA According to TNS Gallup Media.

11 MOSCOW Distribution by social and financial status RUSSIA According to TNS Gallup Media. Share of expenditure on food and utilities, %

12 According to TNS Gallup Media 2010 Dynamics of audience of one Rolling Stone issue, thous. people

13 Rolling Stone magazine is distributed to retail stores and by subscription to more than 300 cities and towns of Russia and the CIS countries, including Moscow and St. Petersburg Official representatives of the magazine distribution are present in major cities of Russia: Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Volgograd, as well as in Belarus. Distribution CIRCULATION 110 000 COPIES MOSCOW 48% ST. PETERSBURG 19% RUSSIA AND CIS 33%

14 Our advantages »World famous brand Rolling Stone »International relations with the family of publications Rolling Stone »Active, successful and innovative target audience with high level of consumption »Unique format ROLLING STONE IN RUSSIA IS A UNIQUE MALE EDITION, WHICH POSITION CAN BE DEFINED AS SOCIAL AND CULTURAL JOURNAL

15 Rates for advertising DISCOUNTS Advertising agencies 15%. Welcome to new advertiser 5%. When publishing in 2 – 3 issues 5%, in 4 – 5 issues 10%, in 6 and more issues 15%. Extra charge for special positioning 25%. Adware Format (W×H), mm Cost in rubles., excluding VAT 18% 1 st spread (including the second cover) 430×275 660 000 2 nd spread 430×275 510 000 3 rd spread 430×275 480 000 Spread in R&R section 430×275 465 000 Spread in the first third of the journal 430×275 450 000 Spread standard 430×275 420 000 4 th cover page 215×275 540 000 3 rd cover page 215×275 390 000 2 nd cover page* 215×275 450 000 1 page next to the topic of the issue 215×275 360 000 1 page next to announcement 215×275 345 000 1 page in the content 215×275 315 000 1 page next to the imprint 215×275 300 000 1 page in R&R section 215×275 285 000 1 page in the first third of the journal 215×275 270 000 1 page in the topical section 215×275 255 000 1 page standard 215×275 240 000 ½ of the page 215×136 or 105×275 124 500 Module R 58×275 93 000 ¼ of the page112×15063 000 Payment only in rubles. *Is sold in case the first spread wasnt sold.

16 Publishing schedule for 2011 Issue Deadline of materials submission Issue on sale 1 / January10 December28 December 2 / February30 December5 February 3 / March1 February1 March 4 / April1 March1 April 5 / May1 April1May 6 / June1 May1 June 7 / July1 June1 July 8 / August1 July1 August 9 / September1 August1 September 10 / October1 September1 October 11 / November1 October1 November 12 / December1 November1 December

17 site is an interactive version of the popular Russian magazine about contemporary culture. The main part of the content is printed materials of the magazine, and publications that cause the greatest public attention are place in enlarged scale. ROLLING STONE WEBSITE IS VISITED MONTHLY BY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FROM RUSSIA AND CIS AND RUSSIAN-SPEAKING USERS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. Rolling Stone Site

18 COMPETITIONS, PRIZE DRAWS, QUIZES AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS ARE ON SITE AS WELL. »Daily updated news feed The most actual events per day from the world of show business, entertainment and contemporary culture, as well as announcements of major cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, etc.). »Editorial blog Private views of Rolling Stone editors about these or other events. The section features a living form of materials presentation and provocative themes. »Video blog Daily updated exposition of the most interesting and popular video clips, fitted with curious comments. »Upload to RS Novice musicians, artists, clip makers have an opportunity to send their works directly to the editors of the magazine by means if this site. If the editors consider the works interesting, they can become heroes of the journal publication. Exclusive content

19 Direct placement TV: Fashion TV, 2x2, VH1, World Fashion Radio: Mayak (program with chief editor), Maximum, Europe Plus, Business FM, Monte-Carlo, Megapolis FM Cinemas (networks): Luxor, Karo, Kronverk-Cinema, 35 mm, Pioneer Outdoor advertising: LED displays, billboards Press (2/1 of the page): S7, 5 Koleso, Mobile Digital Magazine, Way, WHERE Moscow BTL The Rolling Stone Bar is a joint project with Wenner Media LLC, regular events in Moscow nightclubs, concert halls, shopping malls, galleries, exhibition centers, chain stores Respublika. Journal promotion Car of the Year (10 th annual ceremony) Monthly general news sponsorship of the biggest concerts of cult and fashionable performers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Collaboration with Another cinema и Cinema without borders in terms of production of feature and documentary DVD. Monthly general information sponsorship of film festivals. General information sponsorship of the most prestigious photographic exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Participation in photo exhibitions. Own events Silent Rapture festival is the fourth stage of the project "Great Mute", established by Rolling Stone magazine and Another Cinema company. The essence of the project is creation of soundtracks by Russian bands to silent black and white films of the early 20th century, their live concert performance and release of сollection DVD with the results of the project. Rolling Stone birthday is an annual event with organization of concert of the cult foreign band. Rolling Stone exhibition is a performance of the best photographic works of the journal. Informational sponsorship and joint projects

20 Introduction of special advertising projects carried out in Rolling Stone magazine Creativity by authors: copyright, layout design, selection and creation of illustrations. UIP film distribution company. Print, announcement of «Gangster» movie and competition for readers. Nokia. Illustrative layout, comics. Folding insert "French windows" mini. Wings by Winston. Sponsorship of editorial material. Tight folding insert "French windows". Braun. Print.

21 Contact information SPN Publishing House 117105, Moscow, Novodanilovskaya emb., 4А Telephone: +7 (495) 663-9320 197342, St. Petersburg, Torzhkovskaya str., 1, build. 2 Telephone: +7 (812) 380 0008


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