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A Women’s Magazine offering professional editorial,

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1 A Women’s Magazine offering professional editorial,
Chicago A Women’s Magazine offering professional editorial, quality content, effective advertisement, and innovative design.


3 IMAGEU Magazine Delivers!
• The right content to the right customers • To a target audience of women who care about how they look in the Chicago area • Advertising results you can track • Relevant and reliable information to customers

4 IMAGEU is Divided into 9 Editorial Sections
• Delivering targeted information to the reader based on their interests • Readers will find all the information they are looking for on new products, procedures, and more in every section written by professionals in their area of expertise • All editorial content will be written by doctors and professionals • Readers will discover, share and use these sections as a resource for months to come

5 The 9 Editorial Sections Include… • Face • Eyes • Smile • Hair • Body
• Skin • Fitness • Relax & Refresh • Show It Off

6 9 Editorial Sections

7 Sample Content Section: Editorial & Full Page Ad

8 Local Doctor Listing: Bonus!
At the back of each Edition there is a Local Doctor Listing for the reader’s ease of reference.

9 Distribution: The Innovative Difference
• 100,000 copies printed per month • Exclusive distribution across the Chicagoland area in locations that fit demographic profile of clients • Monthly Distribution to readers who have registered on website that they would like the magazine ed to them • Subscriber List for people that register on website for a mailed subscription • Online Magazine 24/7

10 The Benefits! • Guaranteed Readership. Why? IMAGEU Magazine is the only high-end beauty magazine being widely distributed for FREE • Only the Best are Invited to be Featured in IMAGEU. Limited Spots Available: per section • Advertisers will benefit from circulation exclusivity • Trackable 800 Number • Continuously replenished racks

11 Creative Services Available
Advertising Package • 1 page ad ($2000) • 1-2 page editorial content • Listing in magazine directory • 800 phone number, specific to track success • Complete magazine available online 24/7 Creative Services Available Our staff of professional designers and writers can help you create an effective ad for a reasonable fee.

12 Value Added for All Advertisers:
• Copies of the magazine to distribute in office • Laminated display with advertisement

13 Locally Produced Ads Closing Deadlines:
Monthly Editions • November 1st For December 1st edition Check with your account executive for closing dates for camera ready ads.

14 Contact an Account Executive to learn more.

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