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Airport Corporate Center Emergency Warden Training Seminar.

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1 Airport Corporate Center Emergency Warden Training Seminar

2 Property Management Team General Manager – Jorge Barbontin Assistant Property Manager – Paul DeSario Engineering Manager – John Griffin Assistant Engineering Manager – Francklyn Celestin Director of Security – Mauricio Lozano

3 Emergency Telephone List Fire & Medical Emergencies – 911 Police Emergency – 911 Property Management Office – 305-468-8200 Security Patrol (After Hours) same as the office number

4 What is an Emergency Warden? Emergency Wardens represent the interest of each company in an emergency situation and are responsible for directing the evacuation of your company in the event of a fire or other evacuation situation.

5 Types of Emergency Events Fire Weather Events Armed Intruder Bomb Threats

6 If you discover a fire…remember R.A.C.E. R – Rescue Remove everyone from the fire area A – Alert Sound the alarm, pull the closest fire alarm pull station and call 911 C – Contain Close doors to confine the fire E – Extinguish Use a fire extinguisher if possible

7 Your Responsibilities Know floor layout Know tenants on floor Know evacuation routes Know gathering point for floor tenants outside of the building Know if any disabled or mobility-impaired persons are on their floor

8 FIRE ALARM!!!! Grab and put on your emergency vest!! Tell employees to take only essential personal possessions with them because they will not be allowed to re-enter. Assist egress in an orderly fashion and ensure that all disabled persons receive any necessary assistance. Notify security or management office of any disabled persons on floor that may need assistance evacuating. If you evacuate via the stairwell, advise women wearing high-heeled shoes to remove them so they will have less difficulty walking. Keep your employees calm and QUIET while evacuating. Assure that your company stays together and rallies in a predetermined point. Account for all employees. Do not allow employees to leave designated areas until instructed.

9 TORNADO WARNING Grab your emergency vest Remain calm and reassure others Take cover underneath a solid desk or table or in the elevator lobbies Stay away from windows, filing cabinets, shelves Listen to announcements DO NOT attempt to leave the building, you are safer inside.

10 ARMED INTRUDER Call 911 Notify Property Management Secure tenant premises and remain inside, hidden and quiet Listen for updates from officials every 5 – 10 minutes

11 Bomb Threat Keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible Ask questions Call 911 Contact the Management Office Decision to evacuate belongs to the tenant!


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