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Pregnant Women And The Media Created By: Emily Hoffmann, Kristen Juett, and Catherine Baltzley.

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1 Pregnant Women And The Media Created By: Emily Hoffmann, Kristen Juett, and Catherine Baltzley

2 Purpose Statement For years the media and celebrities have influenced mainstream society – This is due to: Technology becoming more accessible in everyday life We find ourselves being overexposed to the celebrity lifestyle from: Internet websites TV channels Mobile apps Thousands of magazines Why? Society is obsessed with emulating the look and lifestyle of celebrities – Our Question Does this sense of celebrity fashion leadership run true for every time of life specifically pregnancy?

3 Data Collection & Methodology Conducted two interviews – Tara Gallegos- Age 33 – Nikki Aquila- Age 22 Conducted ten observations – Motherhood Maternity – Pickles & Ice cream

4 Maternity Stores

5 Findings Ten Observations – 40% had t40% had long tresses that they wore down – heir hair pulled back into a ponytail – 20% had short choppy haircuts – Majority of women had on belly band pants – No jeans – Differences in the maternity stores Motherhood Maternity – 30s – Already have kids Pickles & Ice-cream – A younger demographic – Sundresses – Power suits – High heeled shoes – Tighter fitting clothing

6 Findings Continued Differences in price range at maternity stores – Prices range from: $50-$189 Pickles & Ice Cream Pea in the Pod – Prices range from: $7.80-$44.98 Motherhood Maternity JC Penney Maternity Forever 21s LOVE21

7 Findings Continued Sales Associates Interviewed: – One associate said many mothers wait until about four to five months before purchasing maternity clothing – The manage of Motherhood Maternity told us that: Maternity wear is getting more stylish Said that the media is trying to make pregnancy more sexified. Not catching on with soon-to-be-mothers Prefer comfort over style

8 Discussion Groups Initial thought: That expecting mothers would flock to newsstands to get fashion magazines to read about all the new trends in Hollywood. – Mass Media MTVs Teen Mom – Promotes teen pregnancy Celebrities such as Natalie Portman – Glamorizing being young and beautiful as well as pregnant

9 Predictions: Early Media and Present Media Early Media Early 1900s women would disappear from society when they were expecting a child – Early TV In the 1050s Lucille Ball was the first women to show her pregnancy on TV when she started I Love Lucy The trend allowed the television show to bring more attention to maternity wear – Also major designers emerged at this time to develop maternity lines Givenchy Norman Hartnell

10 Predictions Continued 1980s The famous made pregnancy a fashion statement – Princess Diana was expecting and privacy ceased to exist She made headlines wearing loose fitting dresses that soon became the go to maternity style Late 1900s Pregnancy again became the trend in Hollywood – Expecting mothers are now seen in form fitting fashion that would be appropriate for their non-pregnant counterparts as well These styles have been proven to not work as well with the everyday women who is still more interested in being comfortable then looking like a hot mom

11 Groups Final Predictions After observing and researching the dress of expecting mothers our group predicts that: There will not be any majorly extensive changes in maternity wear fashion We predict that one day in the future the more trendy styles will be assimilated into a more comfortable version for expecting women – The main trend stemming from: Comfort while still having that extra touch of glam or style


13 The Media Ranks The Top Post- Pregnancy Bodies Although the majority of expecting mothers are not currently looking to celebrities as much for maternity trends they are looking to them for inspiration on a hot post-pregnancy body. A recent article stated, The best celebrity post-baby bodies have gained a generous amount of attention from expecting and new moms as it takes a great amount of care and devotion to regain your figure after putting on the weight when pregnant (Kate Lanphear, People Magazine). Heidi Klum One of the worlds most well known supermodels – Has shocked the media with her hot post-pregnancy body not once but four times – In her most recent pregnancy she shocked the world by appearing in a runway show just five weeks after giving birth – She claims its all a result of good diet and a lot of exercise Gisele Bundchen One of the worlds most renowned supermodels – Only managed to gain 30 pounds during the pregnancy – Did yoga every day until she was close to term – Maintained a healthy diet throughout pregnancy – Exercised and ate healthy after having the baby made the weight fall right off Jessica Alba She continued to radiate beauty while being pregnant but did gain the extra weight – She got her body back within two months after giving birth by turning to her trainer, Ramona Braganze and a healthy diet

14 Heidi Klum

15 Gisele Bündchen

16 Jessica Alba

17 THE END! Any Questions?

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