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The importance of fashion

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1 The importance of fashion
By Olivia Wittusen

2 The Importance of Fashion
Every day fashion goes in and out doors .Every day fashion is named, a designer, a collection, or a store. But may I say that fashion isn't just clothes or a random purse , fashion is a way to express yourself, or a designer I guess. Fashion can also be traditional clothes to a land. So keep on reading.

3 What is Fashion? To make this clear fashion is mostly a type of clothing, some kind of accessory, or footwear. This can also be a popular style.

4 Anything Can Be Fashion!
If you might not come from the US and your homeland is somewhere besides here you might be familiar with this. In some places in the world lands and city’s have traditional clothes or outfits. In Norway we have a type of outfit that we mostly where at the national independent day. Even if this clothing isn’t that hip and fun it is fashion, because fashion can be any type of clothing. By the way the men doesn’t wear the dresses.


6 Designers Can Express Themselves Too
Do you ever think about the style of clothes? How every store can be different. Or every Magazine. The only way the clothes are very similar to another is if it is the same designer.

7 Some clothes may be very formal, but some other pair of clothes may be very fun. This is sometimes because of the designer. How the designer thinks clothes should be. When designers design clothes they might think about what they like. That’s a way they can express themselves.


9 What Would We Do Without Fashion?
Something I have noticed from my personal experience is how almost every person has a different style of clothes. If everybody had the same clothes fashion would not express you the way it does now.

10 Fashion Will Express You
The main point about this photo essay is that fashion can express you. Whoever you are fashion will express you. For example, you might really love dogs, or horses, or pink. Fashion will help you express that. Maybe you like to shop on a fun and random and cool store. Or you might like more formal and expensive clothes. This is an awesome way to express you.

11 If you haven’t noticed this photo essay about the importance of fashion. My idea of fashion is how fashion expresses you, either you like black or white clothes. But maybe you don’t like wearing clothes that will totally express you. Well some designers may express them self by designers clothes, which everyone can do. So grab a pencil and draw. Fashion doesn’t always have to be cool, every pair of clothing is fashion even the most boring ones. And that’s what what fashion is all about. Hope you learned something from my photo essay.


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